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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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The Story of Cancer

Shelley Irwin
November 7, 2014 | WGVU   We focus weekly on cancer as part of a WETA national initiative leading up to the PBS Ken Burns documentary, The Story of Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies.  This morning we speak with Dr. Brian Haab, head of Van Andel Institute’s Laboratory of Cancer Immunodiagnostics.

Local partners for this initiative include Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids, The Betty Bloomer Ford Cancer Rehabilitation Project at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital , Van Andel Institute, and the American Cancer Society. Local support is provided by Mercy Health serving the cancer treatment needs of West Michigan through the Lacks Cancer Center and Johnson Family Cancer Center.  Thestoryofcancer.org

The Land Concervancy of West Michigan     Aug-14-15  |  WGVU
United Way Day of Caring     Aug-14-15  |  WGVU
North Shore Arts     Aug-14-15  |  WGVU
Susan Picking     Aug-14-15  |  WGVU
Will and Estate Planning     Aug-14-15  |  WGVU
Loutit District Libary: Walk the Beat     Aug-14-15  |  WGVU
WMCAT     Aug-14-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Aug-13-15  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Symphony     Aug-13-15  |  WGVU
Mason Street Warehouse     Aug-13-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Aug-13-15  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Aug-13-15  |  WGVU
Network 180     Aug-13-15  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Aug-13-15  |  WGVU
All About the Eye     Aug-12-15  |  WGVU
Jim Dreyer     Aug-12-15  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     Aug-12-15  |  WGVU
UICA Oddball     Aug-12-15  |  WGVU
GrandJazzFest     Aug-12-15  |  WGVU
Career 101     Aug-12-15  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Aug-11-15  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Aug-11-15  |  WGVU
Telling Your Story     Aug-11-15  |  WGVU
GVSU Health Professions     Aug-11-15  |  WGVU
Local First     Aug-11-15  |  WGVU
Backpack and School Supply Drive     Aug-11-15  |  WGVU
Nutrient Nook     Aug-10-15  |  WGVU
The Eco Insider Report     Aug-10-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Engage Town Hall     Aug-10-15  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Aug-10-15  |  WGVU
Brainy Day 5k     Aug-10-15  |  WGVU
Young@Heart     Aug-10-15  |  WGVU
Linda Knight, Hypnotherapist      Aug-07-15  |  WGVU
Defending Beef     Aug-07-15  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth: Mayor-Elect Rosalynn Bliss     Aug-06-15  |  WGVU
Watch Muskegon     Aug-06-15  |  WGVU
The Running of the Bulls Pub Crawl     Aug-06-15  |  WGVU
Circle Theatre: Company     Aug-06-15  |  WGVU
KDL Happenings     Aug-06-15  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Ballet     Aug-06-15  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Aug-05-15  |  WGVU
Quiltweek     Aug-05-15  |  WGVU
The Michigan Titanium     Aug-05-15  |  WGVU
Libary Innovation Conference     Aug-05-15  |  WGVU
John Ball Zoo Happenings     Aug-05-15  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Aug-05-15  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Community Foundation     Aug-05-15  |  WGVU
Great Lakes Commonweath of Letters     Aug-04-15  |  WGVU
David Silverman on the Discovery of King Tut     Aug-04-15  |  WGVU
Commercial Real Estate Trends     Aug-04-15  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Aug-04-15  |  WGVU
Avenue for the Arts     Aug-03-15  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Aug-03-15  |  WGVU
Kid's Day at the Zoo     Aug-03-15  |  WGVU
Ronald McDonald House of Western Michigan     Aug-03-15  |  WGVU
Susie Finkbeiner     Jul-31-15  |  WGVU
Ride Across Michigan     Jul-31-15  |  WGVU
Encore     Jul-31-15  |  WGVU
Todd and Brad Reed     Jul-31-15  |  WGVU
What is Philanthropy?     Jul-31-15  |  WGVU
Treetops Resort     Jul-30-15  |  WGVU
Bikes and Kids     Jul-30-15  |  WGVU
Leandra Williams     Jul-30-15  |  WGVU
White Lake Nature Walks     Jul-30-15  |  WGVU
Torrence O'Haire     Jul-30-15  |  WGVU
School Talk     Jul-30-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jul-30-15  |  WGVU
Emergency Clothing Center     Jul-29-15  |  WGVU
Great Start Parent Coalition and First Steps Kent County     Jul-29-15  |  WGVU
Susan G. Komen Foundation     Jul-29-15  |  WGVU
Huntington Bank Microlending     Jul-29-15  |  WGVU
Grandwich Competition     Jul-29-15  |  WGVU
Author Vicki Scholma     Jul-29-15  |  WGVU
AM Yoga     Jul-29-15  |  WGVU
Spectrum Health Beat     Jul-28-15  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Jul-28-15  |  WGVU
Baker College     Jul-28-15  |  WGVU
The ADHD Advantage     Jul-28-15  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     Jul-28-15  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Jul-27-15  |  WGVU
Young@Heart     Jul-27-15  |  WGVU
Restaurant Week     Jul-27-15  |  WGVU
AmeriCorps NCCC and United Way Lakeshore     Jul-27-15  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Jul-27-15  |  WGVU
Just Eat a Cookie     Jul-27-15  |  WGVU
YNPN     Jul-27-15  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Jul-24-15  |  WGVU
Hayley Reardon     Jul-24-15  |  WGVU
The Young Professionals of Color Conference     Jul-24-15  |  WGVU
Ann Purcell     Jul-24-15  |  WGVU
The Entrepreneurial Insider     Jul-24-15  |  WGVU
The ADA at 25     Jul-24-15  |  WGVU
Harvest Box     Jul-24-15  |  WGVU
Food Forum     Jul-22-15  |  WGVU
Foreign Policy Conversation     Jul-22-15  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Jul-22-15  |  WGVU
Clark Hill at 125     Jul-22-15  |  WGVU
Seidman College of Business     Jul-22-15  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Jul-22-15  |  WGVU
Artist Eric Picardo     Jul-21-15  |  WGVU
Buziness Buzz     Jul-21-15  |  WGVU
The Right Place     Jul-21-15  |  WGVU
GR Civic Summer Repertory Theatre     Jul-21-15  |  WGVU
Meijer LPGA     Jul-21-15  |  WGVU
The Rapid     Jul-20-15  |  WGVU
Pierce Cedar Creek Institute     Jul-20-15  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Jul-20-15  |  WGVU
The Arts in Holland     Jul-20-15  |  WGVU
Michigan Kids Can     Jul-20-15  |  WGVU
Beacon Hill at Eastgate     Jul-20-15  |  WGVU
Disability Advocates of Kent County     Jul-17-15  |  WGVU
Habitat for Humanity Kent County     Jul-17-15  |  WGVU
Religion 101     Jul-17-15  |  WGVU
The Johnson Center for Philanthropy     Jul-17-15  |  WGVU
Pure and Simple Health Tips     Jul-17-15  |  WGVU
MSU Grand Rapids Research Center     Jul-17-15  |  WGVU
West Side Teens     Jul-17-15  |  WGVU
Dry Bar Night     Jul-16-15  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Jul-16-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jul-16-15  |  WGVU
Thankful Thursdays     Jul-16-15  |  WGVU
Buyer and Cellar     Jul-16-15  |  WGVU
CLAS     Jul-16-15  |  WGVU
Saving the Harp     Jul-16-15  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Jul-15-15  |  WGVU
Kendall College President Leslie Bellavance     Jul-15-15  |  WGVU
Big Brother, Big Sister Lakeshore     Jul-15-15  |  WGVU
Van Andel Institute     Jul-15-15  |  WGVU
Yelena Wells     Jul-15-15  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Jul-15-15  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Jul-14-15  |  WGVU
The Michigan Women's Foundation     Jul-14-15  |  WGVU
Romeo and Juliet at Heritage Theatre     Jul-14-15  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Jul-14-15  |  WGVU
Telling Your Story     Jul-14-15  |  WGVU
Lisa Rose     Jul-14-15  |  WGVU
Local First     Jul-14-15  |  WGVU
Kitchens of the Midwest     Jul-14-15  |  WGVU
Nutrient Nook     Jul-13-15  |  WGVU
Dave Coverly     Jul-13-15  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Jul-13-15  |  WGVU
Helpers of Holland Home     Jul-13-15  |  WGVU
FIFA World Cup Women's Final Recap     Jul-10-15  |  WGVU
United Way     Jul-10-15  |  WGVU
North Shore Arts     Jul-10-15  |  WGVU
AWRI     Jul-10-15  |  WGVU
WMCAT Global Youth Forum     Jul-10-15  |  WGVU
5 x 5 Night     Jul-10-15  |  WGVU
Humane Society     Jul-10-15  |  WGVU
GRSO Picnic Pops     Jul-09-15  |  WGVU
Safe Boating     Jul-09-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jul-09-15  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Jul-09-15  |  WGVU
Children's Healing Center     Jul-09-15  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Jul-09-15  |  WGVU
World's Largest Dog Wash     Jul-09-15  |  WGVU
All About the Eye     Jul-08-15  |  WGVU
The Republic of Conscience     Jul-08-15  |  WGVU
Girl Scouts Product Sale Conference     Jul-08-15  |  WGVU
Museum on Main Street in Plainwell     Jul-08-15  |  WGVU
Move Your Bus     Jul-08-15  |  WGVU
Becky's New Car     Jul-08-15  |  WGVU
Career 101     Jul-08-15  |  WGVU
Great Lakes Cyber Academy     Jul-08-15  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Jul-07-15  |  WGVU
Student Load Debt      Jul-07-15  |  WGVU
The Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan     Jul-07-15  |  WGVU
Commercial Real Estate Trends     Jul-07-15  |  WGVU
Breast Health Awareness     Jul-07-15  |  WGVU
Third Coast Counseling     Jul-07-15  |  WGVU
616 Lofts     Jul-06-15  |  WGVU
Child First Publications     Jul-06-15  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Jul-06-15  |  WGVU
Chef Terri Rees     Jul-06-15  |  WGVU
Network2NewWork     Jul-06-15  |  WGVU
National Association of Pastoral Musicians     Jul-06-15  |  WGVU
GrandJazzFest 2015     Jul-06-15  |  WGVU
FIT Club     Jul-06-15  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Jul-03-15  |  WGVU
MADD on Holiday Safety     Jul-03-15  |  WGVU
GVSU Family Health Center     Jul-03-15  |  WGVU
Lists of Note     Jul-03-15  |  WGVU
The EcoInsider Report     Jul-03-15  |  WGVU
Mercy Heath of 4th of July Safety     Jul-03-15  |  WGVU
Signal     Jul-03-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Jul-02-15  |  WGVU
All About Women     Jul-02-15  |  WGVU
Heathly Headlines     Jul-02-15  |  WGVU
Rapids Growth     Jul-02-15  |  WGVU
School Talk     Jul-02-15  |  WGVU
KDL Happenings     Jul-02-15  |  WGVU
All American Coney Eating Contest     Jul-02-15  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Jul-01-15  |  WGVU
EGR 4th of July     Jul-01-15  |  WGVU
Fat Talk Nation     Jul-01-15  |  WGVU
The Land Concervancy of West Michigan     Jul-01-15  |  WGVU
2015 Mayor's Tree of the Year     Jul-01-15  |  WGVU
Open Country     Jul-01-15  |  WGVU
The Entrepreneurial Insider     Jul-01-15  |  WGVU
Food Forum     Jun-30-15  |  WGVU
Art Outdoor Project Billboard Campaign     Jun-30-15  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Jun-30-15  |  WGVU
Daniel Waltz     Jun-30-15  |  WGVU
John Proulx and Libby York     Jun-30-15  |  WGVU
GRPM July 4th     Jun-30-15  |  WGVU
YNPN     Jun-30-15  |  WGVU
Station Eleven     Jun-26-15  |  WGVU
The Good Gut     Jun-26-15  |  WGVU
Material Girls     Jun-26-15  |  WGVU
It's What I Do     Jun-26-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Jun-25-15  |  WGVU
What's Your Story?     Jun-25-15  |  WGVU
Audiobook Month     Jun-25-15  |  WGVU
The Great American Health Hoax     Jun-25-15  |  WGVU
Radiant Angel     Jun-24-15  |  WGVU
The Age of Dignity     Jun-24-15  |  WGVU
Valley of the Shadow     Jun-24-15  |  WGVU
The Local Real Estate Market     Jun-24-15  |  WGVU
The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot     Jun-23-15  |  WGVU
I Can Learn the Bible     Jun-23-15  |  WGVU
The Patriot Threat     Jun-23-15  |  WGVU
The Galopagos      Jun-23-15  |  WGVU
The Darkness Rolling     Jun-22-15  |  WGVU
Dogtology     Jun-22-15  |  WGVU
The Imperfect Marriage     Jun-22-15  |  WGVU
Entrepreneurialship for the Rest of Us     Jun-22-15  |  WGVU
Mason Street Warehouse     Jun-19-15  |  WGVU
Garfield Park Community Center     Jun-19-15  |  WGVU
Religion 101     Jun-19-15  |  WGVU
Johnson Center for Philanthropy     Jun-19-15  |  WGVU
Ryan Leestma     Jun-19-15  |  WGVU
All American Roll Models     Jun-19-15  |  WGVU
David D Hunting YMCA at 10     Jun-19-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Jun-18-15  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Jun-18-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jun-18-15  |  WGVU
Thankful Thursdays     Jun-18-15  |  WGVU
Life Re-imagined     Jun-18-15  |  WGVU
The Growth Center     Jun-18-15  |  WGVU
Let's Go to Bat for Kids     Jun-18-15  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Jun-17-15  |  WGVU
Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company opens the ‘Winter's Tale'     Jun-17-15  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Jun-17-15  |  WGVU
United Way - Kent County Tax Credit Coalition      Jun-17-15  |  WGVU
Van Andel Research Institute     Jun-17-15  |  WGVU
Vintage Views Along Scenic M22     Jun-17-15  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Jun-17-15  |  WGVU
Global Business Solutions & Associates     Jun-17-15  |  WGVU
The Musketeers     Jun-17-15  |  WGVU
The Governors' Chief Legal Counsel - James Redford     Jun-16-15  |  WGVU
American Association of Community Theaters      Jun-16-15  |  WGVU
Shot Spotter     Jun-16-15  |  WGVU
James Fisher     Jun-16-15  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     Jun-16-15  |  WGVU
The Laker Line Project     Jun-15-15  |  WGVU
Acton University      Jun-15-15  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Jun-15-15  |  WGVU
All About Holland      Jun-15-15  |  WGVU
Michigan Renewable Energy Fair Freedom Festival     Jun-15-15  |  WGVU
Easter Seal - Walk with Me     Jun-15-15  |  WGVU
The Meijer State Games     Jun-12-15  |  WGVU
The West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce     Jun-12-15  |  WGVU
The North Shore Art Quarter     Jun-12-15  |  WGVU
Martha Ertman - Love's Pomises     Jun-12-15  |  WGVU
Matthew Palmer's new book, 'Secrets of State'     Jun-12-15  |  WGVU
Rock the Block Community Street Festival     Jun-12-15  |  WGVU
Mind Reader and Mentalist Greg Raven     Jun-12-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Jun-11-15  |  WGVU
Church in the Park     Jun-11-15  |  WGVU
Allendale Community Field Day     Jun-11-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jun-11-15  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Jun-11-15  |  WGVU
Ride for Nature     Jun-11-15  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Jun-11-15  |  WGVU
The Boy Who Played With Fusion     Jun-11-15  |  WGVU
All About the Eye     Jun-10-15  |  WGVU
Michigan's Heritage Park     Jun-10-15  |  WGVU
Gen. Ann Dunwoody     Jun-10-15  |  WGVU
Ebony Road Players     Jun-10-15  |  WGVU
CURE Childhood Cancer     Jun-10-15  |  WGVU
Career 101     Jun-10-15  |  WGVU
Free Dental Services     Jun-10-15  |  WGVU
Brian Murphy     Jun-10-15  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Jun-09-15  |  WGVU
The WGVU Golf Outing     Jun-09-15  |  WGVU
GR Clips Beer and Film Tour     Jun-09-15  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Jun-09-15  |  WGVU
Telling Your Story     Jun-09-15  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Triathlon     Jun-09-15  |  WGVU
Charlotte Bluegrass Festival     Jun-09-15  |  WGVU
Intern Outdoor Movie Night     Jun-09-15  |  WGVU
Nutrient Nook     Jun-08-15  |  WGVU
Secretary William Cohen     Jun-08-15  |  WGVU
Grand River Water Festival     Jun-08-15  |  WGVU
Reinventing Dementia, Accelerating Change     Jun-08-15  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Jun-08-15  |  WGVU
Tony Rubleski     Jun-08-15  |  WGVU
Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids     Jun-08-15  |  WGVU
Anne A. Wilson     Jun-08-15  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Jun-05-15  |  WGVU
Salvation Army Doughnut Day     Jun-05-15  |  WGVU
Lions Club High School Scholars     Jun-05-15  |  WGVU
Meredith Jones     Jun-05-15  |  WGVU
GVSU Health Professions     Jun-05-15  |  WGVU
How Toddlers Thrive     Jun-05-15  |  WGVU
The Eco Insider Report     Jun-05-15  |  WGVU
Strong Beginnings     Jun-05-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Jun-04-15  |  WGVU
Festival of the Arts     Jun-04-15  |  WGVU
Families of the Fallen     Jun-04-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jun-04-15  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth     Jun-04-15  |  WGVU
Broadway Grand Rapids     Jun-04-15  |  WGVU
Kent District Library     Jun-04-15  |  WGVU
The National Cherry Festival     Jun-04-15  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Jun-03-15  |  WGVU
Long Road Distillers     Jun-03-15  |  WGVU
Ludington Summer Happenings     Jun-03-15  |  WGVU
Local First Street Party     Jun-03-15  |  WGVU
Avenue for the Arts     Jun-03-15  |  WGVU
James Patch on FIFA and the Women's World Cup     Jun-03-15  |  WGVU
White Lake Nature Walks     Jun-03-15  |  WGVU
Kenneth Davis     Jun-03-15  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Jun-02-15  |  WGVU
The Nixon Defense     Jun-02-15  |  WGVU
Boys and Girls Club of Grand Rapids     Jun-02-15  |  WGVU
Satish P Subramanian     Jun-02-15  |  WGVU
Commercial Real Estate Trends     Jun-02-15  |  WGVU
Women Lawyers vs. Judges     Jun-02-15  |  WGVU
The Allegrina 100     Jun-02-15  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Jun-02-15  |  WGVU
Patrick Rapai     Jun-01-15  |  WGVU
Steve Inskeep: Jacksonland     Jun-01-15  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Jun-01-15  |  WGVU
King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima     Jun-01-15  |  WGVU
Success Principles Through Connectivity     Jun-01-15  |  WGVU
International Children's Day     Jun-01-15  |  WGVU
The Kent County Youth Fair     Jun-01-15  |  WGVU
Visit Milwaukee     Jun-01-15  |  WGVU
Aquinas College Director of Undergraduate Admissions     May-29-15  |  WGVU
Aquinas College School of Education     May-29-15  |  WGVU
Aquinas College Lifelong Learning     May-29-15  |  WGVU
Aquinas Athletics      May-29-15  |  WGVU
Breast Feeding or Bottle Feeding     May-29-15  |  WGVU
Amy Tuteur, OBGyn     May-29-15  |  WGVU
Bissell Blocktail Party     May-28-15  |  WGVU
School Talk     May-28-15  |  WGVU
A Path Appears     May-28-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     May-28-15  |  WGVU
All About Women     May-28-15  |  WGVU
Save for Education Day     May-28-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     May-28-15  |  WGVU
Super Run     May-28-15  |  WGVU
Food and Wine Forum     May-27-15  |  WGVU
YMCA Summer Programs     May-27-15  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     May-27-15  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     May-27-15  |  WGVU
Spectrum Health Stroke Awareness     May-27-15  |  WGVU
Seidman College of Business     May-27-15  |  WGVU
Lids and Kids     May-27-15  |  WGVU
ADA Father of the Year Awards     May-26-15  |  WGVU
Pershing's Last Patriot     May-26-15  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     May-26-15  |  WGVU
ICrush     May-26-15  |  WGVU
Avenue Q     May-26-15  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     May-26-15  |  WGVU
Silent Generation Project     May-26-15  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     May-22-15  |  WGVU
Wine and Wigs 2015     May-22-15  |  WGVU
I Can Learn the Bible     May-22-15  |  WGVU
The Entrepreneurial Insider     May-22-15  |  WGVU
The New One Minute Manager     May-22-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     May-21-15  |  WGVU
Huntington Reeds Lake Run     May-21-15  |  WGVU
Libary Lines     May-21-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     May-21-15  |  WGVU
YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program     May-21-15  |  WGVU
Festival of the Arts     May-21-15  |  WGVU
In the Air at GRAM     May-21-15  |  WGVU
Green and Healthy Homes Initiative     May-21-15  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     May-20-15  |  WGVU
Compass College of Cinematic Arts     May-20-15  |  WGVU
Real Estate     May-20-15  |  WGVU
The Pink Tie Guys     May-20-15  |  WGVU
Van Andel Institute Happenings     May-20-15  |  WGVU
Encore     May-20-15  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     May-20-15  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     May-20-15  |  WGVU
ADA Father of the Year     May-19-15  |  WGVU
Haymaker     May-19-15  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     May-19-15  |  WGVU
The Right Place     May-19-15  |  WGVU
The Invention of Wings     May-19-15  |  WGVU
GR Dirt Dogs     May-19-15  |  WGVU
Michigan Asparagus     May-19-15  |  WGVU
Rapid Transit     May-18-15  |  WGVU
Dog Story Theatre     May-18-15  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     May-18-15  |  WGVU
The Arts in Holland     May-18-15  |  WGVU
Pure Food Cookbook     May-18-15  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     May-18-15  |  WGVU
Calvin College Sustainability     May-18-15  |  WGVU
The Dwelling Place     May-15-15  |  WGVU
Race Season     May-15-15  |  WGVU
Religion 101     May-15-15  |  WGVU
Johnson Center for Philanthropy     May-15-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     May-15-15  |  WGVU
Hoody's Climb     May-15-15  |  WGVU
A Path Appears     May-15-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     May-14-15  |  WGVU
Failure Lab     May-14-15  |  WGVU
General Barry McCaffrey     May-14-15  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     May-14-15  |  WGVU
HBA of GGR     May-14-15  |  WGVU
Dylana Jenson     May-14-15  |  WGVU
King Tut at GRPM     May-14-15  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     May-14-15  |  WGVU
It Takes a Church Contestant Charde Perry     May-14-15  |  WGVU
All About the Eye     May-13-15  |  WGVU
Talons Out Honor Flight     May-13-15  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     May-13-15  |  WGVU
Stomp Out Stigma     May-13-15  |  WGVU
Meijer LPGA Classic     May-13-15  |  WGVU
Career 101     May-13-15  |  WGVU
2015 Ride of Silence     May-13-15  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     May-12-15  |  WGVU
ADA Father of the Year Awards     May-12-15  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     May-12-15  |  WGVU
Telling Your Story     May-12-15  |  WGVU
A Wilderness of Mirrors     May-12-15  |  WGVU
Local First     May-12-15  |  WGVU
Grace's Table     May-12-15  |  WGVU
Nutrient Nook     May-11-15  |  WGVU
UICA Live Coverage     May-11-15  |  WGVU
In the Image     May-11-15  |  WGVU
Fly Fishing     May-11-15  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     May-11-15  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     May-11-15  |  WGVU
Success Strategies     May-11-15  |  WGVU
King Tut at GRPM     May-08-15  |  WGVU
The United Way     May-08-15  |  WGVU
Kirk Cousins     May-08-15  |  WGVU
Heritage Hill Home Tour     May-08-15  |  WGVU
Annis Water Resources Institute     May-08-15  |  WGVU
Parental Care Ministries     May-08-15  |  WGVU
Spectrum Health and Veterans     May-08-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers      May-07-15  |  WGVU
2015 Eclipse Awards     May-07-15  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth     May-07-15  |  WGVU
KDL Happenings     May-07-15  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     May-06-15  |  WGVU
KidSigns Program     May-06-15  |  WGVU
TEDx Grand Rapids     May-06-15  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Ballet     May-06-15  |  WGVU
Kalon Arts and Yoga     May-06-15  |  WGVU
Downtown Battle Creek Art Show     May-06-15  |  WGVU
David Lockington     May-06-15  |  WGVU
Small Business Series     May-05-15  |  WGVU
Lynsey Addario     May-05-15  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     May-05-15  |  WGVU
Commercial Real Estate Trends     May-05-15  |  WGVU
Other Desert Cities     May-05-15  |  WGVU
Stable Explorations     May-05-15  |  WGVU
Voices from the Margin     May-05-15  |  WGVU
The Good Gut     May-04-15  |  WGVU
Memory Stones     May-04-15  |  WGVU
Love Will Steer the Stars     May-04-15  |  WGVU
The Great American Health Hoax     May-04-15  |  WGVU
Voices in the Band     May-04-15  |  WGVU
The Human Agenda     May-04-15  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     May-01-15  |  WGVU
Nashville, MI World Record Attempt     May-01-15  |  WGVU
John Gonzales and Jeff Lobdell for Cinco De Mayo     May-01-15  |  WGVU
Tulip Time     May-01-15  |  WGVU
Habitat for Humanity ReStore     May-01-15  |  WGVU
Mercy Health Cyberknife     May-01-15  |  WGVU
Chef Joanne Chang     May-01-15  |  WGVU
Handbook for Happiness     May-01-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Apr-30-15  |  WGVU
No Fault Insurance     Apr-30-15  |  WGVU
Mary Higgins Clark     Apr-30-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Apr-30-15  |  WGVU
Circle Theatre     Apr-30-15  |  WGVU
The Real Paleo Cookbook     Apr-30-15  |  WGVU
GrandJazzFest 2015     Apr-29-15  |  WGVU
The Stark Turn Players     Apr-29-15  |  WGVU
The Spirit of Grand Rapids Event     Apr-29-15  |  WGVU
Richard Riehle, Pilot Error     Apr-29-15  |  WGVU
Mark Jackson     Apr-29-15  |  WGVU
Organ Donation Awareness Dinner     Apr-29-15  |  WGVU
Kenowa AMBUCS     Apr-29-15  |  WGVU
Finding the Lost Region     Apr-29-15  |  WGVU
Dogs Unleashed     Apr-28-15  |  WGVU
Beer City Springfest     Apr-28-15  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Apr-28-15  |  WGVU
Opera Grand Rapids Tosca     Apr-28-15  |  WGVU
Sir Ken Robinson     Apr-28-15  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     Apr-28-15  |  WGVU
Patchers at the Lakeshore     Apr-28-15  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Apr-27-15  |  WGVU
Estate Planning Workshops     Apr-27-15  |  WGVU
Excellence in Manufacturing     Apr-27-15  |  WGVU
What Makes America Laugh Before Bed     Apr-27-15  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Apr-27-15  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer: Managing the Journey     Apr-27-15  |  WGVU
YNPN     Apr-27-15  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Apr-24-15  |  WGVU
Four Pianos Concert     Apr-24-15  |  WGVU
Spring DIY Home Improvement     Apr-24-15  |  WGVU
The Entrepreneurial Insider     Apr-24-15  |  WGVU
The TA Wolf Report     Apr-24-15  |  WGVU
The West Michigan Savoyards     Apr-24-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Apr-23-15  |  WGVU
Edward Mazria     Apr-23-15  |  WGVU
All About Women     Apr-23-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Apr-23-15  |  WGVU
GVSU Film Project Lucky Jay     Apr-23-15  |  WGVU
P. Allen Smith for Tulip Time     Apr-23-15  |  WGVU
School Talk     Apr-23-15  |  WGVU
On Base GRPD     Apr-23-15  |  WGVU
Food and Wine Forum     Apr-22-15  |  WGVU
Lunafest     Apr-22-15  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Apr-22-15  |  WGVU
Spectrum Health Sustainability     Apr-22-15  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Apr-22-15  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Apr-22-15  |  WGVU
Dave & Busters     Apr-22-15  |  WGVU
The Rapid     Apr-21-15  |  WGVU
Goodwill Blue Spoon     Apr-21-15  |  WGVU
Mercy Health Seaway Run     Apr-21-15  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     Apr-21-15  |  WGVU
YMCA White Elephant Sale     Apr-21-15  |  WGVU
Spartan Nash     Apr-21-15  |  WGVU
Rachel Chong     Apr-20-15  |  WGVU
The Arts in Holland     Apr-20-15  |  WGVU
DisArt Festival     Apr-20-15  |  WGVU
Diane Rosenfeld     Apr-20-15  |  WGVU
Jewish Film Festival     Apr-20-15  |  WGVU
After the Move     Apr-20-15  |  WGVU
Child Abuse Prevention     Apr-20-15  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Apr-20-15  |  WGVU
River Bank Run     Apr-17-15  |  WGVU
Geometry by Construction     Apr-17-15  |  WGVU
Religion 101     Apr-17-15  |  WGVU
Chef Matt Millar     Apr-17-15  |  WGVU
Museum Free Day     Apr-17-15  |  WGVU
Neal Jacobs     Apr-17-15  |  WGVU
Chilly Blues     Apr-17-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Apr-16-15  |  WGVU
The University Wits     Apr-16-15  |  WGVU
Libary Lines     Apr-16-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Apr-16-15  |  WGVU
Thankful Thursdays     Apr-16-15  |  WGVU
Discuss, Decide, Document     Apr-16-15  |  WGVU
CLAS     Apr-16-15  |  WGVU
Local Blues Matters     Apr-16-15  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Apr-15-15  |  WGVU
The Equest Center     Apr-15-15  |  WGVU
Brooks College     Apr-15-15  |  WGVU
Van Andel Institute Happenings     Apr-15-15  |  WGVU
St. Cecilia Music Center     Apr-15-15  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Apr-15-15  |  WGVU
Wimage App     Apr-15-15  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Apr-14-15  |  WGVU
The Family Owned Business Institute     Apr-14-15  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Apr-14-15  |  WGVU
Telling Your Story     Apr-14-15  |  WGVU
SLD Read     Apr-14-15  |  WGVU
Local First     Apr-14-15  |  WGVU
Consumers Energy     Apr-14-15  |  WGVU
Nutrient Nook     Apr-13-15  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Apr-13-15  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Apr-13-15  |  WGVU
Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids     Apr-13-15  |  WGVU
APWA Snow Conference     Apr-13-15  |  WGVU
Rainbow Kids Yoga     Apr-10-15  |  WGVU
Small Business Series     Apr-10-15  |  WGVU
Kara Whitley     Apr-10-15  |  WGVU
Soul Food Love     Apr-10-15  |  WGVU
Great Lakes Hops and Barley Conference     Apr-10-15  |  WGVU
Last Days in Vietnam     Apr-10-15  |  WGVU
The United Way     Apr-10-15  |  WGVU
The Homestretch     Apr-10-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Apr-09-15  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Symphony     Apr-09-15  |  WGVU
Jake's Music Festival     Apr-09-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Apr-09-15  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Apr-09-15  |  WGVU
Blue Tie Ball     Apr-09-15  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Apr-09-15  |  WGVU
ACLU West Michigan Civil Libertarian of the Year.     Apr-08-15  |  WGVU
Jodi Beckmann     Apr-08-15  |  WGVU
What Dogs Know     Apr-08-15  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     Apr-08-15  |  WGVU
DisArt Festival     Apr-08-15  |  WGVU
Chef Oliver Hale     Apr-08-15  |  WGVU
Career 101     Apr-08-15  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Apr-07-15  |  WGVU
Art Downtown     Apr-07-15  |  WGVU
Commercial Real Estate Trends     Apr-07-15  |  WGVU
Catholic Charities of West Michigan     Apr-07-15  |  WGVU
Junior League     Apr-07-15  |  WGVU
Success Through Connectivity     Apr-06-15  |  WGVU
Nathan Gebhard     Apr-06-15  |  WGVU
The Joy of Missing Out     Apr-06-15  |  WGVU
The First Bad Man     Apr-06-15  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Apr-03-15  |  WGVU
Gazelle Girls Half Marathon and 5k     Apr-03-15  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Apr-03-15  |  WGVU
Tri-Greenville     Apr-03-15  |  WGVU
UICA: Art of the Lived Experiment     Apr-03-15  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Apr-03-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Apr-02-15  |  WGVU
GOSite     Apr-02-15  |  WGVU
A Workable Armistice in the Culture Wars     Apr-02-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Apr-02-15  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Civic Theatre     Apr-02-15  |  WGVU
Race GR     Apr-02-15  |  WGVU
KDL Happenings     Apr-02-15  |  WGVU
Facebook Legalities     Apr-02-15  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Apr-01-15  |  WGVU
Donate Life Month     Apr-01-15  |  WGVU
Laura Armeta     Apr-01-15  |  WGVU
Bonner Paddock: One More Step     Apr-01-15  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth     Apr-01-15  |  WGVU
Junior Achievement     Apr-01-15  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Apr-01-15  |  WGVU
Stella By Starlight     Apr-01-15  |  WGVU
Dr. Scott the Paleontologist     Mar-31-15  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Mar-31-15  |  WGVU
Papercrafting with Stephanie Weightman     Mar-31-15  |  WGVU
Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company     Mar-31-15  |  WGVU
Design Week     Mar-31-15  |  WGVU
Michigan Cares for Tourism     Mar-31-15  |  WGVU
Shane Larson     Mar-30-15  |  WGVU
EcoTrek Fitness     Mar-30-15  |  WGVU
Affordable Care Act Enrollment     Mar-30-15  |  WGVU
Cesar Chavez Day     Mar-30-15  |  WGVU
World Affairs Council: Aarti Shahani     Mar-30-15  |  WGVU
YMCA Day Camps     Mar-30-15  |  WGVU
Encore.org     Mar-30-15  |  WGVU
Holland Museum Easter Egg Hunt     Mar-30-15  |  WGVU
Movemedia II     Mar-27-15  |  WGVU
Dr. Randall Duthler     Mar-27-15  |  WGVU
Design Week     Mar-27-15  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Mar-27-15  |  WGVU
The Entrepreneurial Insider     Mar-27-15  |  WGVU
National History Project     Mar-27-15  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Cottage and Lakefront Living Show     Mar-27-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Mar-26-15  |  WGVU
All About Women     Mar-26-15  |  WGVU
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation     Mar-26-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Mar-26-15  |  WGVU
Fred Knapp Trio     Mar-26-15  |  WGVU
The Grand Rapids Choir of Men and Boys     Mar-26-15  |  WGVU
School Talk     Mar-26-15  |  WGVU
KidSpeak     Mar-26-15  |  WGVU
Kroc Center Pajama 5k     Mar-25-15  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Mar-25-15  |  WGVU
Annis Water Resources Institute     Mar-25-15  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Mar-25-15  |  WGVU
Seidman College of Business     Mar-25-15  |  WGVU
Dads in the Limelight     Mar-25-15  |  WGVU
Cynthia Hagedorn     Mar-24-15  |  WGVU
Frederik Meijer Service Above Self Award     Mar-24-15  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     Mar-24-15  |  WGVU
Elzinga & Volkers     Mar-24-15  |  WGVU
The Right Place     Mar-24-15  |  WGVU
Roberta King     Mar-24-15  |  WGVU
Prayers for the Living     Mar-24-15  |  WGVU
GVSU's Community Reading Project     Mar-24-15  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Mar-23-15  |  WGVU
Home Safety     Mar-23-15  |  WGVU
Design Briefs     Mar-23-15  |  WGVU
U Deserve     Mar-23-15  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Mar-23-15  |  WGVU
UCOM     Mar-23-15  |  WGVU
YNPN     Mar-23-15  |  WGVU
Holland Home     Mar-23-15  |  WGVU
Daddy Daughter Time Goes to the Dogs     Mar-20-15  |  WGVU
Thought Design     Mar-20-15  |  WGVU
Religion 101     Mar-20-15  |  WGVU
All American Andi Ripley      Mar-20-15  |  WGVU
Living Well Recreation Therapy     Mar-20-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Mar-19-15  |  WGVU
Blue Cross Blue Shield: Tigers Kids     Mar-19-15  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Mar-19-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Mar-19-15  |  WGVU
Kelli Van Zweden Fundraiser     Mar-19-15  |  WGVU
Kendall College Happenings     Mar-19-15  |  WGVU
CLAS     Mar-19-15  |  WGVU
Fulton Street Farmers Market Soup Affair     Mar-19-15  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Mar-18-15  |  WGVU
King Tut at GRPM     Mar-18-15  |  WGVU
Interdisciplinary Studies     Mar-18-15  |  WGVU
Healthy Homes Coalition     Mar-18-15  |  WGVU
VAI Purple Community     Mar-18-15  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Mar-18-15  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Mar-18-15  |  WGVU
The United Way     Mar-18-15  |  WGVU
Mike Freestone     Mar-17-15  |  WGVU
Northern PT     Mar-17-15  |  WGVU
GVSU Theatre     Mar-17-15  |  WGVU
The Healthy Mind Cookbook     Mar-17-15  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Mar-17-15  |  WGVU
Ultraman Jonathan Oldfield     Mar-17-15  |  WGVU
Joel Bierling for Cellar Brewing Company     Mar-17-15  |  WGVU
The Rapid     Mar-16-15  |  WGVU
Ozone/Smog Limits     Mar-16-15  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Mar-16-15  |  WGVU
Broadway Grand Rapids     Mar-16-15  |  WGVU
The Arts in Holland     Mar-16-15  |  WGVU
GVSU Community Reading Project     Mar-16-15  |  WGVU
Fenians Irish Pub     Mar-16-15  |  WGVU
Purple Community 5k     Mar-13-15  |  WGVU
LaughFest: Todd Wolff     Mar-13-15  |  WGVU
Patient Safety Week     Mar-13-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Mar-13-15  |  WGVU
Creative Many     Mar-13-15  |  WGVU
DECA     Mar-13-15  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Mar-13-15  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Symphony     Mar-12-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Mar-12-15  |  WGVU
Salvation Army Action Group     Mar-12-15  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Mar-12-15  |  WGVU
The Light in the Piazza     Mar-12-15  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Mar-12-15  |  WGVU
Beyond GDP     Mar-12-15  |  WGVU
Jacqueline von Endelberg     Mar-11-15  |  WGVU
All About the Eye     Mar-11-15  |  WGVU
The Gazelle Girl Half Marathon     Mar-11-15  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     Mar-11-15  |  WGVU
National Catholic Sisters Week     Mar-11-15  |  WGVU
Career 101     Mar-11-15  |  WGVU
Finding Your Syle     Mar-10-15  |  WGVU
Deborah Potter     Mar-10-15  |  WGVU
Don't We Boys     Mar-10-15  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Mar-10-15  |  WGVU
Telling Your Story     Mar-10-15  |  WGVU
Local First     Mar-10-15  |  WGVU
Women's Expo     Mar-10-15  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Mar-09-15  |  WGVU
Digital Learning Day     Mar-09-15  |  WGVU
GVSU Community Reading Project     Mar-09-15  |  WGVU
Nutrient Nook     Mar-09-15  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Mar-06-15  |  WGVU
Jenison High School Student Showcase     Mar-06-15  |  WGVU
Girls on the Run Lunafest     Mar-06-15  |  WGVU
LaughFest 2015     Mar-06-15  |  WGVU
The Home and Garden Show     Mar-06-15  |  WGVU
Mason Street Warehouse     Mar-06-15  |  WGVU
Robotics Competition     Mar-06-15  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Mar-06-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Mar-05-15  |  WGVU
LaughFest: Warm Cheese     Mar-05-15  |  WGVU
Moticise with Sonia Saatra     Mar-05-15  |  WGVU
Cooperfly Puppet Troupe     Mar-05-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Mar-05-15  |  WGVU
Talk Sooner App     Mar-05-15  |  WGVU
LaughFest Fundrasing     Mar-05-15  |  WGVU
KDL Happenings     Mar-05-15  |  WGVU
Lazaro Vega     Mar-05-15  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Mar-04-15  |  WGVU
The Good News Farm     Mar-04-15  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Mar-04-15  |  WGVU
Laughfest 2015     Mar-04-15  |  WGVU
Read Muskegon     Mar-04-15  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth     Mar-04-15  |  WGVU
Mary Free Bed: Goalball     Mar-04-15  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Mar-03-15  |  WGVU
Blind Dinner Date     Mar-03-15  |  WGVU
Catherine's Health Center     Mar-03-15  |  WGVU
GRDevDay     Mar-03-15  |  WGVU
Commercial Real Estate Trends     Mar-03-15  |  WGVU
LaughFest: Sunday Night Funnies     Mar-03-15  |  WGVU
It Was Me All Along     Mar-03-15  |  WGVU
Touch: the Science of Hand, Heart and Mind     Mar-03-15  |  WGVU
Naturopathy     Mar-02-15  |  WGVU
World Affairs Council     Mar-02-15  |  WGVU
Kennari Consulting     Mar-02-15  |  WGVU
Success Principles Through Connectivity     Mar-02-15  |  WGVU
Muskegon Museum of Art     Mar-02-15  |  WGVU
Women's Resource Center     Mar-02-15  |  WGVU
MI Blood, LaughFest Blood Drive     Mar-02-15  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Feb-27-15  |  WGVU
Third Coast Development     Feb-27-15  |  WGVU
Artists Creating Together     Feb-27-15  |  WGVU
Disney on Ice     Feb-27-15  |  WGVU
American Barns     Feb-27-15  |  WGVU
Unique Models and Talent     Feb-27-15  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Feb-27-15  |  WGVU
A Path Appears     Feb-26-15  |  WGVU
School Talk     Feb-26-15  |  WGVU
Avenue for the Arts     Feb-26-15  |  WGVU
All About Women     Feb-26-15  |  WGVU
South Pacific     Feb-26-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Feb-26-15  |  WGVU
Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy     Feb-26-15  |  WGVU
Food and Wine Forum     Feb-25-15  |  WGVU
Michigan Science Teachers Association Conference     Feb-25-15  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Feb-25-15  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Feb-25-15  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Beer     Feb-25-15  |  WGVU
The Entrepreneurial Women's Symposium     Feb-25-15  |  WGVU
Off The Beaten Path     Feb-25-15  |  WGVU
United Way Lakeshore     Feb-24-15  |  WGVU
Ellie Krieger     Feb-24-15  |  WGVU
Ai-Jen Poo     Feb-24-15  |  WGVU
Franciscan Life Process Center     Feb-24-15  |  WGVU
MPLP     Feb-24-15  |  WGVU
School Talk: GRPS     Feb-24-15  |  WGVU
Open Door, Open Hearts     Feb-24-15  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Feb-23-15  |  WGVU
Michigan State Trooper Martin Miller     Feb-23-15  |  WGVU
GVSU Community Reading Project     Feb-23-15  |  WGVU
Quiet Water Symphosium     Feb-23-15  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Feb-23-15  |  WGVU
Sluggers Sports Academy and Fitness and Sports Performance     Feb-23-15  |  WGVU
YNPN     Feb-23-15  |  WGVU
World Affairs Council     Feb-23-15  |  WGVU
Brain Games     Feb-23-15  |  WGVU
The Great Wine and Food Symposium     Feb-20-15  |  WGVU
Dance On: Arts in Motion Studio     Feb-20-15  |  WGVU
GRAM     Feb-20-15  |  WGVU
Religion 101     Feb-20-15  |  WGVU
Don Middlebrook     Feb-20-15  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Feb-20-15  |  WGVU
Women at the Helm     Feb-20-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Feb-19-15  |  WGVU
GR Ballet Movemedia     Feb-19-15  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Feb-19-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Feb-19-15  |  WGVU
The Entrepreneurial Insider     Feb-19-15  |  WGVU
Thankful Thursdays     Feb-19-15  |  WGVU
CLAS     Feb-19-15  |  WGVU
A Path Appears     Feb-19-15  |  WGVU
Listful Thinking     Feb-19-15  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Feb-18-15  |  WGVU
Cherry Works     Feb-18-15  |  WGVU
Brian Jbara, Brooks College     Feb-18-15  |  WGVU
Rotary Day of Service     Feb-18-15  |  WGVU
Van Andel Research Institute     Feb-18-15  |  WGVU
Conductive Learning Center     Feb-18-15  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Feb-18-15  |  WGVU
The Caregivers Companion     Feb-18-15  |  WGVU
1971     Feb-17-15  |  WGVU
MSU Black Alumni Chapter     Feb-17-15  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     Feb-17-15  |  WGVU
The Right Place     Feb-17-15  |  WGVU
Greater Grand Rapids Women's History Council     Feb-17-15  |  WGVU
Westminster Dog Show     Feb-17-15  |  WGVU
Fire Barn Gallery     Feb-17-15  |  WGVU
The Rapid     Feb-16-15  |  WGVU
GVSU Community Reading Project     Feb-16-15  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Feb-16-15  |  WGVU
The Arts in Holland     Feb-16-15  |  WGVU
The Boat Show     Feb-16-15  |  WGVU
Patrick Doyle, Dominos     Feb-16-15  |  WGVU
The American Heart Association     Feb-16-15  |  WGVU
Pine Rest: Honoring Your Father and Mother     Feb-13-15  |  WGVU
Heart of West Michigan United Way     Feb-13-15  |  WGVU
North Shore Arts     Feb-13-15  |  WGVU
Ford Museum: A Reflection on MLK     Feb-13-15  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Feb-13-15  |  WGVU
The Alley Cat     Feb-13-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Feb-12-15  |  WGVU
Symphony with Soul     Feb-12-15  |  WGVU
Old Fashioned     Feb-12-15  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Feb-12-15  |  WGVU
A Path Appears     Feb-12-15  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Feb-12-15  |  WGVU
Greater Grand Rapids Women's History Council     Feb-12-15  |  WGVU
Barbershop Singers     Feb-11-15  |  WGVU
Ashley and JP     Feb-11-15  |  WGVU
The Invisible War on the Brain     Feb-11-15  |  WGVU
Broadway Grand Rapids: I Love Lucy     Feb-11-15  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Feb-11-15  |  WGVU
Paul Axtell     Feb-11-15  |  WGVU
Career 101     Feb-11-15  |  WGVU
GVSU Fundraiser for Haiti      Feb-10-15  |  WGVU
Local First     Feb-10-15  |  WGVU
Andrew McCarthy     Feb-10-15  |  WGVU
Finding Your Syle     Feb-10-15  |  WGVU
Crash's Landing      Feb-10-15  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Feb-10-15  |  WGVU
Telling Your Story     Feb-10-15  |  WGVU
Nutrient Nook     Feb-09-15  |  WGVU
West Michigan Golf Show     Feb-09-15  |  WGVU
Up North     Feb-09-15  |  WGVU
Dr. Alice LoCicero     Feb-09-15  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Feb-09-15  |  WGVU
Cool Brews, Hot East     Feb-09-15  |  WGVU
GVSU Community Reading Project     Feb-09-15  |  WGVU
The Map of Heaven     Feb-09-15  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Feb-06-15  |  WGVU
Lake Effect Fringe Festival     Feb-06-15  |  WGVU
Gazelle Girls Half Marathon and 5k     Feb-06-15  |  WGVU
GRCC Diversity Lecture Series     Feb-06-15  |  WGVU
Baker College Students     Feb-06-15  |  WGVU
Treetops Resort     Feb-06-15  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Feb-06-15  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Feb-05-15  |  WGVU
Heartside Ministries     Feb-05-15  |  WGVU
World Affairs Council: Dr. Matthew Rojansky     Feb-05-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Feb-05-15  |  WGVU
Opera Grand Rapids     Feb-05-15  |  WGVU
A Path Appears     Feb-05-15  |  WGVU
KDL Happenings     Feb-05-15  |  WGVU
The Boy Kings of Texas     Feb-05-15  |  WGVU
Tuned in to the Library of Michigan     Feb-04-15  |  WGVU
The Michigan International Auto Show     Feb-04-15  |  WGVU
Encore Innovation Fellows     Feb-04-15  |  WGVU
The West Michigan Sports Commission     Feb-04-15  |  WGVU
The Economic Power of Equity     Feb-04-15  |  WGVU
Black History Month West Michigan Gatherings     Feb-04-15  |  WGVU
West Michigan Luthiers     Feb-04-15  |  WGVU
The Good Luck Cat     Feb-04-15  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Feb-03-15  |  WGVU
The Hauenstein Center: Coffeehouse Debate     Feb-03-15  |  WGVU
West Michigan Woman     Feb-03-15  |  WGVU
Commercial Real Estate Trends     Feb-03-15  |  WGVU
Rich Jeiler     Feb-03-15  |  WGVU
Cecilia Skidmore     Feb-03-15  |  WGVU
American Heart Association     Feb-02-15  |  WGVU
Above the Influence-KC     Feb-02-15  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Feb-02-15  |  WGVU
Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945     Feb-02-15  |  WGVU
Success Through Connectivity     Feb-02-15  |  WGVU
Super Bowl Ads with Kantorwassink     Feb-02-15  |  WGVU
Meijer State Games of Michigan     Feb-02-15  |  WGVU
Gazelle Girls Half Marathon and 5k Registration     Jan-30-15  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Jan-30-15  |  WGVU
The American Queen     Jan-30-15  |  WGVU
Contemplating the Heavens     Jan-30-15  |  WGVU
USS Silversides     Jan-30-15  |  WGVU
World Affairs Council Great Decisions Lecture Series     Jan-30-15  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Jan-30-15  |  WGVU
TEDx Grand Rapids     Jan-29-15  |  WGVU
Test 4 Time     Jan-29-15  |  WGVU
Mardi Gras at Fountain St. Church     Jan-29-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jan-29-15  |  WGVU
Thankful Thursdays     Jan-29-15  |  WGVU
A Path Appears     Jan-29-15  |  WGVU
Kevin O'Connor     Jan-29-15  |  WGVU
Changing the Conversation     Jan-29-15  |  WGVU
Food Forum     Jan-28-15  |  WGVU
Jeff Dwarhuis     Jan-28-15  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Jan-28-15  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Jan-28-15  |  WGVU
Museum of Science and Industry     Jan-28-15  |  WGVU
Seidman College of Business     Jan-28-15  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Jan-28-15  |  WGVU
The Rapid     Jan-27-15  |  WGVU
Commercial Real Estate Forecast Event     Jan-27-15  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Jan-27-15  |  WGVU
6-Pak     Jan-27-15  |  WGVU
West Michigan Patriots      Jan-27-15  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     Jan-27-15  |  WGVU
The Man Who Would Not Be Washington     Jan-27-15  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Jan-26-15  |  WGVU
Michigan Township Association Conference     Jan-26-15  |  WGVU
Go Red     Jan-26-15  |  WGVU
Inforum     Jan-26-15  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Jan-26-15  |  WGVU
Water by the Spoonful     Jan-26-15  |  WGVU
YNPN     Jan-26-15  |  WGVU
Boxed GR     Jan-26-15  |  WGVU
Plastic Surgery     Jan-23-15  |  WGVU
National Pie Day     Jan-23-15  |  WGVU
GR Cultural Calendar     Jan-23-15  |  WGVU
Failure Lab     Jan-23-15  |  WGVU
Entrepreneur Insider     Jan-23-15  |  WGVU
Author Ingar Rudholm     Jan-23-15  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Jan-23-15  |  WGVU
Rick Steves     Jan-22-15  |  WGVU
All About Women     Jan-22-15  |  WGVU
The Hauenstein Center American Conversations Series     Jan-22-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jan-22-15  |  WGVU
2015 Eclipse Awards     Jan-22-15  |  WGVU
A Path Appears     Jan-22-15  |  WGVU
School Talk     Jan-22-15  |  WGVU
Better Business Bureau     Jan-22-15  |  WGVU
GVSU Opera Theatre     Jan-22-15  |  WGVU
Luke Zamperini     Jan-21-15  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Jan-21-15  |  WGVU
Soup's On     Jan-21-15  |  WGVU
Interdisciplinary Studies     Jan-21-15  |  WGVU
Van Andel Institute Winterfest     Jan-21-15  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Initiative for Leaders     Jan-21-15  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Jan-21-15  |  WGVU
Bariatric Surgery Discussion     Jan-21-15  |  WGVU
The Memory of Keish     Jan-20-15  |  WGVU
St. Cecilia Music Center: Yura Lee     Jan-20-15  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     Jan-20-15  |  WGVU
Birgit Klohs from The Right Place     Jan-20-15  |  WGVU
When the Blues Left America     Jan-20-15  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Jan-20-15  |  WGVU
Special Programming for MLK Jr. Day     Jan-19-15  |  WGVU
Flight Time Lang of the Globetrotters     Jan-16-15  |  WGVU
Mercy Health Weight Management     Jan-16-15  |  WGVU
Four Chaplains Service     Jan-16-15  |  WGVU
Religion 101     Jan-16-15  |  WGVU
Fat Bikes     Jan-16-15  |  WGVU
The Texas Tenors     Jan-16-15  |  WGVU
Rev. Laurie Haller     Jan-16-15  |  WGVU
North Shore Arts     Jan-15-15  |  WGVU
The YMCA     Jan-15-15  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Jan-15-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jan-15-15  |  WGVU
The Geek Group     Jan-15-15  |  WGVU
A Path Appears     Jan-15-15  |  WGVU
CLAS     Jan-15-15  |  WGVU
Muskegon Area First PTAC     Jan-15-15  |  WGVU
All About the Eye     Jan-14-15  |  WGVU
Cook Leadership Academy     Jan-14-15  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     Jan-14-15  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Jan-14-15  |  WGVU
Broadway Grand Rapids: Annie     Jan-14-15  |  WGVU
Career 101     Jan-14-15  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Jan-13-15  |  WGVU
The North American International Auto Show     Jan-13-15  |  WGVU
An Evening With Downie     Jan-13-15  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Jan-13-15  |  WGVU
Amazing Stories     Jan-13-15  |  WGVU
The Mousetrap     Jan-13-15  |  WGVU
Local First     Jan-13-15  |  WGVU
Nutrient Nook     Jan-12-15  |  WGVU
The Wege Prize     Jan-12-15  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Jan-12-15  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Jan-12-15  |  WGVU
Physical Therapy in Michigan     Jan-12-15  |  WGVU
Camper, Travel and RV Show     Jan-12-15  |  WGVU
2014 National Teacher of the Year     Jan-12-15  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Jan-09-15  |  WGVU
The United Way     Jan-09-15  |  WGVU
Downtown Market Classes     Jan-09-15  |  WGVU
Annis Water Resources Institute     Jan-09-15  |  WGVU
A Path Appears     Jan-09-15  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Jan-09-15  |  WGVU
Hough Plays Dvorak     Jan-08-15  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth     Jan-08-15  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jan-08-15  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Jan-08-15  |  WGVU
KDL Happenings     Jan-08-15  |  WGVU
GR Forward     Jan-08-15  |  WGVU
River Bank Run Registration     Jan-08-15  |  WGVU
Kevin O'Connor     Jan-07-15  |  WGVU
Pretty Faces at Wealthy Theatre     Jan-07-15  |  WGVU
G3 Camp     Jan-07-15  |  WGVU
Physical Therapist Dave Van Andel     Jan-07-15  |  WGVU
The Juiceball     Jan-07-15  |  WGVU
YWCA Perfect Assessment     Jan-07-15  |  WGVU
ADDY Awards     Jan-07-15  |  WGVU
The Healthy You Diet     Jan-07-15  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Jan-06-15  |  WGVU
The Consumer Electronics Show     Jan-06-15  |  WGVU
Commercial Real Estate Trends     Jan-06-15  |  WGVU
Create and Craft     Jan-06-15  |  WGVU
Whole U GR Expo     Jan-06-15  |  WGVU
Travel Marquette     Jan-06-15  |  WGVU
Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company     Jan-05-15  |  WGVU
Through The Eyes of Weidenaar     Jan-05-15  |  WGVU
Startup Weekend     Jan-05-15  |  WGVU
Triumph Music Academy     Jan-05-15  |  WGVU
Success Through Connectivity     Jan-05-15  |  WGVU
Servants: A Downstairs History     Jan-02-15  |  WGVU
The Grand Rapids Running Club     Jan-02-15  |  WGVU
Riverbank Run Mentor Club     Jan-02-15  |  WGVU
Marathon Don Kern     Jan-02-15  |  WGVU
Gazelle Sports     Jan-02-15  |  WGVU
Holiday Music     Dec-31-14  |  WGVU
Michigan Snowsports Industries Association     Dec-31-14  |  WGVU
Intuitive Eating     Dec-31-14  |  WGVU
Laurie Veldheer at GR Civic     Dec-31-14  |  WGVU
Jennifer Knapp     Dec-31-14  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Dec-31-14  |  WGVU
The Literacy Center of West Michigan     Dec-30-14  |  WGVU
A Christmas Far From Home     Dec-30-14  |  WGVU
The January Series     Dec-30-14  |  WGVU
Mind Meets Music     Dec-30-14  |  WGVU
Defending Beef     Dec-30-14  |  WGVU
Kickstarter: LEGO Compatible Tiles     Dec-30-14  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Dec-29-14  |  WGVU
Todd Ernst of Exsign     Dec-29-14  |  WGVU
Chronic Sinusitis Treatment     Dec-29-14  |  WGVU
SLD Read     Dec-29-14  |  WGVU
Hey Marco     Dec-29-14  |  WGVU
All About Women     Dec-29-14  |  WGVU
Food and Wine Forum     Dec-24-14  |  WGVU
Superstorm     Dec-24-14  |  WGVU
Pilot Error     Dec-24-14  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Dec-24-14  |  WGVU
THIS IS YOUR INTERIVEWInterview     Dec-23-14  |  WGVU
Law and Social Work     Dec-23-14  |  WGVU
Salvation Army     Dec-23-14  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Dec-23-14  |  WGVU
Faluire Lab     Dec-23-14  |  WGVU
Jewish Theatre     Dec-23-14  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Dec-22-14  |  WGVU
The Entrepreneurial Insider     Dec-22-14  |  WGVU
American Legion Support Groups     Dec-22-14  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Dec-22-14  |  WGVU
I Have Made a Difference     Dec-22-14  |  WGVU
YNPN     Dec-22-14  |  WGVU
Arena Cross     Dec-22-14  |  WGVU
Veteran's Corner     Dec-19-14  |  WGVU
Hudsonville Ice Cream Winter Flavors     Dec-19-14  |  WGVU
I See Me Books     Dec-19-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Dec-19-14  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Dec-19-14  |  WGVU
Religion 101     Dec-19-14  |  WGVU
The Holiday's Cheer Carolers     Dec-18-14  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Dec-18-14  |  WGVU
The Little Scholar Learning Tablet     Dec-18-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Dec-18-14  |  WGVU
Thankful Thursdays     Dec-18-14  |  WGVU
Levels of Knowledge     Dec-18-14  |  WGVU
School Talk     Dec-18-14  |  WGVU
Great Lakes Winter Trails Council     Dec-18-14  |  WGVU
Design Thinking     Dec-17-14  |  WGVU
The DisArt Festival GR     Dec-17-14  |  WGVU
Interdisciplinary Studies: Lindsay Ellis     Dec-17-14  |  WGVU
Van Andel Institute Happenings     Dec-17-14  |  WGVU
Entrepreneur Betsy Simpson     Dec-17-14  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Dec-17-14  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Dec-17-14  |  WGVU
Sanford House     Dec-16-14  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     Dec-16-14  |  WGVU
Geography and Planning     Dec-16-14  |  WGVU
Degage Ministries     Dec-16-14  |  WGVU
The Dogs of Christmas     Dec-16-14  |  WGVU
The Rapid     Dec-15-14  |  WGVU
Blue Labyrinth     Dec-15-14  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Dec-15-14  |  WGVU
The Arts in Holland     Dec-15-14  |  WGVU
Food Forum     Dec-15-14  |  WGVU
Bengtson Center Coat Drive     Dec-15-14  |  WGVU
Family Tree Therapies     Dec-12-14  |  WGVU
Consumer Reports: Gifts     Dec-12-14  |  WGVU
The Happy Hatter     Dec-12-14  |  WGVU
North Shore Arts     Dec-12-14  |  WGVU
The Grand Rapids Choir of Men and Boys     Dec-12-14  |  WGVU
David Milarch     Dec-12-14  |  WGVU
Heart of West Michigan United Way     Dec-12-14  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Dec-12-14  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Symphony     Dec-11-14  |  WGVU
Kid's Food Basket Muskegon     Dec-11-14  |  WGVU
Youth for Understanding     Dec-11-14  |  WGVU
Gracious Grounds     Dec-11-14  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Dec-11-14  |  WGVU
Muskegon County Citizen Council     Dec-11-14  |  WGVU
The Hope Project     Dec-11-14  |  WGVU
Connie Nesbary     Dec-11-14  |  WGVU
All About the Eye     Dec-10-14  |  WGVU
Affordable Care Act Deadlines     Dec-10-14  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     Dec-10-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Dec-10-14  |  WGVU
The Hauenstein Center     Dec-10-14  |  WGVU
Career 101     Dec-10-14  |  WGVU
Finding Your Syle     Dec-09-14  |  WGVU
Tony Kenny's Christmastime in Ireland     Dec-09-14  |  WGVU
The Whoville 5k     Dec-09-14  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Dec-09-14  |  WGVU
Telling Your Story     Dec-09-14  |  WGVU
Hospice of Michigan and the Nutcracker     Dec-09-14  |  WGVU
Local First     Dec-09-14  |  WGVU
Celebrating The Nutcracker     Dec-09-14  |  WGVU
Nutrient Nook     Dec-08-14  |  WGVU
Great Lakes Farm Expo     Dec-08-14  |  WGVU
Trillium Institute     Dec-08-14  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Dec-08-14  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Dec-08-14  |  WGVU
Glenn Campbell     Dec-08-14  |  WGVU
Urban Library Council     Dec-08-14  |  WGVU
Ric Roan     Dec-08-14  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Dec-05-14  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Dec-05-14  |  WGVU
A Path Appears     Dec-05-14  |  WGVU
C-SNIP     Dec-05-14  |  WGVU
George Michael from ALS     Dec-05-14  |  WGVU
Body by Vi     Dec-05-14  |  WGVU
Justin Townes Earle at St. Cecilia     Dec-05-14  |  WGVU
UICA Holiday Artist's Market     Dec-05-14  |  WGVU
Social Media for Small Business     Dec-04-14  |  WGVU
The Discovery of King Tut     Dec-04-14  |  WGVU
Gymnastics on the Grand     Dec-04-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Dec-04-14  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth     Dec-04-14  |  WGVU
National Geographic: The Covers     Dec-04-14  |  WGVU
KDL Happenings     Dec-04-14  |  WGVU
Red Kettle Campaign     Dec-04-14  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Dec-03-14  |  WGVU
Actor's Theatre: Chess     Dec-03-14  |  WGVU
Zeeland Happenings     Dec-03-14  |  WGVU
Singing Christmas Tree     Dec-03-14  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Dec-03-14  |  WGVU
Lipidology     Dec-03-14  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Dec-03-14  |  WGVU
Up North     Dec-03-14  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Dec-02-14  |  WGVU
All About Women     Dec-02-14  |  WGVU
Creative Studio Promotions     Dec-02-14  |  WGVU
Paws with a Cause     Dec-02-14  |  WGVU
Commercial Real Estate Trends     Dec-02-14  |  WGVU
Under the Radar Michigan     Dec-02-14  |  WGVU
Fustini's     Dec-02-14  |  WGVU
Monster Jam Grand Rapids     Dec-02-14  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Dec-01-14  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Dec-01-14  |  WGVU
Dance Battle for Good     Dec-01-14  |  WGVU
Success Through Connectivity     Dec-01-14  |  WGVU
Land Conservancy of West Michigan     Dec-01-14  |  WGVU
GVSU Fall Arts Finale     Dec-01-14  |  WGVU
Holland Museum     Dec-01-14  |  WGVU
Leading with Intention     Dec-01-14  |  WGVU
Muskegon Agents of Change     Nov-26-14  |  WGVU
Muskegon Agents of Change (continued)     Nov-26-14  |  WGVU
Movember     Nov-26-14  |  WGVU
Seidman College of Business     Nov-26-14  |  WGVU
The Art of Croatia     Nov-26-14  |  WGVU
Girls on the Run Lunafest     Nov-25-14  |  WGVU
Columbian Logistics Network MIOSHA Award     Nov-25-14  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Nov-25-14  |  WGVU
Grand Traverse Pie Company     Nov-25-14  |  WGVU
The Entrepreneurial Insider     Nov-25-14  |  WGVU
Rethink West Michigan     Nov-25-14  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     Nov-25-14  |  WGVU
Neuro Rehab Services Art Exhibition     Nov-25-14  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Nov-24-14  |  WGVU
Ripple Effects     Nov-24-14  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Nov-24-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Nov-24-14  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Nov-24-14  |  WGVU
Nutrient Nook     Nov-24-14  |  WGVU
YNPN     Nov-24-14  |  WGVU
Guiding Light     Nov-24-14  |  WGVU
Discover Lowell     Nov-21-14  |  WGVU
Discover Lowell (continued)      Nov-21-14  |  WGVU
Discover Lowell (part 3)     Nov-21-14  |  WGVU
Discover Lowell (final)     Nov-21-14  |  WGVU
Poisoning the Pecks of Grand Rapids     Nov-20-14  |  WGVU
Elf the Musical     Nov-20-14  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Nov-20-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Nov-20-14  |  WGVU
Thankful Thursdays     Nov-20-14  |  WGVU
School Talk     Nov-20-14  |  WGVU
CLAS     Nov-20-14  |  WGVU
Epilepsy Awareness Month     Nov-20-14  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Nov-19-14  |  WGVU
Summit on Safety     Nov-19-14  |  WGVU
Interdisciplinary Studies     Nov-19-14  |  WGVU
Annis Water Resources Institute     Nov-19-14  |  WGVU
GR Drive Purple Community Game     Nov-19-14  |  WGVU
West Michigan Film and Video Alliance     Nov-19-14  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Nov-19-14  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Nov-19-14  |  WGVU
North Shore Arts     Nov-18-14  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Wine, Beer and Food Festival     Nov-18-14  |  WGVU
Buziness Buzz     Nov-18-14  |  WGVU
The Right Place     Nov-18-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Nov-18-14  |  WGVU
Buffalo     Nov-18-14  |  WGVU
The Rapid     Nov-17-14  |  WGVU
Keiffer's Rescue Center     Nov-17-14  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Nov-17-14  |  WGVU
The Arts in Holland     Nov-17-14  |  WGVU
Andrea Beaton Trio in Concert     Nov-17-14  |  WGVU
Ele's Place     Nov-17-14  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Nov-17-14  |  WGVU
The Community Foundation for Muskegon County     Nov-14-14  |  WGVU
The Community Foundation for Muskegon County (continued)      Nov-14-14  |  WGVU
The Community Foundation for Muskegon County (Part 3)     Nov-14-14  |  WGVU
The Community Foundation for Muskegon County (Final)     Nov-14-14  |  WGVU
GRSO: Singin' in the Rain     Nov-13-14  |  WGVU
The Homestretch     Nov-13-14  |  WGVU
Cherry Health     Nov-13-14  |  WGVU
Laughfest 2015     Nov-13-14  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Nov-13-14  |  WGVU
Leading Ladies at FHC     Nov-13-14  |  WGVU
The United Way     Nov-13-14  |  WGVU
Buying Friends: The Kortman Collection     Nov-13-14  |  WGVU
All About the Eye     Nov-12-14  |  WGVU
Saugatuck Center for the Arts     Nov-12-14  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     Nov-12-14  |  WGVU
GR Civic: Mary Poppins     Nov-12-14  |  WGVU
Celebration Cinema Indie Film Series     Nov-12-14  |  WGVU
Career 101     Nov-12-14  |  WGVU
Carbon Shock     Nov-11-14  |  WGVU
The Silver Lining     Nov-11-14  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Nov-11-14  |  WGVU
Re-Con Michigan     Nov-11-14  |  WGVU
Telling Your Story     Nov-11-14  |  WGVU
Local First     Nov-11-14  |  WGVU
Mackinac Island     Nov-11-14  |  WGVU
The Wellness Code     Nov-10-14  |  WGVU
The Native American Urban Project     Nov-10-14  |  WGVU
Hypnotist Rick Wheeler     Nov-10-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Nov-10-14  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Nov-10-14  |  WGVU
Sanford House     Nov-10-14  |  WGVU
Gary Carey     Nov-10-14  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Nov-07-14  |  WGVU
The Grand Rapids Choir of Men and Boys     Nov-07-14  |  WGVU
Free Radical Event     Nov-07-14  |  WGVU
Blood Orange     Nov-07-14  |  WGVU
Orthopaedics     Nov-07-14  |  WGVU
Pelvic Floor Disorder     Nov-07-14  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Nov-07-14  |  WGVU
Social Media for Small Business     Nov-06-14  |  WGVU
Political Order and Political Decay     Nov-06-14  |  WGVU
Mosaic Film Experience Festival     Nov-06-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Nov-06-14  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth Media     Nov-06-14  |  WGVU
John Ehsa, Governor of Pohnpei     Nov-06-14  |  WGVU
KDL Happenings     Nov-06-14  |  WGVU
Women of Lockerbie     Nov-06-14  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Nov-05-14  |  WGVU
Ski Swap     Nov-05-14  |  WGVU
Kids Food Basket     Nov-05-14  |  WGVU
Every Dress Has a Story     Nov-05-14  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Nov-05-14  |  WGVU
Yule Run, I'll Walk     Nov-05-14  |  WGVU
Pain Management      Nov-05-14  |  WGVU
Broadway Grand Rapids: Once     Nov-05-14  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Nov-04-14  |  WGVU
Classical Tradition at St. Cecilia Music Center     Nov-04-14  |  WGVU
Kenneth Davis     Nov-04-14  |  WGVU
Commercial Real Estate Trends     Nov-04-14  |  WGVU
GRCC at 100: Open Door     Nov-04-14  |  WGVU
Cecilia Skidmore     Nov-04-14  |  WGVU
Artists Creating Together Auction     Nov-03-14  |  WGVU
The American Heart Association     Nov-03-14  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Nov-03-14  |  WGVU
Pathway to Caregiving Conference     Nov-03-14  |  WGVU
Success Principles Through Connectivity     Nov-03-14  |  WGVU
Kids Food Basket     Nov-03-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Engage     Nov-03-14  |  WGVU
Kid's Health: Bullying     Nov-03-14  |  WGVU
Health Care Enrollment     Oct-31-14  |  WGVU
The Iceman Cometh     Oct-31-14  |  WGVU
Mike Kelly     Oct-31-14  |  WGVU
Flu Prevention     Oct-31-14  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Oct-31-14  |  WGVU
National Philanthropy Day     Oct-30-14  |  WGVU
The Girls Choral Academy Annual Gala     Oct-30-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Oct-30-14  |  WGVU
Honk: City High Middle School     Oct-30-14  |  WGVU
Pilot Error     Oct-30-14  |  WGVU
Daniel Lopez     Oct-30-14  |  WGVU
Inside the Mind of Alzheimer's     Oct-30-14  |  WGVU
The Growth Center     Oct-29-14  |  WGVU
Pink in the Pews     Oct-29-14  |  WGVU
Auto Reliability and Infotainment     Oct-29-14  |  WGVU
The Growth Center's Tarence Lauchie     Oct-29-14  |  WGVU
2015 Meijer LPGA     Oct-29-14  |  WGVU
Images of Adoption     Oct-28-14  |  WGVU
The Michigan Humanities Council     Oct-28-14  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Oct-28-14  |  WGVU
Mary Jane Dockeray     Oct-28-14  |  WGVU
Lead Poisoning Awareness     Oct-28-14  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     Oct-28-14  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Oct-27-14  |  WGVU
Children's Health with BCBS     Oct-27-14  |  WGVU
Michigan Tax Conference     Oct-27-14  |  WGVU
The Extreme Weather Survival Guide     Oct-27-14  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Oct-27-14  |  WGVU
Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company     Oct-27-14  |  WGVU
YNPN     Oct-27-14  |  WGVU
World Affairs Council of Western Michigan     Oct-27-14  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Oct-24-14  |  WGVU
Alternatives in Motion     Oct-24-14  |  WGVU
Success Comes in Every Color     Oct-24-14  |  WGVU
The Leffring Sisters     Oct-24-14  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Oct-24-14  |  WGVU
All About Women     Oct-23-14  |  WGVU
Yardsticks     Oct-23-14  |  WGVU
Design in West Michigan     Oct-23-14  |  WGVU
Community Wellness and Massage Expo     Oct-23-14  |  WGVU
School Talk     Oct-23-14  |  WGVU
Food and Wine Forum     Oct-22-14  |  WGVU
The First Phone Call From Heaven     Oct-22-14  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Oct-22-14  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Oct-22-14  |  WGVU
Slow's Barbeque at the Downtown Market     Oct-22-14  |  WGVU
GVSU Fall Arts 2014     Oct-22-14  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Oct-22-14  |  WGVU
Toasting Hope      Oct-21-14  |  WGVU
The Cedar Springs Community Players     Oct-21-14  |  WGVU
Buziness Buzz     Oct-21-14  |  WGVU
Thriller Chiller     Oct-21-14  |  WGVU
Society of Forensic Toxicologists     Oct-21-14  |  WGVU
Children's Health with BCBS     Oct-20-14  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Oct-20-14  |  WGVU
Holland Area Arts     Oct-20-14  |  WGVU
Wine, Women and Chocolate     Oct-20-14  |  WGVU
St. Cecilia Music Center     Oct-17-14  |  WGVU
Jumpstart     Oct-17-14  |  WGVU
Religion 101     Oct-17-14  |  WGVU
Hudsonville Ice Cream     Oct-17-14  |  WGVU
Ark Storm     Oct-17-14  |  WGVU
Heywood Banks     Oct-17-14  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Oct-17-14  |  WGVU
The Terrorist's Son     Oct-16-14  |  WGVU
Gilda's Laughfest     Oct-16-14  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Oct-16-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Oct-16-14  |  WGVU
GR Ballet Nutcracker     Oct-16-14  |  WGVU
Real Pirates     Oct-16-14  |  WGVU
Food, Wine and All That Jazz     Oct-16-14  |  WGVU
Endgame     Oct-16-14  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Oct-15-14  |  WGVU
Pirate's Cove     Oct-15-14  |  WGVU
The Civil Discourse Initiative     Oct-15-14  |  WGVU
Ask Anna     Oct-15-14  |  WGVU
VAI Purple Community     Oct-15-14  |  WGVU
The Grand Rapids Marathon     Oct-15-14  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Oct-15-14  |  WGVU
FranNet     Oct-15-14  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Oct-14-14  |  WGVU
Don Jose Luiz     Oct-14-14  |  WGVU
Pop Scholar     Oct-14-14  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Oct-14-14  |  WGVU
Opera Grand Rapids     Oct-14-14  |  WGVU
Local First     Oct-14-14  |  WGVU
Mackinac Island: Inside, Up Close and Personal     Oct-14-14  |  WGVU
Better Made     Oct-14-14  |  WGVU
Nutrient Nook     Oct-13-14  |  WGVU
Green Fire     Oct-13-14  |  WGVU
GVSU Community Reading Project     Oct-13-14  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Oct-13-14  |  WGVU
The Flying Mouse     Oct-13-14  |  WGVU
David Sedaris     Oct-13-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Give Back Night     Oct-13-14  |  WGVU
Junior Achievement     Oct-10-14  |  WGVU
Great Lakes History Conference     Oct-10-14  |  WGVU
Schools of Hope     Oct-10-14  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Oct-10-14  |  WGVU
GR Symphony: Dylana's Sibelius     Oct-09-14  |  WGVU
ArtPrize Artist Ryan Spencer Reed     Oct-09-14  |  WGVU
GVSU Fall Arts Poetry Night     Oct-09-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Oct-09-14  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Oct-09-14  |  WGVU
Madhulika Sikka     Oct-09-14  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Oct-09-14  |  WGVU
All About the Eye     Oct-08-14  |  WGVU
Organicycle     Oct-08-14  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     Oct-08-14  |  WGVU
Lev Raphael     Oct-08-14  |  WGVU
Couture for a Cure     Oct-08-14  |  WGVU
Career 101     Oct-08-14  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Oct-07-14  |  WGVU
TV Chef Sandra Lee     Oct-07-14  |  WGVU
I Have Made a Difference Awards     Oct-07-14  |  WGVU
The People's Law School     Oct-07-14  |  WGVU
Life Reimagined     Oct-07-14  |  WGVU
Herb Meyer     Oct-07-14  |  WGVU
Dr. Robin Ganzert     Oct-07-14  |  WGVU
ArtPrize Artist Stacy Niedzwiecki     Oct-07-14  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Oct-06-14  |  WGVU
The YMCA and Mary Free Bed     Oct-06-14  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Oct-06-14  |  WGVU
The Artist Way     Oct-06-14  |  WGVU
Success Principles Through Connectivity     Oct-06-14  |  WGVU
A Conversation on Breast Cancer     Oct-06-14  |  WGVU
Tracy Brower     Oct-06-14  |  WGVU
National Apple Month     Oct-06-14  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Oct-03-14  |  WGVU
ADA Walk     Oct-03-14  |  WGVU
ArtPrize Artists Lee Monthes and Dona Barnett     Oct-03-14  |  WGVU
Rapid Delivery Improv     Oct-03-14  |  WGVU
Professional Journalism in a DIY Age     Oct-03-14  |  WGVU
ArtPrize Artist Natalia Pawlus     Oct-03-14  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Oct-03-14  |  WGVU
Social Media for Small Business     Oct-02-14  |  WGVU
I Want to Be An Astronaut     Oct-02-14  |  WGVU
Game Day 5K     Oct-02-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Oct-02-14  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth Media     Oct-02-14  |  WGVU
ArtPrize Artist Vani Satya Akula     Oct-02-14  |  WGVU
KDL Happenings     Oct-02-14  |  WGVU
Bridgefest     Oct-02-14  |  WGVU
Naturopathy with Micah McLaughlin     Oct-01-14  |  WGVU
Massage and Acupuncture with Kristin Swann     Oct-01-14  |  WGVU
Endurance Sports and Injury Prevention with Ann Vidro     Oct-01-14  |  WGVU
Broadway Grand Rapids     Oct-01-14  |  WGVU
Great Lakes and Drinking Water     Oct-01-14  |  WGVU
Judy Collins     Sep-30-14  |  WGVU
Hon. Kathy L. Hoogstra     Sep-30-14  |  WGVU
4000 Miles     Sep-30-14  |  WGVU
CLAS     Sep-30-14  |  WGVU
Building Tomorrow's Leaders     Sep-30-14  |  WGVU
Decoding Dyslexia Michigan     Sep-30-14  |  WGVU
The American Heart Association     Sep-30-14  |  WGVU
West Michigan Quilters Guild     Sep-29-14  |  WGVU
ArtPrize Artist Gretchen Lauer     Sep-29-14  |  WGVU
ArtPrize Artist and Quilter Colleen Kole     Sep-29-14  |  WGVU
The West Michigan Policy Forum     Sep-29-14  |  WGVU
WMQG and Spectrum Health NICU     Sep-29-14  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Sep-26-14  |  WGVU
Sweetie-licious Bakery     Sep-26-14  |  WGVU
Treetops Resort     Sep-26-14  |  WGVU
Ginger Alden     Sep-26-14  |  WGVU
The Entrepreneurial Insider     Sep-26-14  |  WGVU
Senior Sing Along     Sep-26-14  |  WGVU
GVSU Students for Haiti     Sep-26-14  |  WGVU
The Story of Cancer     Sep-26-14  |  WGVU
All About Women     Sep-25-14  |  WGVU
Wine and Wigs     Sep-25-14  |  WGVU
Johnson Center Strategic Leadership Series     Sep-25-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Sep-25-14  |  WGVU
Design in West Michigan     Sep-25-14  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Sep-25-14  |  WGVU
School Talk     Sep-25-14  |  WGVU
Bridgefest     Sep-25-14  |  WGVU
Food and Wine Forum     Sep-24-14  |  WGVU
Souvenir: A Fantasia on the Life of Florence Foster Jenkins     Sep-24-14  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Sep-24-14  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Sep-24-14  |  WGVU
The Gala of the Royal Horses     Sep-24-14  |  WGVU
Seidman College of Business: Blue 35     Sep-24-14  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Sep-23-14  |  WGVU
Making Choices Michigan     Sep-23-14  |  WGVU
Bette Davis on the Edge     Sep-23-14  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Sep-23-14  |  WGVU
I Want to Age Like That     Sep-23-14  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     Sep-23-14  |  WGVU
Bridal Show     Sep-23-14  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Sep-22-14  |  WGVU
ArtPrize     Sep-22-14  |  WGVU
GRCC at 100     Sep-22-14  |  WGVU
Dogbite Films     Sep-22-14  |  WGVU
Certificate of Need     Sep-22-14  |  WGVU
ArtPrize Live Theater: Four Stories     Sep-22-14  |  WGVU
YNPN     Sep-22-14  |  WGVU
Dr. Norman Augustine     Sep-22-14  |  WGVU
Veteran's Corner     Sep-19-14  |  WGVU
Twenty Years Later     Sep-19-14  |  WGVU
Religion 101     Sep-19-14  |  WGVU
Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival     Sep-19-14  |  WGVU
ArPrize artist Downie     Sep-19-14  |  WGVU
Buffalo     Sep-19-14  |  WGVU
Cancer Warriors     Sep-18-14  |  WGVU
Ringling Bros, Barnum and Bailey Circus     Sep-18-14  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Sep-18-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Sep-18-14  |  WGVU
Help Keep Our Eyes on the Prize     Sep-18-14  |  WGVU
ArtPrize artist Pam Alderman     Sep-18-14  |  WGVU
The Walk On     Sep-18-14  |  WGVU
Avenue for the Arts     Sep-18-14  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Sep-17-14  |  WGVU
Aquinas College Contemporary Writers Series     Sep-17-14  |  WGVU
Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies     Sep-17-14  |  WGVU
Family Promise of Grand Rapids     Sep-17-14  |  WGVU
VAI Happenings     Sep-17-14  |  WGVU
Artist Peter Brandes     Sep-17-14  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Sep-17-14  |  WGVU
Open Door Teens     Sep-17-14  |  WGVU
Veronica Kirin     Sep-17-14  |  WGVU
GVSU Fall Arts 2014     Sep-16-14  |  WGVU
Chick Corea at St. Cecilia Music Center     Sep-16-14  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     Sep-16-14  |  WGVU
The Right Place     Sep-16-14  |  WGVU
Doris Kearns Goodwin     Sep-16-14  |  WGVU
Emerge West Michigan     Sep-16-14  |  WGVU
The West Michigan Cluster     Sep-16-14  |  WGVU
The Rapid     Sep-15-14  |  WGVU
Purple Purse Challenge     Sep-15-14  |  WGVU
ArtPrize and SiteLab     Sep-15-14  |  WGVU
Hauenstien Center: Donald Markle     Sep-15-14  |  WGVU
Holland Area Arts     Sep-15-14  |  WGVU
ArtPrize Critical Discourse     Sep-15-14  |  WGVU
GRCC at 100     Sep-15-14  |  WGVU
Get the Lead Out     Sep-15-14  |  WGVU
GrandCon Gaming and Comic Convention     Sep-12-14  |  WGVU
GRAPE     Sep-12-14  |  WGVU
North Shore Arts     Sep-12-14  |  WGVU
Annis Water Resources Institute     Sep-12-14  |  WGVU
Jan Withers from MADD     Sep-12-14  |  WGVU
Blue Cross Blue Shield     Sep-12-14  |  WGVU
The United Way     Sep-12-14  |  WGVU
GVSU President Haas     Sep-11-14  |  WGVU
Dr. Vivian Romero     Sep-11-14  |  WGVU
Duck Walk     Sep-11-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Sep-11-14  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Sep-11-14  |  WGVU
Mom's Sale     Sep-11-14  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Whitewater     Sep-11-14  |  WGVU
Reunion by Murder     Sep-10-14  |  WGVU
Odd Ball     Sep-10-14  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     Sep-10-14  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Civic Theatre     Sep-10-14  |  WGVU
GVSU Fall Arts 2014     Sep-10-14  |  WGVU
Career 101     Sep-10-14  |  WGVU
Nutrient Nook     Sep-09-14  |  WGVU
Holland's Tulip Time     Sep-09-14  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Community College turns 100     Sep-09-14  |  WGVU
Alex's Million Mile Initiative     Sep-09-14  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Sep-09-14  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Sep-09-14  |  WGVU
Success Principles with Connectivity     Sep-09-14  |  WGVU
Finding Your Syle     Sep-09-14  |  WGVU
GM's Cadillac Introduces Advanced Technology     Sep-09-14  |  WGVU
CSNIP's Annual Fundraiser     Sep-09-14  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Sep-09-14  |  WGVU
Latest News on Rehabilitation     Sep-09-14  |  WGVU
Governor's Highway Safety Association     Sep-09-14  |  WGVU
Local First     Sep-09-14  |  WGVU
Troy Ramos: First CD     Sep-09-14  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Sep-05-14  |  WGVU
9/11 13th Anniversary     Sep-05-14  |  WGVU
ArtPrize Artist Keven Sudeith     Sep-05-14  |  WGVU
Musician Frank Van Dinther     Sep-05-14  |  WGVU
Social Media for Small Business     Sep-04-14  |  WGVU
Gail Sheehy     Sep-04-14  |  WGVU
Vegan Michigan Walk Event     Sep-04-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Sep-04-14  |  WGVU
Murdick's Fudge, Autumn on Mackinac Island     Sep-04-14  |  WGVU
KDL Uncorked     Sep-04-14  |  WGVU
2014 ArtPrize Artist LadisLay Hanva     Sep-04-14  |  WGVU
Libary of Michigan     Sep-03-14  |  WGVU
Boys and Girls Club     Sep-03-14  |  WGVU
Le Style de Vie     Sep-03-14  |  WGVU
The Glorious Vegtables of Italy     Sep-03-14  |  WGVU
World Alzheimer's Month     Sep-03-14  |  WGVU
Race for the Cure     Sep-03-14  |  WGVU
Pain in the Elderly     Sep-03-14  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Sep-03-14  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Sep-02-14  |  WGVU
Business Happens in Heels     Sep-02-14  |  WGVU
Nat Geo Chef Barton Seaver     Sep-02-14  |  WGVU
A Dominican Republic Wedding     Sep-02-14  |  WGVU
Operation Heroes Golf     Sep-02-14  |  WGVU
Cecilia Skidmore     Sep-02-14  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Aug-29-14  |  WGVU
MADD     Aug-29-14  |  WGVU
Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy     Aug-29-14  |  WGVU
All American Roll Models Skydive     Aug-29-14  |  WGVU
The GoSite Coalition     Aug-29-14  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Hostel     Aug-29-14  |  WGVU
Fitness Coach Jean VanCouvering     Aug-29-14  |  WGVU
All About Women     Aug-28-14  |  WGVU
Officer Fix, Spectrum Health     Aug-28-14  |  WGVU
Nexus Academy     Aug-28-14  |  WGVU
Bruce Dancis     Aug-28-14  |  WGVU
Design in West Michigan     Aug-28-14  |  WGVU
Historic Cemeteries of Grand Rapids     Aug-28-14  |  WGVU
Carol's Ferals     Aug-28-14  |  WGVU
Grand Angels     Aug-28-14  |  WGVU
Food Forum     Aug-27-14  |  WGVU
Labor Day Walk     Aug-27-14  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Aug-27-14  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Aug-27-14  |  WGVU
Bruce Bettinghaus     Aug-27-14  |  WGVU
Kids and Dehydration     Aug-27-14  |  WGVU
Inforum     Aug-26-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers     Aug-26-14  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Aug-26-14  |  WGVU
The Ebony Road Players: Live at Wealthy Concert Series     Aug-26-14  |  WGVU
Home Buying and Selling     Aug-26-14  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     Aug-26-14  |  WGVU
State Games of America     Aug-26-14  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Aug-25-14  |  WGVU
Pull for Kids     Aug-25-14  |  WGVU
Women's Equality Day     Aug-25-14  |  WGVU
International Conflict Resolution Day     Aug-25-14  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Aug-25-14  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Hispanic Festival     Aug-25-14  |  WGVU
YNPN     Aug-25-14  |  WGVU
Taste of Traverse City     Aug-25-14  |  WGVU
Pound Buddies Animal Shelter     Aug-22-14  |  WGVU
The Entrepreneurial Insider     Aug-22-14  |  WGVU
The Tuskegee Airmen     Aug-22-14  |  WGVU
Mini Maker Faire     Aug-21-14  |  WGVU
CLAS     Aug-21-14  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Aug-21-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Aug-21-14  |  WGVU
The Industry     Aug-21-14  |  WGVU
Let's Here it From the Men     Aug-21-14  |  WGVU
School Talk     Aug-21-14  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Aug-20-14  |  WGVU
Brainy Day 5K     Aug-20-14  |  WGVU
Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies     Aug-20-14  |  WGVU
Off the Leash     Aug-20-14  |  WGVU
VAI Happenings     Aug-20-14  |  WGVU
Quiltweek     Aug-20-14  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Aug-20-14  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Aug-20-14  |  WGVU
Into the Wind     Aug-19-14  |  WGVU
Chris Valletta     Aug-19-14  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     Aug-19-14  |  WGVU
Birgit Klohs     Aug-19-14  |  WGVU
The Taste of East Grand Rapids     Aug-19-14  |  WGVU
Retiring for the Genius     Aug-19-14  |  WGVU
Back to School Anxiety     Aug-19-14  |  WGVU
AQS Quilt Show     Aug-18-14  |  WGVU
The Silver Line     Aug-18-14  |  WGVU
The Grand Rapids Red Project     Aug-18-14  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Aug-18-14  |  WGVU
The Unity Bridge Project, Holland Area Arts     Aug-18-14  |  WGVU
Climate Ride Midwest     Aug-18-14  |  WGVU
Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative     Aug-18-14  |  WGVU
Fashion Has Heart     Aug-15-14  |  WGVU
School Tech     Aug-15-14  |  WGVU
Religion 101     Aug-15-14  |  WGVU
Knapp Street Church Car Show     Aug-15-14  |  WGVU
African American Health Institute     Aug-15-14  |  WGVU
Walk the Beat     Aug-15-14  |  WGVU
On the Very Smelly Trail of the Skunk Takeover     Aug-15-14  |  WGVU
Mercy Health Hauenstein Neurosciences     Aug-14-14  |  WGVU
Lake Express Ferry     Aug-14-14  |  WGVU
Habitat for Humanity Benefit     Aug-14-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Aug-14-14  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Aug-14-14  |  WGVU
Michigan Titanium     Aug-14-14  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Aug-14-14  |  WGVU
Mississippi Eyes     Aug-13-14  |  WGVU
The Grand JazzFest     Aug-13-14  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     Aug-13-14  |  WGVU
Design Briefs at GRAM     Aug-13-14  |  WGVU
101st Airborne Division Reunion     Aug-13-14  |  WGVU
Career 101     Aug-13-14  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Aug-12-14  |  WGVU
Jabez Ministries     Aug-12-14  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Aug-12-14  |  WGVU
MSU College of Human Medicine     Aug-12-14  |  WGVU
Saugatuck Center for the Arts     Aug-12-14  |  WGVU
Local First     Aug-12-14  |  WGVU
Nutrient Nook     Aug-11-14  |  WGVU
The Imperfect Marriage     Aug-11-14  |  WGVU
The Meijer LPGA Recap     Aug-11-14  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Aug-11-14  |  WGVU
Headaches     Aug-11-14  |  WGVU
Big Little Lies     Aug-11-14  |  WGVU
The Nixon Defense     Aug-08-14  |  WGVU
Grand Haven Health Partnership     Aug-08-14  |  WGVU
Skin Cancer Prevention     Aug-08-14  |  WGVU
Raggety Ann in Muskegon     Aug-08-14  |  WGVU
The United Way     Aug-08-14  |  WGVU
Small Business Social     Aug-07-14  |  WGVU
The Meijer LPGA: Michelle Wie     Aug-07-14  |  WGVU
Chemistry Conference     Aug-07-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Aug-07-14  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth Media     Aug-07-14  |  WGVU
Alternatives in Motion     Aug-07-14  |  WGVU
KDL Happenings     Aug-07-14  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Aug-06-14  |  WGVU
Women's Equity Day Muskegon     Aug-06-14  |  WGVU
Meijer LPGA Classic     Aug-06-14  |  WGVU
Cafeteria Man     Aug-06-14  |  WGVU
National Blueberry Festival     Aug-06-14  |  WGVU
Commit to Fit     Aug-06-14  |  WGVU
The Grand JazzFest: Matt Marshak     Aug-06-14  |  WGVU
Restaurant Week     Aug-06-14  |  WGVU
Dr. David Casarett     Aug-06-14  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Aug-05-14  |  WGVU
South America Relief     Aug-05-14  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Young Professionals     Aug-05-14  |  WGVU
Rhythm Bones Festival     Aug-05-14  |  WGVU
Forest Hills Fine Arts Center     Aug-05-14  |  WGVU
Tomlinson Hill     Aug-05-14  |  WGVU
Crossing Savage     Aug-05-14  |  WGVU
Traverse City Summer Microbrew and Music Festival     Aug-04-14  |  WGVU
The Peregrine Dame     Aug-04-14  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Aug-04-14  |  WGVU
Success Principles Through Connectivity     Aug-04-14  |  WGVU
The Grand JazzFest     Aug-04-14  |  WGVU
Children's Opera Workshop      Aug-04-14  |  WGVU
GiveGab     Aug-04-14  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Aug-01-14  |  WGVU
Get Pop-Cultured     Aug-01-14  |  WGVU
One Day Ride Across Michigan     Aug-01-14  |  WGVU
Hospice of Michigan     Aug-01-14  |  WGVU
Muskegon Happenings     Aug-01-14  |  WGVU
Dancer Helen Lee     Aug-01-14  |  WGVU
Live, Laugh, Love Fitness Event     Aug-01-14  |  WGVU
Meijer LPGA Classic     Aug-01-14  |  WGVU
Rev. Charles Fry     Jul-31-14  |  WGVU
Metro Health Village Senior Living Facility     Jul-31-14  |  WGVU
The Santa Hat     Jul-31-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jul-31-14  |  WGVU
Pathways to Success     Jul-31-14  |  WGVU
Proposal 1     Jul-31-14  |  WGVU
Lorie Tensen     Jul-31-14  |  WGVU
Heritage Theatre Group     Jul-31-14  |  WGVU
Alzheimer's: The Myths and Realities     Jul-30-14  |  WGVU
Dr. Kevin Foley, Neurosciences     Jul-30-14  |  WGVU
Susan Woolner, Patient Support     Jul-30-14  |  WGVU
Homewatch CareGivers     Jul-30-14  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Jul-30-14  |  WGVU
Dr. Vinayak Manohar     Jul-29-14  |  WGVU
Bob Kaser of the Grand Rapids Griffins     Jul-29-14  |  WGVU
GR Symphony Music of the Eagles     Jul-29-14  |  WGVU
Mel Trotter     Jul-29-14  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Jul-28-14  |  WGVU
Hypnotherapist Linda Knight     Jul-28-14  |  WGVU
UICA and Thriller! Chiller!     Jul-28-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers: Normandy and Paris     Jul-28-14  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Jul-28-14  |  WGVU
Andy's House: Habitat for Humanity     Jul-28-14  |  WGVU
YNPN     Jul-28-14  |  WGVU
Thaao Penghlis     Jul-28-14  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Jul-25-14  |  WGVU
Michigan Titanium     Jul-25-14  |  WGVU
VAI Purple Community     Jul-25-14  |  WGVU
Senior Meals on Wheels and Senior Advocates     Jul-25-14  |  WGVU
MCC Upcoming School Year     Jul-25-14  |  WGVU
Soldier Girls     Jul-25-14  |  WGVU
All About Women     Jul-24-14  |  WGVU
Death Trap     Jul-24-14  |  WGVU
Race Director Jim Connor     Jul-24-14  |  WGVU
Design in West Michigan     Jul-24-14  |  WGVU
William B Wondergem Memorial Golf Classic     Jul-24-14  |  WGVU
School Talk     Jul-24-14  |  WGVU
Feeling Good at Clark Retirement Community     Jul-24-14  |  WGVU
World Cup Wrap     Jul-23-14  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Civic Theatre     Jul-23-14  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Jul-23-14  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Jul-23-14  |  WGVU
7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens     Jul-23-14  |  WGVU
Seidman College of Business     Jul-23-14  |  WGVU
Ben Winters     Jul-23-14  |  WGVU
The Grand Rapids Drive     Jul-22-14  |  WGVU
BrainStorm     Jul-22-14  |  WGVU
Kent County Youth Fair     Jul-22-14  |  WGVU
Wayne Koppa     Jul-22-14  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Jul-22-14  |  WGVU
Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company     Jul-22-14  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     Jul-22-14  |  WGVU
GRSO and Spectrum Health Music Therapy     Jul-22-14  |  WGVU
The Rapid Silver Line     Jul-21-14  |  WGVU
Disability Advocates of Kent County     Jul-21-14  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Jul-21-14  |  WGVU
Holland Area Arts     Jul-21-14  |  WGVU
Citizen Project     Jul-21-14  |  WGVU
Alternatives in Motion     Jul-21-14  |  WGVU
Wild Ones     Jul-21-14  |  WGVU
Veterans Corner     Jul-18-14  |  WGVU
GRSO Picnic Pops Tribute to the Beatles     Jul-18-14  |  WGVU
Religion 101     Jul-18-14  |  WGVU
Financial Literacy     Jul-18-14  |  WGVU
Mary K Hoodhood     Jul-18-14  |  WGVU
Society for the Study of Reproduction     Jul-18-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jul-18-14  |  WGVU
GR Home for Veterans Benefit     Jul-17-14  |  WGVU
Grove     Jul-17-14  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Jul-17-14  |  WGVU
The Vacationers     Jul-17-14  |  WGVU
Broadway Grand Rapids     Jul-17-14  |  WGVU
Uncaged     Jul-17-14  |  WGVU
CLAS     Jul-17-14  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Jul-16-14  |  WGVU
Letters Lost Then Found     Jul-16-14  |  WGVU
Last Stand at Khe Sanh     Jul-16-14  |  WGVU
The West Michigan Intern Connect     Jul-15-14  |  WGVU
iCan Shine     Jul-15-14  |  WGVU
Grass, Soil and Hope     Jul-15-14  |  WGVU
Tibet, An Unfinished Story     Jul-15-14  |  WGVU
Nutrient Nook     Jul-14-14  |  WGVU
Urban Core Collective     Jul-14-14  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Jul-14-14  |  WGVU
Annis Water Resources Institute     Jul-11-14  |  WGVU
North Shore Arts     Jul-11-14  |  WGVU
Heart of West Michigan United Way     Jul-11-14  |  WGVU
National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives     Jul-11-14  |  WGVU
Run Boy Run     Jul-10-14  |  WGVU
The Claudettes     Jul-10-14  |  WGVU
KDL: Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped     Jul-10-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jul-10-14  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Jul-10-14  |  WGVU
KDL: Local Indie Collection     Jul-10-14  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Jul-10-14  |  WGVU
David Howard, Legos Master     Jul-09-14  |  WGVU
Compass College of Cinematic Arts     Jul-09-14  |  WGVU
GR Dog Adventures     Jul-09-14  |  WGVU
Weird But True     Jul-09-14  |  WGVU
Len Towne of American Char     Jul-09-14  |  WGVU
Quit Whining Start Writing     Jul-09-14  |  WGVU
Career 101     Jul-09-14  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Jul-08-14  |  WGVU
Hero Run/Walk     Jul-08-14  |  WGVU
Ellis Paul     Jul-08-14  |  WGVU
Financial Empowerment Center: Grand Haven     Jul-08-14  |  WGVU
YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids     Jul-08-14  |  WGVU
Local First     Jul-08-14  |  WGVU
American Heart Association     Jul-08-14  |  WGVU
ORGPRO     Jul-07-14  |  WGVU
Carbon Green Bioengery      Jul-07-14  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Jul-07-14  |  WGVU
The Rapidian     Jul-07-14  |  WGVU
Success Principles Through Connectivity     Jul-07-14  |  WGVU
Tri Del Sol     Jul-07-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Engage     Jul-07-14  |  WGVU
Social Media for Small Business     Jul-03-14  |  WGVU
Ducky Dash     Jul-03-14  |  WGVU
The Garden and Vintage Car Show     Jul-03-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jul-03-14  |  WGVU
Dean Koontz     Jul-03-14  |  WGVU
Grand Haven Triathlon and Duathlon     Jul-03-14  |  WGVU
Dr. Roger Cady     Jul-03-14  |  WGVU
The Bone Orchard     Jul-03-14  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Jul-02-14  |  WGVU
GR Ballet Summer Intensive Workshop     Jul-02-14  |  WGVU
The Felt Estate     Jul-02-14  |  WGVU
Conversion     Jul-02-14  |  WGVU
The Amway Family Fireworks     Jul-02-14  |  WGVU
Quiet Dell     Jul-02-14  |  WGVU
Hip Pain     Jul-02-14  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Jul-02-14  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Jul-01-14  |  WGVU
Business Happens in Heels     Jul-01-14  |  WGVU
Meijer LPGA Classic     Jul-01-14  |  WGVU
ISF     Jul-01-14  |  WGVU
Ain't it Time We Said Goodbye     Jul-01-14  |  WGVU
Psychology Talk     Jul-01-14  |  WGVU
OneBowl     Jul-01-14  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Jun-30-14  |  WGVU
Yassou! Greek Cultural Festival     Jun-30-14  |  WGVU
Coopersville Area Chamber Chat     Jun-30-14  |  WGVU
Kenneth Davis     Jun-30-14  |  WGVU
Believe 2 Become     Jun-30-14  |  WGVU
Camp Sparkle     Jun-30-14  |  WGVU
Preliminary Study: rsl-t at Fire Barn Gallery     Jun-30-14  |  WGVU
The Quest     Jun-30-14  |  WGVU
Your Biz Your Town     Jun-27-14  |  WGVU
View from the dunes      Jun-27-14  |  WGVU
World Cup     Jun-27-14  |  WGVU
Summer Tours     Jun-27-14  |  WGVU
Transplant Games 2014     Jun-27-14  |  WGVU
From Wanting to Winning     Jun-27-14  |  WGVU
All About Women     Jun-26-14  |  WGVU
Habitat for Humanity     Jun-26-14  |  WGVU
Hospital polo fundrasier     Jun-26-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jun-26-14  |  WGVU
Design West Michigan     Jun-26-14  |  WGVU
Life's Toolbox     Jun-26-14  |  WGVU
School Talk     Jun-26-14  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Public Museum     Jun-26-14  |  WGVU
Food Forum     Jun-25-14  |  WGVU
Community Legal Services Karaoke Showdown     Jun-25-14  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Jun-25-14  |  WGVU
VAI Happenings     Jun-25-14  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Jun-25-14  |  WGVU
Seidman College of Business     Jun-25-14  |  WGVU
Good Morning Paleo     Jun-25-14  |  WGVU
Hudsonville Ice Cream     Jun-24-14  |  WGVU
Freedom Summer     Jun-24-14  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Jun-24-14  |  WGVU
Ele's Place     Jun-24-14  |  WGVU
Cyberknife     Jun-24-14  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     Jun-24-14  |  WGVU
Jennifer Granholm     Jun-24-14  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Jun-23-14  |  WGVU
The Michigan Fallen Warrior Memorial     Jun-23-14  |  WGVU
Lead Exposure     Jun-23-14  |  WGVU
Fear and Learning in America     Jun-23-14  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Jun-23-14  |  WGVU
National Federation of the Blind     Jun-23-14  |  WGVU
YNPN     Jun-23-14  |  WGVU
Goodwill     Jun-23-14  |  WGVU
Veterans Corner     Jun-20-14  |  WGVU
The Visionist     Jun-20-14  |  WGVU
Religion 101     Jun-20-14  |  WGVU
HIS Home 300     Jun-20-14  |  WGVU
The Underwater Museum     Jun-20-14  |  WGVU
Explosion Green     Jun-20-14  |  WGVU
Manistee County     Jun-19-14  |  WGVU
American Red Cross     Jun-19-14  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Jun-19-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jun-19-14  |  WGVU
Rotary Club of Grand Rapids     Jun-19-14  |  WGVU
Yours for Eternity     Jun-19-14  |  WGVU
National Cherry Festival     Jun-19-14  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Jun-18-14  |  WGVU
Laura Lyons of the Natural Wellness Alliance     Jun-18-14  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Jun-18-14  |  WGVU
Clips, Beer and Film Tour     Jun-18-14  |  WGVU
Brad Meltzer     Jun-18-14  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Jun-18-14  |  WGVU
ArtPrize 2014     Jun-18-14  |  WGVU
10 Percent Happier     Jun-17-14  |  WGVU
Numberlys     Jun-17-14  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     Jun-17-14  |  WGVU
The Right Place     Jun-17-14  |  WGVU
Pickleball     Jun-17-14  |  WGVU
Brining Literacy to Life     Jun-17-14  |  WGVU
Straight from the Earth     Jun-17-14  |  WGVU
ICCF Summer Concert Series     Jun-16-14  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Jun-16-14  |  WGVU
Holland Arts     Jun-16-14  |  WGVU
Disability Advocates of Kent County     Jun-16-14  |  WGVU
Health Care Planning (Part 2)     Jun-16-14  |  WGVU
7 Beliefs Destroying Your Health     Jun-13-14  |  WGVU
North Short Arts     Jun-13-14  |  WGVU
The Tombs of Shadows     Jun-13-14  |  WGVU
Bootstrapper     Jun-13-14  |  WGVU
Schools of Hope     Jun-13-14  |  WGVU
My Last Step Backward     Jun-13-14  |  WGVU
The World Cup     Jun-12-14  |  WGVU
The Kent County Search and Rescue Team     Jun-12-14  |  WGVU
Mason Street Warehouse     Jun-12-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jun-12-14  |  WGVU
Health Care Planning     Jun-12-14  |  WGVU
Neil Jacobs     Jun-12-14  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Jun-12-14  |  WGVU
All About the Eye     Jun-11-14  |  WGVU
The Downtown Market Summer Camps     Jun-11-14  |  WGVU
Design Briefs     Jun-11-14  |  WGVU
Chef Rahman "Rock" Harper Reception     Jun-11-14  |  WGVU
Love Letters from the Edge     Jun-11-14  |  WGVU
The Gran Fondo     Jun-11-14  |  WGVU
Career Corner 101     Jun-11-14  |  WGVU
Garret Ellison     Jun-10-14  |  WGVU
The Widow's Walk     Jun-10-14  |  WGVU
SUMO CPR     Jun-10-14  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking: Boat Safety     Jun-10-14  |  WGVU
Being Future Centered     Jun-10-14  |  WGVU
Seven Steps to Balance Your Life     Jun-10-14  |  WGVU
The Waterfront Film Festival     Jun-10-14  |  WGVU
Lani Hall Alpert     Jun-10-14  |  WGVU
Nutrient Nook     Jun-09-14  |  WGVU
The Silver Star     Jun-09-14  |  WGVU
Common Ground Summit     Jun-09-14  |  WGVU
National Homebrewers Conference     Jun-09-14  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Jun-09-14  |  WGVU
Kent School Services Network     Jun-09-14  |  WGVU
Full Moon Friday     Jun-09-14  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Jun-06-14  |  WGVU
Bissell Blocktail Party     Jun-06-14  |  WGVU
White Lake Nature Tours     Jun-06-14  |  WGVU
Salvation Army Donut Day     Jun-06-14  |  WGVU
Mascupathy     Jun-06-14  |  WGVU
D-Day 70th Anniversary     Jun-06-14  |  WGVU
Libby York     Jun-06-14  |  WGVU
Social Media for Small Business     Jun-05-14  |  WGVU
What is Philanthropy?     Jun-05-14  |  WGVU
Judges vs. Lawyers Softball     Jun-05-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jun-05-14  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth Media     Jun-05-14  |  WGVU
Michigan Ballot Proposals     Jun-05-14  |  WGVU
KDL Happenings     Jun-05-14  |  WGVU
Unity Christian Alumni: Les Miserables     Jun-05-14  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Jun-04-14  |  WGVU
Muskegon Heritage Museum     Jun-04-14  |  WGVU
Spectrum Health Orthopedics Seminars     Jun-04-14  |  WGVU
Camping and RV Season     Jun-04-14  |  WGVU
The Big Ticket Festival     Jun-04-14  |  WGVU
Festival of the Arts     Jun-04-14  |  WGVU
The Grand Rapids Choir of Men and Boys     Jun-04-14  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Jun-04-14  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Jun-03-14  |  WGVU
The Children's Opera Workshop     Jun-03-14  |  WGVU
Business Happens in Heels     Jun-03-14  |  WGVU
Muskegon Seaway Run     Jun-03-14  |  WGVU
CPR and AED Awareness Week     Jun-03-14  |  WGVU
The Hoops Whisperer     Jun-03-14  |  WGVU
Roosevelt Park Family Fiesta     Jun-03-14  |  WGVU
ADA Father of the Year Celebration     Jun-02-14  |  WGVU
Local First     Jun-02-14  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Jun-02-14  |  WGVU
Success Through Connectivity     Jun-02-14  |  WGVU
Grey Gardens     Jun-02-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Engage Inclusion     Jun-02-14  |  WGVU
Josey Baker     Jun-02-14  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     May-30-14  |  WGVU
Blessing of the Horses     May-30-14  |  WGVU
Avenue of the Arts     May-30-14  |  WGVU
Jazz at the Zoo     May-30-14  |  WGVU
Brainy Day 5K     May-30-14  |  WGVU
The Owners Manual for the Brain     May-30-14  |  WGVU
Successonomics     May-30-14  |  WGVU
Michigan Energy Fair     May-30-14  |  WGVU
Mel Trotter Golf Marathon     May-29-14  |  WGVU
Women Who Care     May-29-14  |  WGVU
The Grand Rapids Triathlon     May-29-14  |  WGVU
A Soldiers Best Friend     May-29-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     May-29-14  |  WGVU
Ruth Johnson     May-29-14  |  WGVU
Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company     May-29-14  |  WGVU
Food and Wine Forum     May-28-14  |  WGVU
Taste of White Lake     May-28-14  |  WGVU
Battery Powered Lawn Equipment     May-28-14  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     May-28-14  |  WGVU
Allendale Community Field Day     May-28-14  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     May-28-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers: Normandy and Paris     May-28-14  |  WGVU
Seidman College of Business     May-28-14  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Civic 9 to 5.      May-28-14  |  WGVU
ADA Father of the Year Celebration     May-27-14  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     May-27-14  |  WGVU
The Big Braid     May-27-14  |  WGVU
A Well Orchestrated Kitchen Cook Off     May-27-14  |  WGVU
Michigan Teen Conference     May-27-14  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     May-27-14  |  WGVU
myTeam Triumph     May-27-14  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     May-23-14  |  WGVU
Veterans Park Cleanup     May-23-14  |  WGVU
View from the Dunes     May-23-14  |  WGVU
University Club Scholarships     May-23-14  |  WGVU
He Plays a Harp     May-23-14  |  WGVU
Kenneth Davis     May-23-14  |  WGVU
Young Women's Business Institute     May-23-14  |  WGVU
Hearts on Fire     May-23-14  |  WGVU
St. Cecilia Music Center Camps     May-22-14  |  WGVU
Michigan Modern: Design that Shaped America     May-22-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     May-22-14  |  WGVU
Design West Michigan     May-22-14  |  WGVU
The Promise of a Pencil     May-22-14  |  WGVU
School Talk     May-22-14  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     May-21-14  |  WGVU
Blue Star Mothers     May-21-14  |  WGVU
Dumb Athlete     May-21-14  |  WGVU
The Art of Tinkering     May-21-14  |  WGVU
Van Andel Institute     May-21-14  |  WGVU
The Ebony Road Players     May-21-14  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     May-21-14  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     May-21-14  |  WGVU
Sun and Wind Energy     May-20-14  |  WGVU
Churchill's Bomb     May-20-14  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     May-20-14  |  WGVU
Dr. Katherine Freese     May-20-14  |  WGVU
Legacy Trust Award     May-20-14  |  WGVU
The Dolphin Way     May-20-14  |  WGVU
A Boy and a Jaguar     May-20-14  |  WGVU
Ride the Rapid     May-19-14  |  WGVU
ADA Father of the Year Award     May-19-14  |  WGVU
Stroke Awareness     May-19-14  |  WGVU
Ambucs Parade     May-19-14  |  WGVU
Holland Area Arts     May-19-14  |  WGVU
NOW Fundraiser     May-19-14  |  WGVU
Life Reimagined     May-19-14  |  WGVU
Retail Success Summit     May-19-14  |  WGVU
Veterans Corner     May-16-14  |  WGVU
The Galapagos     May-16-14  |  WGVU
Religion 101     May-16-14  |  WGVU
Our Kitchen Table     May-16-14  |  WGVU
Working Woman's Night Out     May-16-14  |  WGVU
Writer's Alley Kids Writing Workshop     May-16-14  |  WGVU
Beyond Addiction     May-16-14  |  WGVU
The Outdoor Book Club     May-15-14  |  WGVU
Carol's Ferals     May-15-14  |  WGVU
Library Lines     May-15-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     May-15-14  |  WGVU
Sweet Temptations     May-15-14  |  WGVU
GrandJazzfest     May-15-14  |  WGVU
CLAS     May-15-14  |  WGVU
Saugatuck Center for the Arts     May-15-14  |  WGVU
All About the Eye     May-14-14  |  WGVU
YWCA and the Arabian Horse Association Fundraiser     May-14-14  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     May-14-14  |  WGVU
Michigan Wine Night     May-14-14  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     May-14-14  |  WGVU
Career 101     May-14-14  |  WGVU
60th Anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education      May-14-14  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     May-13-14  |  WGVU
Wild Ponies     May-13-14  |  WGVU
Gilda's Club     May-13-14  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     May-13-14  |  WGVU
Bruce Bergland     May-13-14  |  WGVU
MomsBloom     May-13-14  |  WGVU
Local First     May-13-14  |  WGVU
Groundswell     May-13-14  |  WGVU
Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month     May-12-14  |  WGVU
Planned Parenthood     May-12-14  |  WGVU
Life Reimagined     May-12-14  |  WGVU
The West Michigan Savoyards     May-12-14  |  WGVU
Lynne Cheney     May-12-14  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     May-12-14  |  WGVU
Space, S.T.E.M. and the Stars     May-12-14  |  WGVU
YNPN     May-12-14  |  WGVU
5/3rd River Bank Run     May-09-14  |  WGVU
Robert Fletcher     May-09-14  |  WGVU
North Short Arts     May-09-14  |  WGVU
Annis Water Resources Institute     May-09-14  |  WGVU
Lindsay Patton-Carson     May-09-14  |  WGVU
Paul Ru     May-09-14  |  WGVU
Hospice of Michigan     May-09-14  |  WGVU
PR Connect Mental Health     May-08-14  |  WGVU
2014 Jump Start Program     May-08-14  |  WGVU
Diversity Alliance Summit on Race and Inclusion     May-08-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     May-08-14  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     May-08-14  |  WGVU
Malika Ameen     May-08-14  |  WGVU
A Midsummer Night's Dream     May-08-14  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     May-08-14  |  WGVU
Library Lines     May-07-14  |  WGVU
Doctor Dialogue     May-07-14  |  WGVU
Active Commute Week     May-07-14  |  WGVU
Wish     May-07-14  |  WGVU
Music Therapist Carolyn Koebel      May-07-14  |  WGVU
Heritage Hill Tour of Homes     May-07-14  |  WGVU
Project Start Up     May-07-14  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     May-06-14  |  WGVU
Decoding Dyslexia Michigan     May-06-14  |  WGVU
Bowties and Stilettos     May-06-14  |  WGVU
St. Cecilia Music Center     May-06-14  |  WGVU
Greater Grand Rapids Women's History Council     May-06-14  |  WGVU
Georgios Gourmet Pizza     May-06-14  |  WGVU
Cecilia Skidmore     May-06-14  |  WGVU
Sucess Principles with Connectivity     May-05-14  |  WGVU
Michigan Infrastructure Conference     May-05-14  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     May-05-14  |  WGVU
Life Reimagined     May-05-14  |  WGVU
Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month     May-05-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Engage     May-05-14  |  WGVU
Tedx Grand Rapids     May-05-14  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     May-02-14  |  WGVU
American Afterlife     May-02-14  |  WGVU
Musician Nick Foresman     May-02-14  |  WGVU
Salt Sugar Fat     May-02-14  |  WGVU
The Downtown Market     May-02-14  |  WGVU
Mercy Health St. Mary's     May-02-14  |  WGVU
Tulip Time     May-02-14  |  WGVU
Down to the Last Pitch     May-01-14  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     May-01-14  |  WGVU
Why School?     May-01-14  |  WGVU
Dog Lovers Guide to Travel     May-01-14  |  WGVU
The Rise of Superman     Apr-30-14  |  WGVU
The Rescue of the Bounty     Apr-30-14  |  WGVU
Don't Know Much About the American Presidents     Apr-30-14  |  WGVU
Relevance     Apr-30-14  |  WGVU
Under the Wide and Starry Sky     Apr-29-14  |  WGVU
Curtains at EGR     Apr-29-14  |  WGVU
Missing Class     Apr-29-14  |  WGVU
The Myth of the Spoiled Child     Apr-29-14  |  WGVU
Anne Chamberlin     Apr-28-14  |  WGVU
Lucky Planet     Apr-28-14  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Apr-28-14  |  WGVU
Reddevil 4     Apr-28-14  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Apr-25-14  |  WGVU
Neurocore     Apr-25-14  |  WGVU
The Obedient Assassin     Apr-25-14  |  WGVU
What to Talk About     Apr-25-14  |  WGVU
Why Science Doesn't Disprove God     Apr-25-14  |  WGVU
The Chronic Cough Enigma     Apr-25-14  |  WGVU
The Lakeshore Museum Center     Apr-25-14  |  WGVU
All About Women     Apr-24-14  |  WGVU
Wege Speaker Series     Apr-24-14  |  WGVU
Women in the Arts     Apr-24-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Apr-24-14  |  WGVU
Design West Michigan     Apr-24-14  |  WGVU
The Chilly Blues     Apr-24-14  |  WGVU
School Talk     Apr-24-14  |  WGVU
Rick's Event     Apr-24-14  |  WGVU
Food and Wine Forum     Apr-23-14  |  WGVU
Camp Geneva     Apr-23-14  |  WGVU
Conversations with a Chimpanzee     Apr-23-14  |  WGVU
Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company     Apr-23-14  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Apr-23-14  |  WGVU
The Wizard of Oz at Broadway Grand Rapids     Apr-23-14  |  WGVU
World Trade Week     Apr-23-14  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Apr-23-14  |  WGVU
GR Ballet Movemedia     Apr-22-14  |  WGVU
Greater Grand Rapids Women's History Council     Apr-22-14  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Apr-22-14  |  WGVU
Square Peg Events     Apr-22-14  |  WGVU
The Arthritis Foundation     Apr-22-14  |  WGVU
Talksooner App     Apr-22-14  |  WGVU
YMCA Service Club White Elephant Sale     Apr-22-14  |  WGVU
Jewish Film Festival     Apr-22-14  |  WGVU
The Rapid     Apr-21-14  |  WGVU
The Joe Show     Apr-21-14  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Apr-21-14  |  WGVU
The Boston Marathon     Apr-21-14  |  WGVU
Holland Area Arts     Apr-21-14  |  WGVU
Our Beautiful Secret     Apr-21-14  |  WGVU
Denim Day     Apr-21-14  |  WGVU
Actors' Theatre     Apr-21-14  |  WGVU
Veterans Corner: Fashion Has Heart     Apr-18-14  |  WGVU
Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area     Apr-18-14  |  WGVU
Equest Center for Therapeutic Riding     Apr-18-14  |  WGVU
Interfaith Conversation     Apr-18-14  |  WGVU
Bart Sumner     Apr-18-14  |  WGVU
Seaway Run     Apr-18-14  |  WGVU
FranNet     Apr-18-14  |  WGVU
Destroyer Angel     Apr-18-14  |  WGVU
Gail Lowe     Apr-17-14  |  WGVU
Mountaineer Pi Run     Apr-17-14  |  WGVU
Libary Lines     Apr-17-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Apr-17-14  |  WGVU
Glenn Bulthuis     Apr-17-14  |  WGVU
Downie Streahl     Apr-17-14  |  WGVU
Senior Volunteer of the Year     Apr-17-14  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Apr-16-14  |  WGVU
Conversations with a Chimpanzee     Apr-16-14  |  WGVU
Interdisciplinary Studies     Apr-16-14  |  WGVU
Richard App     Apr-16-14  |  WGVU
Van Andel Institute     Apr-16-14  |  WGVU
GR Civic     Apr-16-14  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Apr-16-14  |  WGVU
The Barbershop Harmony Society     Apr-16-14  |  WGVU
Michigan Women's Foundation     Apr-15-14  |  WGVU
Local Blues Matters     Apr-15-14  |  WGVU
Running Away     Apr-15-14  |  WGVU
Emmanuel Hospice     Apr-15-14  |  WGVU
The Right Place     Apr-15-14  |  WGVU
Broadway Grand Rapids     Apr-15-14  |  WGVU
Off the Mat     Apr-15-14  |  WGVU
National Healthcare Decision Day     Apr-15-14  |  WGVU
Crowdcon     Apr-14-14  |  WGVU
The Rapidian     Apr-14-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers: Normandy and Paris     Apr-14-14  |  WGVU
Actors' Theatre     Apr-14-14  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Apr-14-14  |  WGVU
Hunger Walk     Apr-14-14  |  WGVU
Tedx Grand Rapids     Apr-14-14  |  WGVU
WMEAC     Apr-14-14  |  WGVU
The Jenison Triathlon     Apr-11-14  |  WGVU
Movers for Moms     Apr-11-14  |  WGVU
North Short Arts     Apr-11-14  |  WGVU
Carol's Ferals     Apr-11-14  |  WGVU
Treetops Resort     Apr-11-14  |  WGVU
Schools of Hope     Apr-11-14  |  WGVU
National Drug Take Back Day     Apr-11-14  |  WGVU
Van Andel Institute and Homewatch Caregivers     Apr-11-14  |  WGVU
The Bones of Turkana     Apr-10-14  |  WGVU
The Grand Rapids Fusion     Apr-10-14  |  WGVU
Art Downtown     Apr-10-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Apr-10-14  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Apr-10-14  |  WGVU
The Twible     Apr-10-14  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Apr-10-14  |  WGVU
Museum Free Day     Apr-09-14  |  WGVU
Conversations with a Chimpanzee     Apr-09-14  |  WGVU
Twirler Moriah Muscaro     Apr-09-14  |  WGVU
Radical Remissions     Apr-09-14  |  WGVU
Gazelle Girl Half Marathon/5k     Apr-09-14  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Apr-09-14  |  WGVU
Career Corner 101     Apr-09-14  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Apr-08-14  |  WGVU
Heed Your Call     Apr-08-14  |  WGVU
Jake's Music Festival     Apr-08-14  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Apr-08-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers: Normandy and Paris     Apr-08-14  |  WGVU
Women at the Helm     Apr-08-14  |  WGVU
Local First     Apr-08-14  |  WGVU
The Babies' Welfare Guild     Apr-08-14  |  WGVU
Simply Rich     Apr-07-14  |  WGVU
Women of Achievement     Apr-07-14  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Apr-07-14  |  WGVU
Vegan for Fit     Apr-07-14  |  WGVU
Success Principles Through Connectivity     Apr-07-14  |  WGVU
AARP Michigan     Apr-07-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Engage     Apr-07-14  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Apr-04-14  |  WGVU
GVSU New Music Ensemble     Apr-04-14  |  WGVU
Mary Rockefeller Morgan     Apr-04-14  |  WGVU
International Women's Day Conference     Apr-04-14  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Health Expo     Apr-04-14  |  WGVU
Artist Heather Harris     Apr-04-14  |  WGVU
Can Coal Be Clean?     Apr-04-14  |  WGVU
Pigs Can't Swim     Apr-04-14  |  WGVU
Small Business Social     Apr-03-14  |  WGVU
Southside Theatre     Apr-03-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Apr-03-14  |  WGVU
Mary Higgins Clark     Apr-03-14  |  WGVU
Medora     Apr-03-14  |  WGVU
KDL Happenings     Apr-03-14  |  WGVU
Salvation Army Northern Michigan     Apr-03-14  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Apr-02-14  |  WGVU
GRCF: Planned Giving     Apr-02-14  |  WGVU
Knapp Street Church at 100     Apr-02-14  |  WGVU
Donate Life Day     Apr-02-14  |  WGVU
Cherry Street Health     Apr-02-14  |  WGVU
Komen Race for the Cure     Apr-02-14  |  WGVU
Child Abuse Prevention Month     Apr-02-14  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Apr-01-14  |  WGVU
WMTA     Apr-01-14  |  WGVU
Kendall College     Apr-01-14  |  WGVU
The Board Game     Apr-01-14  |  WGVU
Sexual Assault Awareness Month     Apr-01-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Explorers: Normandy and Paris     Apr-01-14  |  WGVU
Spring Break Boyne     Apr-01-14  |  WGVU
Sober Ride     Apr-01-14  |  WGVU
West Michigan Asian American Association     Mar-31-14  |  WGVU
The Korean Connection     Mar-31-14  |  WGVU
Rodrick Daniels     Mar-31-14  |  WGVU
The Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan     Mar-31-14  |  WGVU
Tom Carabellese     Mar-31-14  |  WGVU
Healthy Voice     Mar-31-14  |  WGVU
YNPN     Mar-31-14  |  WGVU
Ottawa County Department of Public Health     Mar-31-14  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Mar-28-14  |  WGVU
Tony Castillo     Mar-28-14  |  WGVU
Sweetie-licious     Mar-28-14  |  WGVU
Ending the War: America's Struggle with Drug Policy Reform     Mar-28-14  |  WGVU
Off the Mat     Mar-28-14  |  WGVU
The Cottage and Lakefront Living Show     Mar-28-14  |  WGVU
The Hidden Wounds of War     Mar-28-14  |  WGVU
GR Symphony     Mar-28-14  |  WGVU
All About Women     Mar-27-14  |  WGVU
Dr. Michael Moss     Mar-27-14  |  WGVU
Opus 2014     Mar-27-14  |  WGVU
How to Be the World's Smartest Traveler     Mar-27-14  |  WGVU
Paleo Joe     Mar-27-14  |  WGVU
Brandon Yonke     Mar-27-14  |  WGVU
School Talk     Mar-27-14  |  WGVU
Joe Voss     Mar-27-14  |  WGVU
Food and Wine Forum     Mar-26-14  |  WGVU
Sex and the Supernatural     Mar-26-14  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Mar-26-14  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Mar-26-14  |  WGVU
Betty Ford's 96th Birthday Luncheon     Mar-26-14  |  WGVU
Seidman College of Business     Mar-26-14  |  WGVU
Eddie Tadlock     Mar-26-14  |  WGVU
Our Kitchen Table     Mar-26-14  |  WGVU
The Grand Rapids Choir of Men and Boys     Mar-25-14  |  WGVU
Inforum     Mar-25-14  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Mar-25-14  |  WGVU
GVSU Community Reading Project     Mar-25-14  |  WGVU
Ready to Run Michigan     Mar-25-14  |  WGVU
Teresa Neal     Mar-25-14  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Mar-24-14  |  WGVU
Heart of West Michigan United Way     Mar-24-14  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Mar-24-14  |  WGVU
Paleo Joe     Mar-24-14  |  WGVU
Gazelle Girl Half Marathon/5k     Mar-24-14  |  WGVU
Two Friends, Two Faiths     Mar-24-14  |  WGVU
Beyond the Myth     Mar-24-14  |  WGVU
GR Ballet Movemedia     Mar-24-14  |  WGVU
GVSU Community Reading Project     Mar-24-14  |  WGVU
Veterans Corner     Mar-21-14  |  WGVU
Business Professionals of America Leadership Conference     Mar-21-14  |  WGVU
Angela Eden     Mar-21-14  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Film Festival     Mar-21-14  |  WGVU
Beauty and the Beast at Forest Hills     Mar-21-14  |  WGVU
Art In Bloom     Mar-21-14  |  WGVU
Ethan Bortnick     Mar-21-14  |  WGVU
Rediscovering Merz Tate     Mar-20-14  |  WGVU
Crush GR     Mar-20-14  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Mar-20-14  |  WGVU
NPR Producer Kate Sweeney     Mar-20-14  |  WGVU
Jewish Theatre     Mar-20-14  |  WGVU
LadyfestGR     Mar-20-14  |  WGVU
CLAS     Mar-20-14  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Mar-19-14  |  WGVU
National Health Decisions Day     Mar-19-14  |  WGVU
Interdisciplinary Studies     Mar-19-14  |  WGVU
Dr. Winnie Abramson     Mar-19-14  |  WGVU
Van Andel Institute     Mar-19-14  |  WGVU
Broadway Grand Rapids     Mar-19-14  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Mar-19-14  |  WGVU
Tanker 10     Mar-18-14  |  WGVU
Mercy Health St. Mary's     Mar-18-14  |  WGVU
Sardonyx     Mar-18-14  |  WGVU
Jennifer Ringer     Mar-18-14  |  WGVU
The Heart Health Bible     Mar-18-14  |  WGVU
Restoring Opportunity     Mar-18-14  |  WGVU
The Fight of Thier Lives     Mar-18-14  |  WGVU
Fenian's Irish Pub's Annual Celebration with proprietor Mary Ann     Mar-17-14  |  WGVU
Part-2 series on Heart of West Michigan United Way     Mar-17-14  |  WGVU
Helping Drew, an Anti-Bullying Puppetry Musical     Mar-17-14  |  WGVU
Regina Carter and Upcoming Performance at St. Cecilia     Mar-17-14  |  WGVU
Hiring Heroes List with Partner Tom Novak     Mar-17-14  |  WGVU
Bestselling Author David Baldacci's Latest Novel, The Finisher     Mar-17-14  |  WGVU
Urban Core Collective on Building Diverse Leadership in Grand Rapids     Mar-17-14  |  WGVU
Brain Injury Awareness Month     Mar-14-14  |  WGVU
Ultimate Date Night     Mar-14-14  |  WGVU
North Shore Arts     Mar-14-14  |  WGVU
Annis Water Resources Institute     Mar-14-14  |  WGVU
Colliers International West Michigan     Mar-14-14  |  WGVU
Schools of Hope     Mar-14-14  |  WGVU
Women's Resource Center     Mar-14-14  |  WGVU
Human Trafficking in West Michigan     Mar-13-14  |  WGVU
Arts for Life     Mar-13-14  |  WGVU
Women's History Month     Mar-13-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Mar-13-14  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Mar-13-14  |  WGVU
Families and Healthy Lifestyles Fair     Mar-13-14  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Mar-13-14  |  WGVU
All About the Eye     Mar-12-14  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Running Tours     Mar-12-14  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     Mar-12-14  |  WGVU
Reclaiming Eve     Mar-12-14  |  WGVU
The Hauenstein Center     Mar-12-14  |  WGVU
The Culture Vulture     Mar-12-14  |  WGVU
Career Corner 101     Mar-12-14  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Mar-11-14  |  WGVU
Life Circles Pace     Mar-11-14  |  WGVU
GVSU Community Outreach Week     Mar-11-14  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Mar-11-14  |  WGVU
The Pawnbroker     Mar-11-14  |  WGVU
Find Your Voice     Mar-11-14  |  WGVU
Local First     Mar-11-14  |  WGVU
PBS Kids Writing Contest     Mar-11-14  |  WGVU
West Michigan Women's Expo     Mar-10-14  |  WGVU
Networking Divas Conference     Mar-10-14  |  WGVU
GVSU's Community Reading Project     Mar-10-14  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Mar-10-14  |  WGVU
Heart of West Michigan United Way     Mar-10-14  |  WGVU
Cherry Street Health on the Affordable Care Act     Mar-10-14  |  WGVU
Compass College of Cinematic Arts     Mar-10-14  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Mar-07-14  |  WGVU
Paleo Joe     Mar-07-14  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Business Breakfast     Mar-07-14  |  WGVU
Grand Angels     Mar-07-14  |  WGVU
Erin's Angels and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation     Mar-07-14  |  WGVU
Teen Film Festival     Mar-07-14  |  WGVU
Purple Community Night     Mar-07-14  |  WGVU
Home Essentials     Mar-06-14  |  WGVU
John Ball Zoo     Mar-06-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Mar-06-14  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth Media     Mar-06-14  |  WGVU
Bissell Pet Foundation     Mar-06-14  |  WGVU
KDL Happenings     Mar-06-14  |  WGVU
Home and Garden Show     Mar-06-14  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Mar-05-14  |  WGVU
Vic Liptak, Kendall College     Mar-05-14  |  WGVU
Healthy Kent     Mar-05-14  |  WGVU
Smart Recovery     Mar-05-14  |  WGVU
It Rained in the Desert     Mar-05-14  |  WGVU
Michigan Pain Consultants     Mar-05-14  |  WGVU
Geneva Motor Show     Mar-05-14  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Mar-04-14  |  WGVU
Sunday Night Funnies at Laughfest     Mar-04-14  |  WGVU
Business Happens in Heels     Mar-04-14  |  WGVU
Kathy Reichs     Mar-04-14  |  WGVU
Burst Theory     Mar-04-14  |  WGVU
Psychology Talk     Mar-04-14  |  WGVU
Ally's Boutique     Mar-04-14  |  WGVU
National Cherry Festival Events     Mar-03-14  |  WGVU
Imagine This     Mar-03-14  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Mar-03-14  |  WGVU
Don Benson     Mar-03-14  |  WGVU
Success Principles Through Connectivity     Mar-03-14  |  WGVU
GVSU Community Reading Project     Mar-03-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Engage     Mar-03-14  |  WGVU
Mardi Gras in West Michigan     Mar-03-14  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Feb-28-14  |  WGVU
Consumer Reports Top Cars     Feb-28-14  |  WGVU
View from the Dunes     Feb-28-14  |  WGVU
Musician Matt Plessner      Feb-28-14  |  WGVU
Ms. Wheelchair 2014     Feb-28-14  |  WGVU
Women in Successful Enterprises     Feb-28-14  |  WGVU
All About Women     Feb-27-14  |  WGVU
Photographer Eric Draper     Feb-27-14  |  WGVU
Influx     Feb-27-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Feb-27-14  |  WGVU
Design West Michigan     Feb-27-14  |  WGVU
Release the Weight and Be Free     Feb-27-14  |  WGVU
SPART     Feb-27-14  |  WGVU
Manufacturing Video Challenge     Feb-27-14  |  WGVU
Food and Wine Forum: Great Wine and Food Symposium     Feb-26-14  |  WGVU
National Writers Festival     Feb-26-14  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Feb-26-14  |  WGVU
Disney on Ice     Feb-26-14  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Feb-26-14  |  WGVU
Hospice of Michigan     Feb-26-14  |  WGVU
Automotive Suppliers Symposium     Feb-26-14  |  WGVU
Eddie Tadlock     Feb-26-14  |  WGVU
New Translational Laboratories at Spectrum Health     Feb-25-14  |  WGVU
Les Miserables     Feb-25-14  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Feb-25-14  |  WGVU
Laughfest World Record Attempt     Feb-25-14  |  WGVU
Patrick Lee: Runner     Feb-25-14  |  WGVU
When the Bough Breaks     Feb-25-14  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     Feb-25-14  |  WGVU
Ron Mallett     Feb-25-14  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Feb-24-14  |  WGVU
Founders Brewing Beer Tasting Dinner at Treetops     Feb-24-14  |  WGVU
Symphony with Soul     Feb-24-14  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Feb-24-14  |  WGVU
GVSU Community Reading Project     Feb-24-14  |  WGVU
YNPN     Feb-24-14  |  WGVU
Volunteers of America     Feb-24-14  |  WGVU
Veterans Corner     Feb-21-14  |  WGVU
5/3rd River Bank Run     Feb-21-14  |  WGVU
Interfaith Conversation     Feb-21-14  |  WGVU
Mardi Gras at Fountain Street Church     Feb-21-14  |  WGVU
Heart Month     Feb-21-14  |  WGVU
BCBS: Affordable Care Act     Feb-21-14  |  WGVU
Arnie the Doughnut     Feb-21-14  |  WGVU
Benefit Corporations in West Michigan     Feb-20-14  |  WGVU
Neil Swidey     Feb-20-14  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Feb-20-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Feb-20-14  |  WGVU
The Real Estate Market     Feb-20-14  |  WGVU
Goodwill Free Tax Prep     Feb-20-14  |  WGVU
Amanda Dillard GVSU     Feb-20-14  |  WGVU
Hadelich Plays Brahms     Feb-20-14  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Feb-19-14  |  WGVU
Food and Wine Forum: Great Wine and Food Symposium     Feb-19-14  |  WGVU
Interdisciplinary Studies     Feb-19-14  |  WGVU
VAI Winterfest     Feb-19-14  |  WGVU
United Way Kent County Tax Credit Coalition     Feb-19-14  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Feb-19-14  |  WGVU
The Grand Rapids Boat Show     Feb-19-14  |  WGVU
Symphony with Soul     Feb-18-14  |  WGVU
American Heart Association     Feb-18-14  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     Feb-18-14  |  WGVU
The Right Place     Feb-18-14  |  WGVU
Gregory Porter at St. Cecilia Music Center     Feb-18-14  |  WGVU
Coping with Disease     Feb-18-14  |  WGVU
Winter Safety with The Rapid     Feb-17-14  |  WGVU
Discussing Thomas Jefferson on Presidents Day     Feb-17-14  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Feb-17-14  |  WGVU
Holland Area Arts     Feb-17-14  |  WGVU
111th International Toy Fair     Feb-17-14  |  WGVU
Tedx Grand Rapids     Feb-17-14  |  WGVU
Talk with author and educator Debby Irving     Feb-17-14  |  WGVU
Kent County     Feb-14-14  |  WGVU
Carol's Ferals     Feb-14-14  |  WGVU
Sports Psychology     Feb-14-14  |  WGVU
JA Titan Business Challeng     Feb-14-14  |  WGVU
Gazelle Girl Half Marathon     Feb-14-14  |  WGVU
Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company     Feb-14-14  |  WGVU
Schools of Hope     Feb-14-14  |  WGVU
Wedding Wellness Saturday     Feb-14-14  |  WGVU
Hairbrained     Feb-13-14  |  WGVU
The Beatles are Here     Feb-13-14  |  WGVU
Doorganics     Feb-13-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Feb-13-14  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Feb-13-14  |  WGVU
George Washington's Secret Six     Feb-13-14  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Feb-13-14  |  WGVU
All About the Eye     Feb-12-14  |  WGVU
The West Michigan Golf Show     Feb-12-14  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     Feb-12-14  |  WGVU
Cool Brews and Hot Eats     Feb-12-14  |  WGVU
Eddie Tadlock     Feb-12-14  |  WGVU
Career 101     Feb-12-14  |  WGVU
GR Symphony: Music of the Rolling Stones     Feb-11-14  |  WGVU
Dr. Kevin Stone     Feb-11-14  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Feb-11-14  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Feb-11-14  |  WGVU
Girl Scouts Badge Bash     Feb-11-14  |  WGVU
Rubies for Valentine's Day     Feb-11-14  |  WGVU
Local First     Feb-11-14  |  WGVU
The Laura Armenta Dance Company     Feb-11-14  |  WGVU
West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum     Feb-10-14  |  WGVU
The Downtown Market      Feb-10-14  |  WGVU
Dee Dee Bridgewater     Feb-10-14  |  WGVU
WMCAT IBall     Feb-10-14  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Feb-10-14  |  WGVU
Westminster Dog Show     Feb-10-14  |  WGVU
Affordable Care Act     Feb-10-14  |  WGVU
Quality of Life or Quanity of Life     Feb-10-14  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Feb-07-14  |  WGVU
Fitness Therapy     Feb-07-14  |  WGVU
Go Red for Women Day     Feb-07-14  |  WGVU
Denali Flavors     Feb-07-14  |  WGVU
GVSU Opera Theatre     Feb-07-14  |  WGVU
Buddy Rivera     Feb-07-14  |  WGVU
Cleo Paskal     Feb-07-14  |  WGVU
Home Essentials     Feb-06-14  |  WGVU
Robin Cook     Feb-06-14  |  WGVU
G3 Camp     Feb-06-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Feb-06-14  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth     Feb-06-14  |  WGVU
Luthiers at the Dogwood Center     Feb-06-14  |  WGVU
Children's Dental Health Month     Feb-06-14  |  WGVU
KDL Happenings     Feb-06-14  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Feb-05-14  |  WGVU
Up North Dining and Skiing     Feb-05-14  |  WGVU
Natalie Bauss     Feb-05-14  |  WGVU
Broadway Grand Rapids     Feb-05-14  |  WGVU
Siren and Proper     Feb-05-14  |  WGVU
Center for Women in Transition     Feb-05-14  |  WGVU
Be Nice and Doing More. Together     Feb-05-14  |  WGVU
Yul Kwon      Feb-05-14  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Feb-04-14  |  WGVU
The Emily Post Institute     Feb-04-14  |  WGVU
Pet Teeth Health     Feb-04-14  |  WGVU
Actor's Theatre     Feb-04-14  |  WGVU
Legacy Trust     Feb-04-14  |  WGVU
Psychology Talk     Feb-04-14  |  WGVU
How to Work a Room     Feb-03-14  |  WGVU
YNPN     Feb-03-14  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Feb-03-14  |  WGVU
GVSU Community Reading Project     Feb-03-14  |  WGVU
Women's Lifestyle     Feb-03-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Engage: The Address     Feb-03-14  |  WGVU
Great Decisions Foreign Policy Lecture Series     Jan-31-14  |  WGVU
Gazelle Girl Half Marathon/5k     Jan-31-14  |  WGVU
Go Red for Women     Jan-31-14  |  WGVU
Winter Comedy Arts Festival     Jan-31-14  |  WGVU
Lauren Solomon     Jan-31-14  |  WGVU
River City Improv     Jan-31-14  |  WGVU
Mastermind     Jan-31-14  |  WGVU
Design West Michigan     Jan-30-14  |  WGVU
Care Ballet     Jan-30-14  |  WGVU
What Do Great Brands Do?     Jan-30-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jan-30-14  |  WGVU
All About Women     Jan-30-14  |  WGVU
Mason Street Warehouse     Jan-30-14  |  WGVU
Exodus     Jan-30-14  |  WGVU
Seniors that Volunteer     Jan-30-14  |  WGVU
Sit. Stay. Beer.     Jan-29-14  |  WGVU
Chiaroscuro International Film Series     Jan-29-14  |  WGVU
Partners in Ethics     Jan-29-14  |  WGVU
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying     Jan-29-14  |  WGVU
How Ordinary People Change the World     Jan-29-14  |  WGVU
The Culture Vulture     Jan-29-14  |  WGVU
We Will Survive     Jan-28-14  |  WGVU
One Night, One Cause     Jan-28-14  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Jan-28-14  |  WGVU
February Fringe Fest     Jan-28-14  |  WGVU
Network 180     Jan-28-14  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     Jan-28-14  |  WGVU
The Invention of Wings     Jan-28-14  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Jan-27-14  |  WGVU
Susanna Hoffman's 'Bold'     Jan-27-14  |  WGVU
Musician John Sanger     Jan-27-14  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Jan-27-14  |  WGVU
GVSU Community Reading Project     Jan-27-14  |  WGVU
View from the Dunes     Jan-27-14  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Jan-24-14  |  WGVU
Go Red for Women     Jan-24-14  |  WGVU
Ground Hog Day Marathon     Jan-24-14  |  WGVU
The Emily Fisher Landauu Collection     Jan-24-14  |  WGVU
Bending the Water     Jan-24-14  |  WGVU
Camper, Travel and RV Show     Jan-24-14  |  WGVU
National Pie Day     Jan-23-14  |  WGVU
How to Build a Hovercraft     Jan-23-14  |  WGVU
On Such a Full Sea     Jan-23-14  |  WGVU
School Talk     Jan-23-14  |  WGVU
The Priority List     Jan-23-14  |  WGVU
Colin Woodard     Jan-23-14  |  WGVU
Old School Gangstas     Jan-23-14  |  WGVU
My Foreign Cities     Jan-23-14  |  WGVU
Whole U Holistic Health Expo     Jan-22-14  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Jan-22-14  |  WGVU
WhiteShore Films     Jan-22-14  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Jan-22-14  |  WGVU
GVSU Affordable Care Act Study     Jan-22-14  |  WGVU
Porter Hills Retirement Communities     Jan-22-14  |  WGVU
Tommy Brann     Jan-21-14  |  WGVU
Detroit Tigers Hudsonville Ice Cream     Jan-21-14  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     Jan-21-14  |  WGVU
Birgit Klohs     Jan-21-14  |  WGVU
Larry Erlander     Jan-21-14  |  WGVU
Smart Change     Jan-21-14  |  WGVU
Interfaith Conversation     Jan-21-14  |  WGVU
The Rapid     Jan-20-14  |  WGVU
The Meijer State Games of Michigan     Jan-20-14  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Jan-20-14  |  WGVU
Holland Area Arts     Jan-20-14  |  WGVU
Monica Zavala     Jan-20-14  |  WGVU
Harlem Globetrotters     Jan-20-14  |  WGVU
Pat Williams: How to Be Like Walt     Jan-17-14  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Triathlon     Jan-17-14  |  WGVU
The Angel Effect     Jan-17-14  |  WGVU
Jim McCann     Jan-17-14  |  WGVU
Strength of Character     Jan-17-14  |  WGVU
Tedx Grand Rapids     Jan-17-14  |  WGVU
Soup's On     Jan-17-14  |  WGVU
Davis and Brewer Family Homecoming     Jan-17-14  |  WGVU
The Midtown Men     Jan-16-14  |  WGVU
The History of Space Photography     Jan-16-14  |  WGVU
Jennifer Chiaverini     Jan-16-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jan-16-14  |  WGVU
Mentoring     Jan-16-14  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Jan-16-14  |  WGVU
CLAS     Jan-16-14  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Jan-15-14  |  WGVU
Healthy At Home     Jan-15-14  |  WGVU
Fred Meijer Center for Writing     Jan-15-14  |  WGVU
Kimberly Palmer     Jan-15-14  |  WGVU
The Purple Games     Jan-15-14  |  WGVU
The Milliner     Jan-15-14  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Jan-15-14  |  WGVU
Off the Beaten Path     Jan-15-14  |  WGVU
Trista Sutter     Jan-14-14  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Jan-14-14  |  WGVU
The Exercise Cure     Jan-14-14  |  WGVU
Barbie Amen     Jan-14-14  |  WGVU
Clybourne Park     Jan-14-14  |  WGVU
Local First     Jan-14-14  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking      Jan-14-14  |  WGVU
The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain     Jan-13-14  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Jan-13-14  |  WGVU
Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company     Jan-13-14  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthopy     Jan-13-14  |  WGVU
The Nuclear Cowboyz     Jan-13-14  |  WGVU
Affordable Care Act: Medicaid Expansion     Jan-13-14  |  WGVU
GVSU Community Reading Project     Jan-13-14  |  WGVU
Grandmother Power Lunch     Jan-10-14  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Business Breakfast     Jan-10-14  |  WGVU
North Shore Arts     Jan-10-14  |  WGVU
Annis Water Resources Institute     Jan-10-14  |  WGVU
River Bank Run     Jan-10-14  |  WGVU
Consumer Electronics Show     Jan-10-14  |  WGVU
The Living Well Expo     Jan-10-14  |  WGVU
Into the Mind     Jan-09-14  |  WGVU
Fairs and Exhibitions     Jan-09-14  |  WGVU
Arts and Carafes Studio     Jan-09-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jan-09-14  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Jan-09-14  |  WGVU
GR Symphony     Jan-09-14  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Jan-09-14  |  WGVU
Money Resolutions     Jan-09-14  |  WGVU
All About the Eye     Jan-08-14  |  WGVU
The Wild     Jan-08-14  |  WGVU
Gilda's Laughfest     Jan-08-14  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Jan-08-14  |  WGVU
The Culture Vulture     Jan-08-14  |  WGVU
Career 101     Jan-08-14  |  WGVU
Pam O'Brien of Fitness Magazine     Jan-07-14  |  WGVU
Cecilia Skidmore     Jan-07-14  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Jan-07-14  |  WGVU
Free Angela Film Screening     Jan-07-14  |  WGVU
Four Chaplain Service     Jan-07-14  |  WGVU
Cindy Chupak     Jan-06-14  |  WGVU
Extreme Weather Safety     Jan-06-14  |  WGVU
Homecoming: A Family Reunion     Jan-06-14  |  WGVU
Bridal Show at GRAM     Jan-06-14  |  WGVU
GVSU's Community Reading Project     Jan-06-14  |  WGVU
The Juice Ball     Jan-06-14  |  WGVU
WGVU Engage     Jan-06-14  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Jan-03-14  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Jan-03-14  |  WGVU
Beyond Sight     Jan-03-14  |  WGVU
Sarah Richardson     Jan-03-14  |  WGVU
Camille Deboer from Pooh's Corner     Jan-03-14  |  WGVU
Home Essentials     Jan-02-14  |  WGVU
All American Bowl     Jan-02-14  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jan-02-14  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth     Jan-02-14  |  WGVU
KDL     Jan-02-14  |  WGVU
Murdoch's World     Jan-01-14  |  WGVU
Restrike     Jan-01-14  |  WGVU
Muskegon Heritage Museum     Jan-01-14  |  WGVU
Drone     Jan-01-14  |  WGVU
New Year's Resolutions     Dec-31-13  |  WGVU
Nutritionist Dr. Keith Kantor     Dec-31-13  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Dec-31-13  |  WGVU
St. Cecilia Music Center     Dec-31-13  |  WGVU
The Best Things that Could Ever Happen to You     Dec-31-13  |  WGVU
Hospice of Michigan     Dec-31-13  |  WGVU
Reach!     Dec-31-13  |  WGVU
The Dogs of Christmas     Dec-30-13  |  WGVU
Free Spirit     Dec-30-13  |  WGVU
City of Lost Dreams     Dec-30-13  |  WGVU
The Cheesy Vegan     Dec-30-13  |  WGVU
Leaving Tinkertown     Dec-27-13  |  WGVU
Who's Who in the Bible     Dec-27-13  |  WGVU
Out on a Limb     Dec-27-13  |  WGVU
Year End Giving     Dec-27-13  |  WGVU
Young Mr. Roosevelt     Dec-27-13  |  WGVU
Heart Disease Prevention     Dec-27-13  |  WGVU
All About Women     Dec-26-13  |  WGVU
Scottoline and Serritalla      Dec-26-13  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Dec-26-13  |  WGVU
Anthony Horowitz     Dec-26-13  |  WGVU
Design West Michigan     Dec-26-13  |  WGVU
David Laskin     Dec-26-13  |  WGVU
School Talk     Dec-26-13  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Dec-23-13  |  WGVU
The Pink Ribbon Program     Dec-23-13  |  WGVU
Up North Activities     Dec-23-13  |  WGVU
Knocking on Heaven's Door     Dec-23-13  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Dec-23-13  |  WGVU
American Heart Association     Dec-23-13  |  WGVU
YNPN     Dec-23-13  |  WGVU
Salvation Army     Dec-23-13  |  WGVU
Dr. Ryan Thum     Dec-20-13  |  WGVU
Interfaith Conversation     Dec-20-13  |  WGVU
Michigan Blood     Dec-20-13  |  WGVU
27     Dec-20-13  |  WGVU
Dr. Michael Wolfe     Dec-20-13  |  WGVU
The Toy Guy     Dec-19-13  |  WGVU
The Leffring Sisters     Dec-19-13  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Dec-19-13  |  WGVU
Good Kings, Bad Kings     Dec-19-13  |  WGVU
Children's Assessment Center     Dec-19-13  |  WGVU
Sheldon Cleaners     Dec-19-13  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Dec-18-13  |  WGVU
Mic Carlson     Dec-18-13  |  WGVU
Interdisciplinary Studies     Dec-18-13  |  WGVU
Women Who Care     Dec-18-13  |  WGVU
VAI New Director of Research     Dec-18-13  |  WGVU
Holiday Hike Challenge      Dec-18-13  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Dec-18-13  |  WGVU
Eddie Tadlock     Dec-18-13  |  WGVU
12 Days of Holiday Safety     Dec-17-13  |  WGVU
Foul Trouble     Dec-17-13  |  WGVU
Sandra Boynton     Dec-17-13  |  WGVU
Well House 19:1 Campaign     Dec-17-13  |  WGVU
Winning from Within     Dec-17-13  |  WGVU
Off the Mat     Dec-17-13  |  WGVU
The Rapid     Dec-16-13  |  WGVU
Empowering Haiti through Education     Dec-16-13  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Dec-16-13  |  WGVU
The Arts in Holland     Dec-16-13  |  WGVU
Cirque Dreams Holidaze     Dec-16-13  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Dec-16-13  |  WGVU
Peter Greenberg     Dec-13-13  |  WGVU
Dean Koontz     Dec-13-13  |  WGVU
North Shore Arts Corridor     Dec-13-13  |  WGVU
Finding the Next Steve Jobs     Dec-13-13  |  WGVU
Anne Marie Church     Dec-13-13  |  WGVU
Schools of Hope     Dec-13-13  |  WGVU
Animal Welfare Collaborative     Dec-13-13  |  WGVU
Mission in Bottle     Dec-12-13  |  WGVU
The Rosie Project     Dec-12-13  |  WGVU
Vitalchecklist.com     Dec-12-13  |  WGVU
Cirque de Noel     Dec-12-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Dec-12-13  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Dec-12-13  |  WGVU
The Hauenstein Center     Dec-12-13  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Dec-12-13  |  WGVU
Clayton Morris on Apps     Dec-11-13  |  WGVU
Snowtrails TV     Dec-11-13  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     Dec-11-13  |  WGVU
Salvation Army      Dec-11-13  |  WGVU
Lucia Rios     Dec-11-13  |  WGVU
Career Talk     Dec-11-13  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Dec-10-13  |  WGVU
Daniel Pink     Dec-10-13  |  WGVU
The Nutcracker     Dec-10-13  |  WGVU
White Fire     Dec-10-13  |  WGVU
Venus in Fur     Dec-10-13  |  WGVU
Local First     Dec-10-13  |  WGVU
Fire Barn Gallery Teacher's Show     Dec-10-13  |  WGVU
Treetops Resort and Pine Cone Accommodations     Dec-09-13  |  WGVU
The Forest Agency     Dec-09-13  |  WGVU
Stella Bain     Dec-09-13  |  WGVU
White Coat and Sneakers     Dec-09-13  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Dec-09-13  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Cyclones     Dec-09-13  |  WGVU
Cherry Street Health Services: Afordable Care Act     Dec-09-13  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Dec-06-13  |  WGVU
Dr. Wendy Sherman     Dec-06-13  |  WGVU
Where is Jessica Herringa?     Dec-06-13  |  WGVU
No Outlet Improv      Dec-06-13  |  WGVU
Leap of Faith     Dec-06-13  |  WGVU
Patrick Robinson: Honor and Betrayal     Dec-06-13  |  WGVU
Camille Deboer from Pooh's Corner     Dec-06-13  |  WGVU
Home Essentials     Dec-05-13  |  WGVU
Safe Kids     Dec-05-13  |  WGVU
Dominican Sisters     Dec-05-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Dec-05-13  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth     Dec-05-13  |  WGVU
OZMOTT App     Dec-05-13  |  WGVU
KDL     Dec-05-13  |  WGVU
Camp Discovery Christmas Gala Fundraiser     Dec-05-13  |  WGVU
Libary of Michigan     Dec-04-13  |  WGVU
GVSU Fall Arts Finale     Dec-04-13  |  WGVU
Holiday Pops     Dec-04-13  |  WGVU
Grandmother Power     Dec-04-13  |  WGVU
Gymnastics on the Grand     Dec-04-13  |  WGVU
Off the Path     Dec-04-13  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Dec-03-13  |  WGVU
Opera Grand Rapids     Dec-03-13  |  WGVU
Business Happens in Heels     Dec-03-13  |  WGVU
Leon Slikkers     Dec-03-13  |  WGVU
Sarah Springer     Dec-03-13  |  WGVU
Stress Talk     Dec-03-13  |  WGVU
Fred Wooden on Advent     Dec-03-13  |  WGVU
Alliance for Health First Friday Forum     Dec-02-13  |  WGVU
Phil Denny     Dec-02-13  |  WGVU
Under the Wire     Dec-02-13  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Dec-02-13  |  WGVU
Cyber Monday     Dec-02-13  |  WGVU
Van Andel Institute     Dec-02-13  |  WGVU
Magnum Hospitality     Dec-02-13  |  WGVU
Leigh's Fashion     Nov-29-13  |  WGVU
Todd and Brad Reed     Nov-29-13  |  WGVU
Holiday Book Bash     Nov-29-13  |  WGVU
Givinci     Nov-29-13  |  WGVU
David Baldacci: King and Maxwell     Nov-29-13  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Museum Center for the Holidays     Nov-29-13  |  WGVU
Governor's Fitness Awards     Nov-29-13  |  WGVU
Melanie Wagner and Lucy Engleman     Nov-29-13  |  WGVU
Food Forum     Nov-27-13  |  WGVU
Ryan Scott     Nov-27-13  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Nov-27-13  |  WGVU
Rethink West Michigan     Nov-27-13  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Nov-27-13  |  WGVU
Seidman College of Business     Nov-27-13  |  WGVU
2 Chix and a Mix     Nov-27-13  |  WGVU
LPGA     Nov-26-13  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Nov-26-13  |  WGVU
Promote Michigan     Nov-26-13  |  WGVU
7 Years and I Still Don't Believe It     Nov-26-13  |  WGVU
A La Mode     Nov-26-13  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Public Schools     Nov-26-13  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Nov-25-13  |  WGVU
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services     Nov-25-13  |  WGVU
Adoption Associates     Nov-25-13  |  WGVU
Frank Sesno     Nov-25-13  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Nov-25-13  |  WGVU
Striders     Nov-25-13  |  WGVU
YNPN     Nov-25-13  |  WGVU
Patricia Cornwell     Nov-25-13  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Nov-22-13  |  WGVU
Tanglefoot Open House and Sale     Nov-22-13  |  WGVU
View From the Dunes     Nov-22-13  |  WGVU
JFK: The Spirit of Cold War Liberalism     Nov-22-13  |  WGVU
Muskegon Agents of Change     Nov-22-13  |  WGVU
Movember     Nov-21-13  |  WGVU
Evangelical Choral Society     Nov-21-13  |  WGVU
Libaray Lines     Nov-21-13  |  WGVU
Ben Blajnik: GR International Wine, Beer and Food Fest     Nov-21-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Nov-21-13  |  WGVU
American Conversations on Common Ground     Nov-21-13  |  WGVU
School Talk     Nov-21-13  |  WGVU
John Irwin from Huntington Bank     Nov-21-13  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Nov-20-13  |  WGVU
St. Cecilia Music Center     Nov-20-13  |  WGVU
Interdisciplinary Studies     Nov-20-13  |  WGVU
West Michigan Cares     Nov-20-13  |  WGVU
Bellowood Rescue     Nov-20-13  |  WGVU
GIFT     Nov-20-13  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Nov-20-13  |  WGVU
Off the Path     Nov-20-13  |  WGVU
Gazelle Girl Half Marathon     Nov-19-13  |  WGVU
Universal Childrens Day     Nov-19-13  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     Nov-19-13  |  WGVU
News from the Right Place     Nov-19-13  |  WGVU
St. Joseph Happenings     Nov-19-13  |  WGVU
Off the Mat     Nov-19-13  |  WGVU
The Rapid     Nov-18-13  |  WGVU
How to Buy or Sell a Business     Nov-18-13  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Nov-18-13  |  WGVU
The Arts in Holland     Nov-18-13  |  WGVU
Art Hack     Nov-18-13  |  WGVU
Epilepsy Awareness Month     Nov-18-13  |  WGVU
A Cruel and Shocking Act     Nov-18-13  |  WGVU
The Dyslexia Correction Foundation     Nov-15-13  |  WGVU
Interfaith Talk     Nov-15-13  |  WGVU
Pine Rest Foundation Gala     Nov-15-13  |  WGVU
The Very Inappropriate Word     Nov-15-13  |  WGVU
Michigan Health Connect     Nov-15-13  |  WGVU
Sparkle Celebration     Nov-15-13  |  WGVU
GRAM Exhibits     Nov-15-13  |  WGVU
John Douglas     Nov-14-13  |  WGVU
Laughfest 2014     Nov-14-13  |  WGVU
Arsenic and Old Lace at FHC High     Nov-14-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Nov-14-13  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Nov-14-13  |  WGVU
Remote     Nov-14-13  |  WGVU
Beer     Nov-14-13  |  WGVU
All About The Eye     Nov-13-13  |  WGVU
Van Andel Institute     Nov-13-13  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     Nov-13-13  |  WGVU
Purple Community     Nov-13-13  |  WGVU
West Side Story     Nov-13-13  |  WGVU
Tie Tying Celebration     Nov-13-13  |  WGVU
One Church, One City     Nov-13-13  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Nov-12-13  |  WGVU
Pine Rest Christian Mental Health     Nov-12-13  |  WGVU
Murdoch's World     Nov-12-13  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Civic Theatre     Nov-12-13  |  WGVU
Healing Hereafter     Nov-12-13  |  WGVU
Local First     Nov-12-13  |  WGVU
The Boy on the Porch     Nov-12-13  |  WGVU
The BAA     Nov-11-13  |  WGVU
Consumers Energy Smart Energy Program     Nov-11-13  |  WGVU
Kindertransport     Nov-11-13  |  WGVU
Singing Christmas Tree     Nov-11-13  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Nov-11-13  |  WGVU
Rich Cohen: Monsters     Nov-11-13  |  WGVU
Affordable Care Act: Cherry Street Health Services     Nov-11-13  |  WGVU
Bob Linsenman     Nov-11-13  |  WGVU
GVSU New Music Ensemble: Wide Open Spaces     Nov-08-13  |  WGVU
Justice Bridget Mary McCormack     Nov-08-13  |  WGVU
The Bully Pulpit     Nov-08-13  |  WGVU
Diabetes Awareness Month     Nov-08-13  |  WGVU
Annis Water Resources Institute     Nov-08-13  |  WGVU
Murdick's Fudge     Nov-08-13  |  WGVU
Schools of Hope     Nov-08-13  |  WGVU
Music To Dream By     Nov-08-13  |  WGVU
Don Brown Pawsitively Rockin'     Nov-07-13  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth     Nov-07-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Nov-07-13  |  WGVU
Jill Chambers: WGL Luncheon     Nov-07-13  |  WGVU
KDL Happenings     Nov-07-13  |  WGVU
Nursing Reconsidered     Nov-07-13  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Nov-06-13  |  WGVU
Michael Peterson and Jill Chambers     Nov-06-13  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Choir of Men and Boys     Nov-06-13  |  WGVU
The Miracle Worker     Nov-06-13  |  WGVU
The Things We Love     Nov-06-13  |  WGVU
Crash's Landing     Nov-06-13  |  WGVU
Family Futures     Nov-06-13  |  WGVU
Hidden Art     Nov-06-13  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Nov-05-13  |  WGVU
Great Lakes Place-Based Education Conference     Nov-05-13  |  WGVU
Business Happens in Heels     Nov-05-13  |  WGVU
WMCAT     Nov-05-13  |  WGVU
GR Initiative for Leaders     Nov-05-13  |  WGVU
Psychological Matters     Nov-05-13  |  WGVU
Hauenstein Center Coffee House Debate     Nov-05-13  |  WGVU
Homes of Hope     Nov-04-13  |  WGVU
Free Women's Health Fair     Nov-04-13  |  WGVU
GR Chamber Chat     Nov-04-13  |  WGVU
Melissa Francis     Nov-04-13  |  WGVU
Wearable Art Benefit Sale     Nov-04-13  |  WGVU
National Federation for the Blind: West Michigan     Nov-04-13  |  WGVU
ABVI 100th Anniversary     Nov-04-13  |  WGVU
Barbara Spring     Nov-04-13  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Nov-01-13  |  WGVU
Baudeville 30th Anniversary     Nov-01-13  |  WGVU
BRU fest     Nov-01-13  |  WGVU
Warm Hands Warm Hearts Drive     Nov-01-13  |  WGVU
BBB Center for Character Ethics     Nov-01-13  |  WGVU
Access! Grand Rapids     Nov-01-13  |  WGVU
Camille DeBoer from Pooh's Corner     Nov-01-13  |  WGVU
Opera Grand Rapids     Oct-31-13  |  WGVU
Alternatives in Motion High Endurance Awards     Oct-31-13  |  WGVU
Six Women of Salem     Oct-31-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Oct-31-13  |  WGVU
Communities First Association     Oct-31-13  |  WGVU
Massage Therapy     Oct-31-13  |  WGVU
Avenue for the Arts: Free Radical      Oct-31-13  |  WGVU
Lamplight Music Festival     Oct-31-13  |  WGVU
Shorline Sport and Spine     Oct-30-13  |  WGVU
The Gardens of London Tour     Oct-30-13  |  WGVU
Earnestine Tolbert     Oct-30-13  |  WGVU
Nelson DeVille     Oct-30-13  |  WGVU
Secrets to Being a Dynamic Leader     Oct-30-13  |  WGVU
Inforum     Oct-30-13  |  WGVU
Mia Tavonatti     Oct-30-13  |  WGVU
The American Cancer Society     Oct-29-13  |  WGVU
Women and Girls Lead     Oct-29-13  |  WGVU
Girls Choral Academy     Oct-29-13  |  WGVU
The Iceman Cometh     Oct-29-13  |  WGVU
Warm Hands Warm Hearts Drive     Oct-29-13  |  WGVU
Heros to Heros     Oct-29-13  |  WGVU
Spectrum Health Neuro Rehab Services     Oct-29-13  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Oct-28-13  |  WGVU
Muskegon Heritage Museum     Oct-28-13  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Oct-28-13  |  WGVU
St. Cecilia Music Center     Oct-28-13  |  WGVU
YNPN     Oct-28-13  |  WGVU
Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired     Oct-28-13  |  WGVU
The Mosaic Film Experience     Oct-25-13  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Oct-25-13  |  WGVU
View From the Dunes     Oct-25-13  |  WGVU
GR Ballet: Dracula     Oct-25-13  |  WGVU
GR Symphony     Oct-25-13  |  WGVU
Network 180: Community Mental Health Act     Oct-25-13  |  WGVU
All About Women     Oct-24-13  |  WGVU
Lawpportunity     Oct-24-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Oct-24-13  |  WGVU
Skiswap     Oct-24-13  |  WGVU
School Talk     Oct-24-13  |  WGVU
Degage Ministry     Oct-24-13  |  WGVU
John Pellegrini     Oct-24-13  |  WGVU
Food, Wine and All That Jazz     Oct-23-13  |  WGVU
Thriller Chiller     Oct-23-13  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Oct-23-13  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Oct-23-13  |  WGVU
GVSU Poetry Night     Oct-23-13  |  WGVU
Seidman College of Business     Oct-23-13  |  WGVU
American Conversations     Oct-22-13  |  WGVU
Wellness and Massage Expo     Oct-22-13  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Oct-22-13  |  WGVU
Stark Turn Players     Oct-22-13  |  WGVU
Meijer Gardens Presents     Oct-22-13  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Public Schools     Oct-22-13  |  WGVU
WGVU Presents: The Gardens of London Tour     Oct-22-13  |  WGVU
The Rapid     Oct-21-13  |  WGVU
The Baroque Legacy Conference     Oct-21-13  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Oct-21-13  |  WGVU
The Arts in Holland     Oct-21-13  |  WGVU
Yardsticks     Oct-21-13  |  WGVU
ABVI     Oct-21-13  |  WGVU
Michigan Tax Conference     Oct-21-13  |  WGVU
Veterans Corner     Oct-18-13  |  WGVU
Hospice of Michigan     Oct-18-13  |  WGVU
Dr. Doug Kindschi     Oct-18-13  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Marathon     Oct-18-13  |  WGVU
West Michigan Jazz Society     Oct-18-13  |  WGVU
National Mammography Day     Oct-18-13  |  WGVU
Hudsonville Fall Flavors     Oct-17-13  |  WGVU
Wine and Beer Event for Epilepsy and Seizure Awareness     Oct-17-13  |  WGVU
Libary Lines     Oct-17-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Oct-17-13  |  WGVU
Special Spectators     Oct-17-13  |  WGVU
CLAS     Oct-17-13  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices      Oct-16-13  |  WGVU
The Captain's Affair     Oct-16-13  |  WGVU
Interdisiplinary Studies     Oct-16-13  |  WGVU
VAI Happenings     Oct-16-13  |  WGVU
Jewish Theatre Presents     Oct-16-13  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Oct-16-13  |  WGVU
The Grand Rapids Civic Theatre     Oct-15-13  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     Oct-15-13  |  WGVU
The Right Place     Oct-15-13  |  WGVU
Off the Mat     Oct-15-13  |  WGVU
The Punch     Oct-15-13  |  WGVU
Camp Blodgett Lakeshore Brewfest     Oct-14-13  |  WGVU
Widowed Persons Service     Oct-14-13  |  WGVU
The Conductive Learning Center     Oct-14-13  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Oct-14-13  |  WGVU
Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company     Oct-14-13  |  WGVU
Cherry Street Unravels the ACA     Oct-14-13  |  WGVU
Start Up     Oct-11-13  |  WGVU
MomsBloom     Oct-11-13  |  WGVU
Northshore Arts     Oct-11-13  |  WGVU
Our Beautiful Secret     Oct-11-13  |  WGVU
Midtown on Tap Festival     Oct-11-13  |  WGVU
Schools of Hope     Oct-11-13  |  WGVU
Beer     Oct-11-13  |  WGVU
Alan Weisman: Countdown     Oct-10-13  |  WGVU
Dr. Peter D'adamo     Oct-10-13  |  WGVU
Trish Taylor of Bissell     Oct-10-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Oct-10-13  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Oct-10-13  |  WGVU
GreenUp Michigan     Oct-10-13  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Oct-10-13  |  WGVU
All About the Eye     Oct-09-13  |  WGVU
Sweet of Choice     Oct-09-13  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     Oct-09-13  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Symphony      Oct-09-13  |  WGVU
Breast Care Awareness Month     Oct-09-13  |  WGVU
Career 101     Oct-09-13  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Oct-08-13  |  WGVU
Opera Grand Rapids     Oct-08-13  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Oct-08-13  |  WGVU
Tory Johnson     Oct-08-13  |  WGVU
Local First     Oct-08-13  |  WGVU
Ben Frank: Klara's Journey     Oct-08-13  |  WGVU
National Geographic 125 Years of Photography     Oct-07-13  |  WGVU
Salvation Army Bell Rining Recruiting Events     Oct-07-13  |  WGVU
GR Chamber Chat     Oct-07-13  |  WGVU
Benzie County Michigan     Oct-07-13  |  WGVU
GVSU Fall Arts: Laurie Garrett     Oct-07-13  |  WGVU
Kid's Food Basket     Oct-07-13  |  WGVU
WGVU Engage Upcoming Events     Oct-07-13  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Oct-04-13  |  WGVU
ArtPrize: Tamara Fox     Oct-04-13  |  WGVU
Forest Hills Central Improv     Oct-04-13  |  WGVU
Kent Harvest Trails     Oct-04-13  |  WGVU
Shape Up Michigan     Oct-04-13  |  WGVU
ArtPrize: Kickboard USA     Oct-04-13  |  WGVU
Mary Idema Pew Library     Oct-04-13  |  WGVU
Nurten Ural     Oct-03-13  |  WGVU
Sandra Brown     Oct-03-13  |  WGVU
National Philanthropy Day     Oct-03-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Oct-03-13  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth     Oct-03-13  |  WGVU
KDL Happenings     Oct-03-13  |  WGVU
Home and Kitchen Essentials     Oct-03-13  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Oct-02-13  |  WGVU
Jersey Boys     Oct-02-13  |  WGVU
Seeds of Growth Conference     Oct-02-13  |  WGVU
Beacon of Hope     Oct-02-13  |  WGVU
The Encore Career     Oct-02-13  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Heart Walk     Oct-02-13  |  WGVU
Pain Management     Oct-02-13  |  WGVU
ArtPrize Artists J.D. Urban     Oct-02-13  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Oct-01-13  |  WGVU
Business Happens in Heels     Oct-01-13  |  WGVU
Parent Univiersity     Oct-01-13  |  WGVU
Fish Lads     Oct-01-13  |  WGVU
Psychological Matters     Oct-01-13  |  WGVU
Video Apps by Epic Events     Oct-01-13  |  WGVU
Light the Night Walk     Sep-30-13  |  WGVU
Kent Philharmonic Orchestra     Sep-30-13  |  WGVU
Elzinga and Volkers     Sep-30-13  |  WGVU
Disability Awareness Day     Sep-30-13  |  WGVU
Wine, Women and Chocolate     Sep-30-13  |  WGVU
Let's Hear it from the Men     Sep-30-13  |  WGVU
Hands Across Time     Sep-30-13  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Sep-27-13  |  WGVU
ArtPrize: Laura Crabtree-Hollenbeck     Sep-27-13  |  WGVU
View From the Dunes     Sep-27-13  |  WGVU
Temeko Richardson     Sep-27-13  |  WGVU
Race for the Cure     Sep-27-13  |  WGVU
GVSU Shakespeare Festival     Sep-27-13  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Athena     Sep-27-13  |  WGVU
All About Women     Sep-26-13  |  WGVU
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe      Sep-26-13  |  WGVU
Actor's Theatre     Sep-26-13  |  WGVU
ArtPrize:Terry Johnston      Sep-26-13  |  WGVU
Design West Michigan     Sep-26-13  |  WGVU
Cynthia Kay     Sep-26-13  |  WGVU
School Talk     Sep-26-13  |  WGVU
House Hunter     Sep-26-13  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Sep-25-13  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Sep-25-13  |  WGVU
GRSO Boston Pops     Sep-25-13  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Sep-25-13  |  WGVU
ArtPrize: Childhood Desires     Sep-25-13  |  WGVU
Seidman College of Business     Sep-25-13  |  WGVU
Harbor Humane Society     Sep-24-13  |  WGVU
The Step Out Walk     Sep-24-13  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Sep-24-13  |  WGVU
YNPN     Sep-24-13  |  WGVU
Blue Collar     Sep-24-13  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     Sep-24-13  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Sep-23-13  |  WGVU
ArtPrize: The Rapidian     Sep-23-13  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Sep-23-13  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Sep-23-13  |  WGVU
ArtPrize: Ann Teliczan     Sep-23-13  |  WGVU
Chef Andrew Eggert     Sep-23-13  |  WGVU
CRC Health Group     Sep-23-13  |  WGVU
Veterans Corner     Sep-20-13  |  WGVU
ArtPrize Art Walk     Sep-20-13  |  WGVU
Chris LaPorte     Sep-20-13  |  WGVU
Jose Jimenez     Sep-20-13  |  WGVU
Dragons     Sep-20-13  |  WGVU
ArtPrize: Amanda Vernon      Sep-20-13  |  WGVU
Amy Carpenter Leugs and Kyle Barnhart     Sep-20-13  |  WGVU
Kid's Food Basket     Sep-20-13  |  WGVU
ArtPrize: "A Wing and a Prayer"     Sep-19-13  |  WGVU
Missy Lavender     Sep-19-13  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Sep-19-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Sep-19-13  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Sep-19-13  |  WGVU
Give Camp GR     Sep-19-13  |  WGVU
CLAS     Sep-19-13  |  WGVU
Muskegon Shredding Day     Sep-19-13  |  WGVU
DK Eyewitness Travel Guides     Sep-18-13  |  WGVU
Grand Con Conference     Sep-18-13  |  WGVU
Brooks College Honors Program     Sep-18-13  |  WGVU
ArtPrize: Thirsty Perch Blues Band     Sep-18-13  |  WGVU
VAI Happenings     Sep-18-13  |  WGVU
Michigan Nonprofit Association     Sep-18-13  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Sep-18-13  |  WGVU
Fustini's     Sep-18-13  |  WGVU
The West Michigan Symphony     Sep-17-13  |  WGVU
Contemporary Writers Series     Sep-17-13  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     Sep-17-13  |  WGVU
The Right Place     Sep-17-13  |  WGVU
Off the Mat     Sep-17-13  |  WGVU
ArtPrize: Tommy B and the Verk     Sep-17-13  |  WGVU
The Rapid     Sep-16-13  |  WGVU
AARP Open House     Sep-16-13  |  WGVU
GRSO Cello Concerto     Sep-16-13  |  WGVU
The Arts in Holland     Sep-16-13  |  WGVU
PBS Frontline     Sep-16-13  |  WGVU
Camille Deboer from Pooh's Corner     Sep-16-13  |  WGVU
Midwest Irish Festival     Sep-13-13  |  WGVU
Scott Horsley     Sep-13-13  |  WGVU
Northshore Arts     Sep-13-13  |  WGVU
Dr. Alan Steinman     Sep-13-13  |  WGVU
Team Rubicon USA     Sep-13-13  |  WGVU
Schools of Hope     Sep-13-13  |  WGVU
Duck Walk     Sep-13-13  |  WGVU
Online Retirement     Sep-13-13  |  WGVU
GVSU President Thomas Haas     Sep-12-13  |  WGVU
Girls Choral Academy     Sep-12-13  |  WGVU
LMCU Bridge Run     Sep-12-13  |  WGVU
Kar's Nuts     Sep-12-13  |  WGVU
Vegan for Her     Sep-12-13  |  WGVU
CMI Abasto     Sep-12-13  |  WGVU
I Could Chew on This     Sep-12-13  |  WGVU
All About the Eye     Sep-11-13  |  WGVU
2AA NYC     Sep-11-13  |  WGVU
Wine and Wig Event     Sep-11-13  |  WGVU
Grand River Clean Up     Sep-11-13  |  WGVU
Author Albert Bell     Sep-11-13  |  WGVU
Gazelle Girl Half Marathon     Sep-11-13  |  WGVU
Career 101     Sep-11-13  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style      Sep-10-13  |  WGVU
A Lot of Art     Sep-10-13  |  WGVU
Cherries     Sep-10-13  |  WGVU
CASA     Sep-10-13  |  WGVU
World Affairs Council     Sep-10-13  |  WGVU
Local First     Sep-10-13  |  WGVU
Ford Council Boy Scouts of America     Sep-10-13  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Sep-09-13  |  WGVU
The Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies     Sep-09-13  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Sep-09-13  |  WGVU
Girl Scouts Leadership Luncheon     Sep-09-13  |  WGVU
Engage: Military Appreciation Day     Sep-09-13  |  WGVU
Free Health Fair     Sep-09-13  |  WGVU
Answer Nepal     Sep-09-13  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Sep-06-13  |  WGVU
Author Susan Newhof     Sep-06-13  |  WGVU
Back to School Preparedness     Sep-06-13  |  WGVU
Shape Up Michigan     Sep-06-13  |  WGVU
Kelly's Place Fundraiser     Sep-06-13  |  WGVU
GVSU Fall Arts Celebration 2013     Sep-06-13  |  WGVU
White Lake Nature Walks     Sep-06-13  |  WGVU
Home Essentials     Sep-05-13  |  WGVU
Recover Palooza     Sep-05-13  |  WGVU
Midwest UX     Sep-05-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Sep-05-13  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth     Sep-05-13  |  WGVU
Reeds Lake Triathlon     Sep-05-13  |  WGVU
KDL     Sep-05-13  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Sep-04-13  |  WGVU
The Downtown Market     Sep-04-13  |  WGVU
Celebration on the Grand     Sep-04-13  |  WGVU
Nat Geo Kids     Sep-04-13  |  WGVU
Sherlock Holmes at GR Civic     Sep-04-13  |  WGVU
The Boy on the Wooden Box     Sep-04-13  |  WGVU
Liz Young     Sep-04-13  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Sep-03-13  |  WGVU
Joanne Chang     Sep-03-13  |  WGVU
The End of Money     Sep-03-13  |  WGVU
Charlotte Reed     Sep-03-13  |  WGVU
Grandmother Power     Sep-03-13  |  WGVU
Centre for Plastic Surgery     Sep-03-13  |  WGVU
Psycological Matters     Sep-03-13  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Aug-30-13  |  WGVU
Hive Five Co-op Brewery     Aug-30-13  |  WGVU
Bill Manns, Mercy Health St, Mary's     Aug-30-13  |  WGVU
Jock Ambrose     Aug-30-13  |  WGVU
Back to School     Aug-30-13  |  WGVU
Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks     Aug-30-13  |  WGVU
You Are Awesome     Aug-29-13  |  WGVU
New Michigan Licence Plate     Aug-29-13  |  WGVU
3rd Annual Motorcycle Run     Aug-29-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Aug-29-13  |  WGVU
City Farmers Collective     Aug-29-13  |  WGVU
G. Richard Shell     Aug-29-13  |  WGVU
Colobus Monkeys     Aug-29-13  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Collabrative     Aug-29-13  |  WGVU
Food Forum     Aug-28-13  |  WGVU
I Have a Dream 50th     Aug-28-13  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Aug-28-13  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Aug-28-13  |  WGVU
Seidman College of Business     Aug-28-13  |  WGVU
GRCF Scholarship     Aug-27-13  |  WGVU
JFK's Last Hundren Days     Aug-27-13  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Aug-27-13  |  WGVU
Run for Sight     Aug-27-13  |  WGVU
Talking with Painters     Aug-27-13  |  WGVU
Steve Ford on the Jack Nicklaus Visit     Aug-27-13  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     Aug-27-13  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Aug-26-13  |  WGVU
Celebration of Life and Love Dinner     Aug-26-13  |  WGVU
Stair Week     Aug-26-13  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Aug-26-13  |  WGVU
Live Mannequin Night     Aug-26-13  |  WGVU
YNPN     Aug-26-13  |  WGVU
Women's Equality Day     Aug-26-13  |  WGVU
Goodwill     Aug-23-13  |  WGVU
Holiday Inn Pillows     Aug-23-13  |  WGVU
View from the Dunes     Aug-23-13  |  WGVU
Michigan Heritage Park     Aug-23-13  |  WGVU
Movies in the Park     Aug-23-13  |  WGVU
Back to School Help from the Blues     Aug-23-13  |  WGVU
Brainy Day 5K     Aug-23-13  |  WGVU
All About Women     Aug-22-13  |  WGVU
Adoption Associates      Aug-22-13  |  WGVU
Jane Velez Mitchell     Aug-22-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Aug-22-13  |  WGVU
Design West Michigan      Aug-22-13  |  WGVU
Minnie Forbes     Aug-22-13  |  WGVU
School Talk     Aug-22-13  |  WGVU
Hauenstein Center Presents, “An Evening with the Presidents"     Aug-22-13  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Aug-21-13  |  WGVU
Dairy Security Act     Aug-21-13  |  WGVU
Interdisciplinary Studies     Aug-21-13  |  WGVU
VAI Happenings     Aug-21-13  |  WGVU
Actor's Theatre Second Space Series     Aug-21-13  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Aug-21-13  |  WGVU
Taste of East Grand Rapids     Aug-21-13  |  WGVU
Ford Foundation Benefit     Aug-20-13  |  WGVU
Women's Caring Program     Aug-20-13  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     Aug-20-13  |  WGVU
The Right Place     Aug-20-13  |  WGVU
Michigan Titanium Ironman     Aug-20-13  |  WGVU
Off the Mat     Aug-20-13  |  WGVU
The Rapid     Aug-19-13  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Aug-19-13  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Aug-19-13  |  WGVU
All About Art     Aug-19-13  |  WGVU
Women's Caring Program     Aug-19-13  |  WGVU
Blue Community Challenge     Aug-19-13  |  WGVU
Haldol and Hyancinths     Aug-19-13  |  WGVU
Veteran's Corner     Aug-16-13  |  WGVU
The Grand Rapids Mud Run     Aug-16-13  |  WGVU
North Shore Arts Corridor     Aug-16-13  |  WGVU
The Hybrid Guy     Aug-16-13  |  WGVU
Women Who Care     Aug-16-13  |  WGVU
Dia de Clamor     Aug-16-13  |  WGVU
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at Meijer Gardens     Aug-15-13  |  WGVU
Closer Than Ever     Aug-15-13  |  WGVU
Library Lines,      Aug-15-13  |  WGVU
City Beat      Aug-15-13  |  WGVU
Just Between Friends     Aug-15-13  |  WGVU
The Stress Pandemic     Aug-15-13  |  WGVU
CLAS      Aug-15-13  |  WGVU
All About the Eye     Aug-14-13  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     Aug-14-13  |  WGVU
Grand JazzFest     Aug-14-13  |  WGVU
Lake Effect Boat Time     Aug-14-13  |  WGVU
Career 101     Aug-14-13  |  WGVU
AQS Quilt Week     Aug-13-13  |  WGVU
Mercury Collection     Aug-13-13  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Aug-13-13  |  WGVU
Dogs Unleashed     Aug-13-13  |  WGVU
Jim Dreyer     Aug-13-13  |  WGVU
Local First     Aug-13-13  |  WGVU
The Highway     Aug-13-13  |  WGVU
Senior Community Day Muskegon     Aug-12-13  |  WGVU
My New Orleans     Aug-12-13  |  WGVU
Jay Follis on the Titanic     Aug-12-13  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Aug-12-13  |  WGVU
Michigan International Speedway     Aug-12-13  |  WGVU
White Lake River Station Welcomes Helen Lee     Aug-12-13  |  WGVU
The Heart of West Michigan United Way     Aug-09-13  |  WGVU
Her Best Kept Secret     Aug-09-13  |  WGVU
Thomas Hayden     Aug-09-13  |  WGVU
Muskegon Builds a Better Block     Aug-09-13  |  WGVU
R3 Coaching     Aug-09-13  |  WGVU
Schools of Hope     Aug-09-13  |  WGVU
Rah! Rah! Read Muskegon     Aug-08-13  |  WGVU
Striders Sunset Series     Aug-08-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Aug-08-13  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Aug-08-13  |  WGVU
Lake Effect     Aug-08-13  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Aug-08-13  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Aug-07-13  |  WGVU
Road Belly     Aug-07-13  |  WGVU
Youth Force GR     Aug-07-13  |  WGVU
Jennifer Pharr Davis     Aug-07-13  |  WGVU
Boy Scouts Golf Outing     Aug-07-13  |  WGVU
Howmet Playhouse     Aug-07-13  |  WGVU
Two Are Better     Aug-07-13  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Aug-06-13  |  WGVU
Paramedico: Around the World by Ambulance     Aug-06-13  |  WGVU
Business Happens in Heels     Aug-06-13  |  WGVU
Porter Hills     Aug-06-13  |  WGVU
Literacy Center of West Michigan     Aug-06-13  |  WGVU
Psychological Matters     Aug-06-13  |  WGVU
Health Care Reform     Aug-06-13  |  WGVU
Restaurant Week GR     Aug-05-13  |  WGVU
Sugar Love     Aug-05-13  |  WGVU
Sing Us a Song, Piano Woman     Aug-05-13  |  WGVU
WGVU Engage     Aug-05-13  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Aug-02-13  |  WGVU
American Buffalo at Heritage Theatre     Aug-02-13  |  WGVU
Detroit Rock City     Aug-02-13  |  WGVU
School Talk     Aug-02-13  |  WGVU
One Day Ride Across Michigan     Aug-02-13  |  WGVU
Shape Up Michigan     Aug-02-13  |  WGVU
Camille Deboer     Aug-02-13  |  WGVU
Home Essentials     Aug-01-13  |  WGVU
Energy 101     Aug-01-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Aug-01-13  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth     Aug-01-13  |  WGVU
Kent District Library     Aug-01-13  |  WGVU
Best Prepaid Cards     Aug-01-13  |  WGVU
Children's Leukemia Foundation Christmas in July     Jul-31-13  |  WGVU
Dear Prudence and Ele's Place     Jul-31-13  |  WGVU
Minority Mental Health Awareness     Jul-31-13  |  WGVU
Dr. Michele Borba     Jul-31-13  |  WGVU
Healing Improv     Jul-31-13  |  WGVU
Metro Health hosts a special Health and Wellness Day     Jul-30-13  |  WGVU
Congrats to City Flats Hotel GR, obtaining the second LEED Gold Hotel in Michigan.      Jul-30-13  |  WGVU
West Michigan author Ian Haight      Jul-30-13  |  WGVU
"Marathon Don" wrote a book about his many adventures, including breaking a world record.      Jul-30-13  |  WGVU
Author/actress Beth Albright      Jul-30-13  |  WGVU
6th annual Tee Up for CF Golf Outing      Jul-30-13  |  WGVU
Purple Community Game     Jul-29-13  |  WGVU
Artful Dining Experience     Jul-29-13  |  WGVU
GVHP: Back to School     Jul-29-13  |  WGVU
Amway Stuff the Bus Campaign     Jul-29-13  |  WGVU
Guiding Light Mission Transitional Housing     Jul-29-13  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Jul-26-13  |  WGVU
View from the Dunes     Jul-26-13  |  WGVU
Minnie Forbes     Jul-26-13  |  WGVU
The Power of Education Foundation     Jul-26-13  |  WGVU
Denali Flavors     Jul-26-13  |  WGVU
All About Women     Jul-25-13  |  WGVU
Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance     Jul-25-13  |  WGVU
Raising Dough     Jul-25-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jul-25-13  |  WGVU
Design West Michigan     Jul-25-13  |  WGVU
Pressing Towards the Mark     Jul-25-13  |  WGVU
Kent County Youth Fair     Jul-25-13  |  WGVU
Game Show at Mason Street Warehouse     Jul-25-13  |  WGVU
iGroup Casting Call     Jul-24-13  |  WGVU
Rashelle Paggeot     Jul-24-13  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Jul-24-13  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Jul-24-13  |  WGVU
Gotta Dance     Jul-24-13  |  WGVU
Sprout Lab     Jul-24-13  |  WGVU
GR Black Chamber of Commerce     Jul-24-13  |  WGVU
Food and Wine Forum     Jul-24-13  |  WGVU
Guests from the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre      Jul-23-13  |  WGVU
Author and Pulitzer Prize nominee, Susan Choi      Jul-23-13  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Jul-23-13  |  WGVU
Filmmaker Brian Bowe and special guest from Paris, Anne Horel.      Jul-23-13  |  WGVU
Alive West Michigan     Jul-23-13  |  WGVU
Author David Rosenfelt      Jul-23-13  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Jul-22-13  |  WGVU
Sportuality     Jul-22-13  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Jul-22-13  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Jul-22-13  |  WGVU
International Herpesvirus Workshop     Jul-22-13  |  WGVU
YNPN     Jul-22-13  |  WGVU
Lost Girls     Jul-22-13  |  WGVU
Veterans Corner     Jul-19-13  |  WGVU
The Team Red Cross App     Jul-19-13  |  WGVU
Bay Bridge     Jul-19-13  |  WGVU
Sketch Camp     Jul-19-13  |  WGVU
White Lake Tours     Jul-19-13  |  WGVU
Cold, Hungry and In the Dark     Jul-19-13  |  WGVU
Mackinac Center Community Information Event     Jul-19-13  |  WGVU
GROW     Jul-18-13  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Jul-18-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jul-18-13  |  WGVU
Terra GR     Jul-18-13  |  WGVU
WMCAT     Jul-18-13  |  WGVU
CLAS     Jul-18-13  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Jul-17-13  |  WGVU
Hearts of Hope     Jul-17-13  |  WGVU
Crisis Care Network     Jul-17-13  |  WGVU
VAI Happenings     Jul-17-13  |  WGVU
The Widow's Strike     Jul-17-13  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Jul-17-13  |  WGVU
Tanay Jackson     Jul-17-13  |  WGVU
Pentwater's annual Garden Walk and Blooming Art event      Jul-16-13  |  WGVU
Artprize needs volunteers.     Jul-16-13  |  WGVU
Business Buzz, Carole Valade, GRBJ, shares details on top news stories.     Jul-16-13  |  WGVU
Birgit Klohs from The Right Place      Jul-16-13  |  WGVU
Bestselling author Meg Waite Clayton     Jul-16-13  |  WGVU
Off the Mat     Jul-16-13  |  WGVU
Rapid Happenings     Jul-15-13  |  WGVU
Fiddler Natalie MacMaster     Jul-15-13  |  WGVU
The Millennium Triathlon      Jul-15-13  |  WGVU
My New Orleans     Jul-15-13  |  WGVU
The Arts in Holland     Jul-15-13  |  WGVU
Bill Manns of Mercy Health Saint Mary's     Jul-15-13  |  WGVU
The Beauty Queen of Leenane     Jul-15-13  |  WGVU
Affordable Care Act     Jul-12-13  |  WGVU
Classic Rock 5k     Jul-12-13  |  WGVU
I Can and Did     Jul-12-13  |  WGVU
University Club Golf Outing     Jul-12-13  |  WGVU
Annis Water Resources Institute     Jul-12-13  |  WGVU
Shape Up Michigan: Kid's Health Fair     Jul-12-13  |  WGVU
North Country Arts     Jul-12-13  |  WGVU
Mic Carlson     Jul-12-13  |  WGVU
Coming to the Grand Rapids Public Museum     Jul-11-13  |  WGVU
Instagam for business.     Jul-11-13  |  WGVU
William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, a New Hope.      Jul-11-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jul-11-13  |  WGVU
Tech Talk      Jul-11-13  |  WGVU
Revue Magazine      Jul-11-13  |  WGVU
Ask the Vet     Jul-11-13  |  WGVU
GrandJazzFest 2013     Jul-10-13  |  WGVU
The Shadow King     Jul-10-13  |  WGVU
Professions of Public Safety Appreciation     Jul-10-13  |  WGVU
Gerald R. Ford Centennial      Jul-10-13  |  WGVU
Imperfect Harmony     Jul-10-13  |  WGVU
Career 101     Jul-10-13  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Jul-09-13  |  WGVU
Sugar Detox     Jul-09-13  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Jul-09-13  |  WGVU
Arts consultant and creativity coach Susan Loughrin.      Jul-09-13  |  WGVU
LEGOS     Jul-09-13  |  WGVU
Elissa Hillary of Local First     Jul-09-13  |  WGVU
Author and historian Michael Fullilove     Jul-09-13  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Jul-08-13  |  WGVU
Group Workcamp Foundation Program     Jul-08-13  |  WGVU
Professional Orchestral Musicians Association     Jul-08-13  |  WGVU
Sylo     Jul-08-13  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Jul-08-13  |  WGVU
Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative     Jul-08-13  |  WGVU
AARP Carfit     Jul-08-13  |  WGVU
America Obsessives     Jul-08-13  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Jul-05-13  |  WGVU
I'm Having Their Baby     Jul-05-13  |  WGVU
Native and Invasive Plant Walk     Jul-05-13  |  WGVU
LuAnne Rice     Jul-05-13  |  WGVU
Cherry Festival Closing Weekend     Jul-05-13  |  WGVU
Christian Habermann     Jul-05-13  |  WGVU
KDL     Jul-05-13  |  WGVU
Camille Deboer     Jul-05-13  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     Jul-03-13  |  WGVU
Steven Hamilton     Jul-03-13  |  WGVU
The Housebreaker     Jul-03-13  |  WGVU
Penny Notter     Jul-03-13  |  WGVU
The Dream Foundation     Jul-03-13  |  WGVU
Back Pain     Jul-03-13  |  WGVU
The Last Battle     Jul-03-13  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Jul-02-13  |  WGVU
Business Happens in Heels     Jul-02-13  |  WGVU
MI Blood Love Michigan     Jul-02-13  |  WGVU
Amway 4th of July Family Fireworks     Jul-02-13  |  WGVU
Psychological Matters     Jul-02-13  |  WGVU
Harvey at Howmet Playhouse     Jul-01-13  |  WGVU
Lowell 4th of July Events     Jul-01-13  |  WGVU
Umphrey's McGhee     Jul-01-13  |  WGVU
Bee Brave     Jul-01-13  |  WGVU
The Life List     Jul-01-13  |  WGVU
Raising Elijah     Jul-01-13  |  WGVU
Mary Angelo     Jul-01-13  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Jun-28-13  |  WGVU
View from the Dunes     Jun-28-13  |  WGVU
Movies on the Beach Muskegon     Jun-28-13  |  WGVU
Thundershirt     Jun-28-13  |  WGVU
Taoist Master Arthur Rosenfeld     Jun-28-13  |  WGVU
23rd Annual Report on Beaches     Jun-28-13  |  WGVU
All About Women     Jun-27-13  |  WGVU
Attorney Rick Roane     Jun-27-13  |  WGVU
East Hills Loves Congress     Jun-27-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jun-27-13  |  WGVU
Design West Michigan     Jun-27-13  |  WGVU
The Starving Artist     Jun-27-13  |  WGVU
School Talk     Jun-27-13  |  WGVU
Moment of Battle     Jun-27-13  |  WGVU
Food and Wine Forum     Jun-26-13  |  WGVU
Author Jeannette Walls     Jun-26-13  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Jun-26-13  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Jun-26-13  |  WGVU
The Vocal Music Workshop     Jun-26-13  |  WGVU
Seidman College of Business     Jun-26-13  |  WGVU
The Downtown Market     Jun-26-13  |  WGVU
Life of a Push Goddess     Jun-25-13  |  WGVU
Game Changer     Jun-25-13  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Jun-25-13  |  WGVU
GVSU Farmer's Market     Jun-25-13  |  WGVU
Bill Davidson on Harley's 100 years     Jun-25-13  |  WGVU
Family Promise of Grand Rapids     Jun-25-13  |  WGVU
Chana Levitan     Jun-25-13  |  WGVU
Healty Headlines     Jun-24-13  |  WGVU
Midwest Highland Games     Jun-24-13  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     Jun-24-13  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Jun-24-13  |  WGVU
Phil McKorkle     Jun-24-13  |  WGVU
The Astronaut Wives Club     Jun-24-13  |  WGVU
Veteran's Corner     Jun-21-13  |  WGVU
Meijer State Games of Michigan     Jun-21-13  |  WGVU
The Charter Group     Jun-21-13  |  WGVU
Great Wolf Lodge     Jun-21-13  |  WGVU
A la Mode Magazine     Jun-21-13  |  WGVU
Sanger Brothers Band     Jun-21-13  |  WGVU
Xanadu at Mason St. Warehouse     Jun-20-13  |  WGVU
Library Lines     Jun-20-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jun-20-13  |  WGVU
Goodwill Delegate Assembly     Jun-20-13  |  WGVU
Children's Opera Workshop     Jun-20-13  |  WGVU
CLAS     Jun-20-13  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Clips Beer and Film Tour     Jun-20-13  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     Jun-19-13  |  WGVU
SCA Short Film Competition     Jun-19-13  |  WGVU
Caledonia Community Players     Jun-19-13  |  WGVU
Los Lobos and Los Loney Boys     Jun-19-13  |  WGVU
Van Andel Institute     Jun-19-13  |  WGVU
Lisa Starner     Jun-19-13  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     Jun-19-13  |  WGVU
Building our Community Contest Winner     Jun-19-13  |  WGVU
W.K. Kellogg Foundation     Jun-18-13  |  WGVU
Media Ecology Association Convention     Jun-18-13  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     Jun-18-13  |  WGVU
Tyler Loftis: Paintings     Jun-18-13  |  WGVU
Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company     Jun-18-13  |  WGVU
Off the Mat     Jun-18-13  |  WGVU
Robert Cray     Jun-17-13  |  WGVU
Recoil Magazine     Jun-17-13  |  WGVU
National Cherry Festival     Jun-17-13  |  WGVU
The Arts in Holland     Jun-17-13  |  WGVU
Clark Retirement     Jun-17-13  |  WGVU
Summer Endurance Races     Jun-17-13  |  WGVU
Hospice of Michigan     Jun-14-13  |  WGVU
Arturo Sandoval     Jun-14-13  |  WGVU
North Shore Arts Corridor     Jun-14-13  |  WGVU
Sleeping Angels Endowment     Jun-14-13  |  WGVU
Hank Mowery and the B Sides     Jun-14-13  |  WGVU
Schools of Hope     Jun-14-13  |  WGVU
Colleagues International     Jun-14-13  |  WGVU
Trumpet Guild Conference     Jun-13-13  |  WGVU
Inside Apple     Jun-13-13  |  WGVU
Camp Blodgett     Jun-13-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jun-13-13  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     Jun-13-13  |  WGVU
Priority Health     Jun-13-13  |  WGVU
Vet Talk     Jun-13-13  |  WGVU
Run 4 A Cause     Jun-12-13  |  WGVU
Waterfront Film Festival     Jun-12-13  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     Jun-12-13  |  WGVU
Billy Elliot     Jun-12-13  |  WGVU
Permaculture     Jun-12-13  |  WGVU
Career 101     Jun-12-13  |  WGVU
Men's Health Month     Jun-12-13  |  WGVU
Finding Your Style     Jun-11-13  |  WGVU
Charlotte Bluegrass Festival     Jun-11-13  |  WGVU
Naturally Speaking     Jun-11-13  |  WGVU
Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids     Jun-11-13  |  WGVU
Guiding Light Mission     Jun-11-13  |  WGVU
Local First     Jun-11-13  |  WGVU
Benzie County     Jun-11-13  |  WGVU
Author Ed Paulson     Jun-10-13  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     Jun-10-13  |  WGVU
Shadow Warrior     Jun-10-13  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     Jun-10-13  |  WGVU
The Green Boat     Jun-10-13  |  WGVU
Vader's Little Princess     Jun-10-13  |  WGVU
The Program     Jun-10-13  |  WGVU
Meijer Gardens Summer Music     Jun-10-13  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     Jun-07-13  |  WGVU
Blandford School     Jun-07-13  |  WGVU
Icons and Idiots: Straight Talk on Leadership     Jun-07-13  |  WGVU
Team Schostack     Jun-07-13  |  WGVU
St Mary's Health Care     Jun-07-13  |  WGVU
Shape Up Michigan     Jun-07-13  |  WGVU
Lizzie Post     Jun-07-13  |  WGVU
Camille Deboer     Jun-07-13  |  WGVU
Trivalent Solutions     Jun-06-13  |  WGVU
Judy Blume     Jun-06-13  |  WGVU
Actors Theatre     Jun-06-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     Jun-06-13  |  WGVU
Rapid Growth Media     Jun-06-13  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Triathlon     Jun-06-13  |  WGVU
Kent District Library     Jun-06-13  |  WGVU
Founders Brewing Company     Jun-06-13  |  WGVU
Tuned Into the Library of Michigan     Jun-05-13  |  WGVU
Clean up the Rogue River     Jun-05-13  |  WGVU
Children's Leukemia Foundation     Jun-05-13  |  WGVU
National Audiobook Month     Jun-05-13  |  WGVU
Roxana's Revolution     Jun-05-13  |  WGVU
Eco Trek     Jun-05-13  |  WGVU
Treatment with Physical Therapy     Jun-05-13  |  WGVU
The Market     Jun-05-13  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     Jun-04-13  |  WGVU
Business Happens in Heels     Jun-04-13  |  WGVU
Bissell Blocktail Party     Jun-04-13  |  WGVU
Festival of the Arts     Jun-04-13  |  WGVU
Ada Farmer's Market     Jun-04-13  |  WGVU
Financial Advisers     Jun-03-13  |  WGVU
Dean Koontz     Jun-03-13  |  WGVU
Warehaus at Baker Lofts     Jun-03-13  |  WGVU
GR Current     Jun-03-13  |  WGVU
Meijer Gardens Music Series     Jun-03-13  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Cyclones     Jun-03-13  |  WGVU
Friends of the WGVU Morning Show Co-Host      May-31-13  |  WGVU
Urban Core Collective     May-31-13  |  WGVU
Kate Pew Wolters     May-31-13  |  WGVU
Adam Schuitema: Freshwater Boys     May-31-13  |  WGVU
Laurie Cirivello     May-31-13  |  WGVU
Saugatuck Center for the Arts     May-30-13  |  WGVU
White Lake Area Guided Nature Walks     May-30-13  |  WGVU
Women vs. Lawyers Softball     May-30-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     May-30-13  |  WGVU
Marilyn's Red Diary     May-30-13  |  WGVU
Spring Parade of Homes     May-30-13  |  WGVU
Keystone Pipeline     May-30-13  |  WGVU
The Girls of the Atomic City     May-30-13  |  WGVU
Brilliant Blunders     May-30-13  |  WGVU
LINC Community Revitalization     May-29-13  |  WGVU
The Rides     May-29-13  |  WGVU
Legally Blonde     May-29-13  |  WGVU
Kidney Cancer Research     May-29-13  |  WGVU
Maxed Out on Everest     May-29-13  |  WGVU
Getting Green     May-29-13  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     May-29-13  |  WGVU
Ransom Note Entertainment     May-29-13  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     May-28-13  |  WGVU
American Diabetes Association Fathers of the Year (Part 3)     May-28-13  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     May-28-13  |  WGVU
The North Country Trail     May-28-13  |  WGVU
The Kent Youth County Fair     May-28-13  |  WGVU
What My Mother Gave Me     May-28-13  |  WGVU
Special Programming     May-27-13  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     May-24-13  |  WGVU
View from the Dunes     May-24-13  |  WGVU
The Sandpiper     May-24-13  |  WGVU
The Grand Rapids Choir of Men and Boys     May-24-13  |  WGVU
Visit Milwaukee     May-24-13  |  WGVU
Get Your Diploma, Get Your Dream     May-24-13  |  WGVU
All About Women     May-23-13  |  WGVU
Jim Connor     May-23-13  |  WGVU
Eisenhower's Secret War     May-23-13  |  WGVU
Design West Michigan     May-23-13  |  WGVU
GR Civic and the Humane Society     May-23-13  |  WGVU
School Talk     May-23-13  |  WGVU
Grand Rapids Heart Ball     May-23-13  |  WGVU
American Cancer Society Finish the Bite Event     May-22-13  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     May-22-13  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     May-22-13  |  WGVU
Paul Sicilian     May-22-13  |  WGVU
Cakabakery     May-22-13  |  WGVU
Looking for Normal     May-21-13  |  WGVU
Off the Mat     May-21-13  |  WGVU
Red Cross Tornado Disaster Relief     May-21-13  |  WGVU
American Diabetes Association Fathers of the Year     May-21-13  |  WGVU
Mackinac Center for Public Policy     May-21-13  |  WGVU
Business Buzz     May-21-13  |  WGVU
The Right Place     May-21-13  |  WGVU
St. Mary's Health Care Magnet Designation     May-20-13  |  WGVU
U.S.S. Silversides Submarine Museum     May-20-13  |  WGVU
Travel Talk     May-20-13  |  WGVU
The Arts in Holland     May-20-13  |  WGVU
YNPN     May-20-13  |  WGVU
Veteran's Corner     May-17-13  |  WGVU
Urban Core Collective     May-17-13  |  WGVU
Get Your Diploma, Get Your Dream     May-17-13  |  WGVU
Girls on the Run     May-17-13  |  WGVU
Ben Bedford     May-17-13  |  WGVU
Michigan Grads     May-16-13  |  WGVU
Guy Gourmet     May-16-13  |  WGVU
Library Lines     May-16-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     May-16-13  |  WGVU
Laura Armenta Dance Company     May-16-13  |  WGVU
Just to Hear     May-16-13  |  WGVU
CLAS     May-16-13  |  WGVU
The Civil War in 50 Objects     May-16-13  |  WGVU
Sustainable Community Voices     May-15-13  |  WGVU
Gays and Christianity     May-15-13  |  WGVU
Tommy Fitzgerald     May-15-13  |  WGVU
VAI: Purple Community     May-15-13  |  WGVU
Anything Goes     May-15-13  |  WGVU
Senior Concerns     May-15-13  |  WGVU
Wolverine World Wide Global Sales Conference     May-15-13  |  WGVU
Striders Sunset Series     May-14-13  |  WGVU
Wings of Mercy     May-14-13  |  WGVU
The Grand Rapids Film Festival     May-14-13  |  WGVU
Aprons in Action     May-14-13  |  WGVU
Heritage Hill Tour of Homes     May-14-13  |  WGVU
Social Security Disability Benefits     May-14-13  |  WGVU
American Diabetes Association Fathers of the Year     May-14-13  |  WGVU
Local First     May-14-13  |  WGVU
Orphan Train     May-13-13  |  WGVU
Heartside Ministry Kickstarter Campaign     May-13-13  |  WGVU
Literacy Center Spellabration     May-13-13  |  WGVU
Active Commute Week Celebration     May-13-13  |  WGVU
Perspectives in Philanthropy     May-13-13  |  WGVU
Lee & Birch Fashion Show     May-13-13  |  WGVU
Tech Talk     May-13-13  |  WGVU
Beethoven's Solemn Mass     May-10-13  |  WGVU
Recreation Opportunities in Northern Michigan     May-10-13  |  WGVU
North Country Arts     May-10-13  |  WGVU
Annis Water Resources Institute     May-10-13  |  WGVU
Salvation Army National Donut Day     May-10-13  |  WGVU
Schools of Hope     May-10-13  |  WGVU
Improvisational Quilts     May-10-13  |  WGVU
5/3rd River Bank Run     May-09-13  |  WGVU
Women Build Week     May-09-13  |  WGVU
Mr. Sunday's Soups     May-09-13  |  WGVU
School Talk     May-09-13  |  WGVU
Sustainable Business Forum Essay Winners     May-09-13  |  WGVU
John Clay Memorial BBQ     May-09-13  |  WGVU
Girls On the Run     May-09-13  |  WGVU
Mic Carlson     May-08-13  |  WGVU
TEDx GR     May-08-13  |  WGVU
Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment     May-08-13  |  WGVU
Brooke Goldstein     May-08-13  |  WGVU
Camp Geneva's Kids Triathlon     May-08-13  |  WGVU
Career 101     May-08-13  |  WGVU
From Where I Sit     May-07-13  |  WGVU
Blue Community Challenge     May-07-13  |  WGVU
Business Happens in Heels     May-07-13  |  WGVU
Gran Fondo     May-07-13  |  WGVU
Chris Culver     May-07-13  |  WGVU
Chef Carla Snyder     May-07-13  |  WGVU
Heroes to Heroes     May-07-13  |  WGVU
Then and Now 2013     May-06-13  |  WGVU
BabyQ app     May-06-13  |  WGVU
Chamber Chat     May-06-13  |  WGVU
The Recovery Academy     May-06-13  |  WGVU
Girl Rising     May-06-13  |  WGVU
My Animals and Other Family     May-06-13  |  WGVU
WGVU Engage     May-06-13  |  WGVU
Denise Austin     May-06-13  |  WGVU
Forging Muskegon's Future     May-03-13  |  WGVU
Crash's Landing     May-03-13  |  WGVU
Get Your Diploma, Get Your Dream     May-03-13  |  WGVU
Good Jeans     May-03-13  |  WGVU
Shape Up Michigan     May-03-13  |  WGVU
Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan Summer Programming     May-03-13  |  WGVU
Camille Deboer     May-03-13  |  WGVU
Full Circle     May-02-13  |  WGVU
Autism Awareness     May-02-13  |  WGVU
City Beat     May-02-13  |  WGVU
No Barriers Fund     May-02-13  |  WGVU
West Michigan Woman     May-02-13  |  WGVU
KDL     May-02-13  |  WGVU
Friends of the WGVU Morning Show     May-02-13  |  WGVU
Library of Michigan     May-01-13  |  WGVU
No Limits Internet Radio     May-01-13  |  WGVU
Women in Sucessful Enterprises     May-01-13  |  WGVU
The Philadelphia Chromosome     May-01-13  |  WGVU
Failure Lab     May-01-13  |  WGVU
Leadershift     May-01-13  |  WGVU
Mental Health and Chronic Pain     May-01-13  |  WGVU
Wicked     May-01-13  |  WGVU
The Downtown Market     Apr-30-13  |  WGVU
Free County Parks Day     Apr-30-13  |  WGVU
Dirt Work     Apr-30-13  |  WGVU
Women in Leadership     Apr-30-13  |  WGVU
West Michigan Global Initiative     Apr-30-13  |  WGVU
The Dominican Sisters-Grand Rapids     Apr-30-13  |  WGVU
GR Events: Until Love is Equal and Trip the Light     Apr-30-13  |  WGVU
Kevin Smokler on the Classics     Apr-30-13  |  WGVU
World Affairs Council: WorldQuest     Apr-29-13  |  WGVU
Money Management with John Pridnia     Apr-29-13  |  WGVU
The Stark Turn Players     Apr-29-13  |  WGVU
Doug Stanton, TC Film Festival     Apr-29-13  |  WGVU
Live withTeresa Weatherall Neal, GRPS     Apr-29-13  |  WGVU
Mobility Awareness Month     Apr-29-13  |  WGVU
Your Biz, Your Town     Apr-26-13  |  WGVU
Mary McCartney     Apr-26-13  |  WGVU
View from the Dunes     Apr-26-13  |  WGVU
West Side Cleanup     Apr-26-13  |  WGVU
Girls on the Run     Apr-26-13  |  WGVU
Welcome Wagon     Apr-26-13  |  WGVU
Robert Kiyosaki     Apr-26-13  |  WGVU
All About Women     Apr-25-13  |  WGVU
Mark Geragos     Apr-25-13  |  WGVU
We Do Care Charity Extravaganza     Apr-25-13  |  WGVU
July 1914: Countdown to War     Apr-25-13  |  WGVU
Robin Terry of National Geographic Kids     Apr-25-13  |  WGVU
Design West Michigan     Apr-25-13  |  WGVU
Judy Wicks     Apr-25-13  |  WGVU
Jewish Film Festival     Apr-25-13  |  WGVU
White Elephant Y Service Club Sale     Apr-25-13  |  WGVU
Food Forum     Apr-24-13  |  WGVU
Artist Chris Laporte     Apr-24-13  |  WGVU
Social Security 101     Apr-24-13  |  WGVU
Good News and Success     Apr-24-13  |  WGVU
Kirsten Haglund     Apr-24-13  |  WGVU
World Trade Week     Apr-24-13  |  WGVU
Mobile Pantry at Dickinson Elementary     Apr-24-13  |  WGVU
Queen's Day Criterium     Apr-24-13  |  WGVU
Adult Artists with Disabilities      Apr-23-13  |  WGVU
Blanford Nature Center     Apr-23-13  |  WGVU
Tourist Talk     Apr-23-13  |  WGVU
KDL Book Bash     Apr-23-13  |  WGVU
In My Lifetime     Apr-23-13  |  WGVU
GRPS Happenings     Apr-23-13  |  WGVU
Lowell Thebes Players     Apr-23-13  |  WGVU
Healthy Headlines     Apr-22-13  |  WGVU
Midwest Geothermal     Apr-22-13  |  WGVU
Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids     Apr-22-13  |  WGVU
Women of Achievement Luncheon     Apr-22-13  |  WGVU
Getting Green     Apr-22-13  |  WGVU
Millions March Against Child Abuse     Apr-22-13  |  WGVU
YNPN     Apr-22-13  |  WGVU
RunGR: Cross Train Your Brain     Apr-22-13  |  WGVU
Forget Me Not (Part 2)     Apr-22-13  |  WGVU
Veterans Corner     Apr-19-13  |  WGVU
Chef Oliver Hale     Apr-19-13  |  WGVU
LGROW - 10th Annual Spring Forum     Apr-19-13  |  WGVU
Inforum - Inner Circle      Apr-19-13  |  WGVU
Captain Luis Montalvan     Apr-19-13  |  WGVU
Get Your Diploma, Get Your Dream     Apr-19-13  |  WGVU
I Swim for Shelby Jane Swimathon