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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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For four weeks during the fall of 2014, NPR and WGVU brought the StoryCorps mobile booth to the Grand Rapids Art Museum, and we recorded West Michigan stories as part of the largest oral history project ever undertaken. Some stories make you laugh, and some make you think. They touch you. They provide you with a fresh perspective. They are extraordinary stories from everyday people - told in their own voices.

Coming up On StoryCorps West Michigan

Recent StoryCorps West Michigan Stories...
Paula Chomis and Jean Chapman   Jul-24-15  
We hear from Paula Chomis, speaking with her friend Jean Chapman. They talk about their friendship and Paula’s Bipolar disorder.
Lorelei and Jeremy Moore   Jul-10-15  
Lorelei and Jeremy Moore share the story of their family and their daughter Mia.
Tami VandenBerg with Jonathan Jelks   Jun-05-15  
Jonathan Jelks interviews his friend and owner of the meanwhile bar, Tami VandenBerg.
Spencer Walker   May-22-15  
Spencer Walker tells his friend Katie Curtis about his experiences at an Ex-gay conversion camp.
Elaine Dalcher and Carol Moore   May-15-15  
Elaine Dalcher interviews her friend and neighbor Carol Moore about their Grand Rapids neighborhood and the restoration of Weathly Theatre.
Dr. Jessica Cruz with San Juana Guillermo   May-08-15  
Today on Story Corps West Michigan Dr. Jessica Cruz shares with her friend San Juana Guillermo. Jessica talks about her journey in education, her current work, and meeting her biological father.
Pat and Jeneile Canon   May-01-15  
Husband and wife Pat and Jeneile Canon talk about growing up with vision loss and their advocacy for the blind.
Stu Carpenter and Krista Jensen   Apr-24-15  
Stu Carpenter and his wife Krista Jensen talk about Stu's Narcolepsy and their relationship that started in an internet chat room in the mid-nineties.
David Abbot and Mark Holzbach   Apr-17-15  
David Abbot shares with his friend Mark Holzbach. David talks about life in fashion and fashion as his “armor.”
Marla Baldwin   Apr-03-15  
Marla Baldwin shares her poem, "In the Shadows, All of Me" and talks about growing up with an abusive mother.
San Juana Guillermo with Hugo Claudin   Mar-20-15  
San Juana Guillermo shares with her friend Hugo Claudin. She talks about growing up Mexican American in Grand Rapids, her name, and the community work she’s now doing.
Ari, Cloe, and Colette Beighley   Mar-13-15  
Ari Beagly with his mother Colette and Sister Cloe. They discuss reactions to Ari's coming out.
Dr. Thomas Haas   Mar-06-15  
Dr. Thomas Haas, President of Grand Valley State University, speaks with Vice President for University Relations, Matt McLogan. President Haas talks about the nickname given to him by students and Grand Valley's focus on student success.
GVSU President Emeritus Arend Lubbers   Feb-27-15  
Grand Valley State University President Emeritus Arend Lubbers with GVSU’s Vice President for University Relations Matt McLogan. President Lubbers discusses his arrival to Grand Valley and the University’s expansion into Grand Rapids.
Kathrin and Gabrielle Russell with Kerry Baldwin   Feb-20-15  
Kathrin Russell and wife Gabriel Russell interviewed Kathrin’s Mother Kerry. Born a boy, Kathrin talks about growing up with the wrong body and wanting to be a girl. We also hear how Gabriel and Kathrin met.
Bucky Love   Feb-13-15  
92-year-old philanthropist Bucky Love was interviewed by her friend Steve Chappell. Bucky talks about learning generosity from her father and shares memories of her youth.
Christopher Macon and Rich Liberatore   Feb-06-15  
Rich Liberatore and Navy Veteran Chris Macon talk about the Vietnam era and Chris recounts meeting his wife and standing up for her and other black students in the early 1970s.
Emily West and her father Philip West   Jan-30-15  
Former Pastor Philip West with his daughter Emily. Emily talks about coming out to her parents and we hear how her father’s acceptance of her orientation disrupted his life.
Kent and Susan Riddle   Jan-23-15  
Kent and Susan Riddle recount a life-changing car accident and recovery.
Eunice and Ruthy Paulson   Jan-16-15  
Eunice Paulson is interviewed by her daughter Ruthy.
Terry Johnston with Peng Grossklaus   Jan-09-15  
This Friday on StoryCorps West Michigan Terry Johnston interviewed by his friend Peng Grossklaus.
Mayor George Heartwell   Jan-02-15  
Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell reflects on a life-changing mission trip to Haiti.
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